A Dream'2

Haley and Siraya are living their lives.... How is it? HORRIBLE
Harry is in the hospital and Niall and Haley are fighting. Haley loves Niall but she cant stand how up tight he is....
Siraya and Harry are still happily together but he is in the hospital with a broken rib-cage.
Will Niall and Haley break up? Is Harry going to be ok?
Read it all in "A Dream'2".


4. Uh Oh


Haley's P.O.V

I can't believe that Harry isn't out of the hospital yet.

It's been 4 months and he's still holding on. 

I know he's doing it for Sisi but i think he's at his end.

Little Mix is pretty much at the end.

Sisi won't leave the hospital. 

Perrie is ALWAYS with Zayn. 

Jade is just confusing. 

Jesy is just confusing.

Leigh-Anne is ok, for now.

And me........ Me and Niall are on the end of our relationship. 

I just don't think it will work out. 


He hates the fact that i'm hanging out with Calum. 

Calum is like my dream boyfriend.

He's so kind, caring, and he always puts me first. 

I tell him everything and he does the same.

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