A Dream'2

Haley and Siraya are living their lives.... How is it? HORRIBLE
Harry is in the hospital and Niall and Haley are fighting. Haley loves Niall but she cant stand how up tight he is....
Siraya and Harry are still happily together but he is in the hospital with a broken rib-cage.
Will Niall and Haley break up? Is Harry going to be ok?
Read it all in "A Dream'2".


5. can we fix...us?

SiSi's P.O.V.

I always go to the

hospital alone, but this time I brought

Ash with me. I walked in alone to make

sure he was fine. "babe, have you been eating? You look skinnier

than usual." He half whispered. Harry looks kinda better.

Some of his marks have gone away. I feel sorry for him.

Some fans are really sad/pissed. The lads haven't made a

song with Harry in months. "erm...yes" I lied.

"babe don't lie to me" he stared strait into my eyes. God he

could read me so well. "fine I haven't...im sorry I just cant"

I said. "its ok. I just need you to eat...ok?" I hesitated for a minute.."ok"

"I have someone with me" He smiled, but his smile quickly vanished when

Ash walked in.

Harry's P.O.V.


"call me" SiSi said. And she..she kissed Ashton.

She did it right in front of me.


After she left I ran out of the house and into the car.

I drove to a club near by. I have like 10 drinks.

I wasn't thinking at the time. I was beyond mad. I thought

i could get back safely but...then i crashed.


"babe why are you crying?"

SiSi asked. She quickly walked up to me and

wiped the tear off my face. "um..Ash? Can you give us a minute?" She

said to him. "ok" Then he walked out of the room. "Harry, whats wrong?"

She was super worried "I-If its me i'll leave you alo-" I cut her off "no! You're never

a problem, and you can never...you can never.." I tried to say it. "i can never

what?" She was already crying. "you can never leave me! I would die with out you!"

She looked away. "don't say you would die!"  I grabbed her hand and i turned her

to look at me. "i love you..." She started crying harder and then she hugged me.

"i-i love you too..." I pulled away "so why are you with Ashton. Every time i turn

on the tv all i hear is 'Siraya's new bf. But what about Harry?'...Its like

im already dead." I said. "Already? Don't  say that. You wont die.

Your getting better. I can see it when i look at you. And im always with Ash

because...well because...I don't know Harry!"

We just looked at each other. "just don't leave me." I begged.

"i wont"

XXsisiXX (i know, i know. Sucky chapter, im sorry)

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