A Dream'2

Haley and Siraya are living their lives.... How is it? HORRIBLE
Harry is in the hospital and Niall and Haley are fighting. Haley loves Niall but she cant stand how up tight he is....
Siraya and Harry are still happily together but he is in the hospital with a broken rib-cage.
Will Niall and Haley break up? Is Harry going to be ok?
Read it all in "A Dream'2".


10. Chapter 10

SiSi's P.O.V.

I woke up laying on Luke's lap.

I feel kinda better. No I don't.

Why is my life like this? Why does it have to be so hard?

My friends are mad at me, I get judged, and on top of that

my boyfriend is in the hospital. You can say "she's a pop star,

her life is perfect"

but in reality my life is a living hell. I looked up at luke who was

still sleeping.  I just started playing with his hair.

I don't know why but...last night when he was naming the people who loved me..

I was hurt that he didn't say his name. While I was thinking, I didn't even notice

I woke him.

"hah what are you doing?"

"playing with your hair" My voice cracked.

The next couple of minutes involved us

staring at each other

and me playing with his hair..its soft...really soft.

To break to silence I spoke. "im gonna go change"

"you do that" he laughed.

I realized Luke had taken me to his flat after what happened.

I have nothing to wear! I took a quick shower, walked into lukes room and

looked for clothes. I found this really big black T-shirt and put it on with

some shorts I carried in my purse. Don't judge me. You couldn't see them

because of the huge shirt but I don't care. I walked downstairs and Luke

was changing his shirt...cool. *knock, knock, knock*.

"I'll get it" Luke shouted.


Luke's P.O.V.

I opened the door and it was

Zayn, and Louis.

"hey um...do you know where sisi is?"

"why do you care?" I asked. Just then Zayn looked past

me and saw siraya in the living room...with no pants on.

And I have no shirt on...this looks wrong.

"you sneaky little mother fu-"

"what are you guys doing here?" SiSI asked.

"im telling harry" Louis shout obviously angry.

"telling harry what?" she asked obviously very confused.

"what do you mean!? You're here! With him! Dressed like that!

And you think we aren't gonna tell our bestfriend u were laying around

in bed with Luke?! You ruined my relationship now I can ruin yours!"

She looked at me then looked down a herself.

"you guys are really stupid if you think im that cold. You may be but im not!"

Just then she slightly pulled up my shirt she was wearing.

"1. im wearing shorts cause I had no clothes. 2.Luke was about to change his shirt but

then you two showed up. and 3. ruined your relationship?! Really Zayn!?

If anything I was trying to talk her out of calling off the wedding! don't blame me for your

girlfriends decisions!" she looked like she was gonna explode

"um...oh" Is all they managed to say.

"oh? oh? You owe me an apology for being dumb, selfish, cold hearted

bastards! Louis you're like a brother to me and this is how you treat me?

Why?! And you too Zayn. Matter of fact until u get yourself together, don't

you dare say one word to me!"

she softly pushed me back and slammed the door it their faces.

She ran to the couch and started crying again.

I ran over and hugged her. She needs a hug. She needs someone...

she needs me...


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