A Dream'2

Haley and Siraya are living their lives.... How is it? HORRIBLE
Harry is in the hospital and Niall and Haley are fighting. Haley loves Niall but she cant stand how up tight he is....
Siraya and Harry are still happily together but he is in the hospital with a broken rib-cage.
Will Niall and Haley break up? Is Harry going to be ok?
Read it all in "A Dream'2".


6. can we fix...us? (part 2)

Haley's P.O.V.

I was driving to pick up SiSI and

Ash from the hospital.

They quickly got in the car and SiSi was smiling.

"what are you so happy about?" She looked at me still smiling

showing her braces (yes..i have braces..ew) "so while i was with Harry..

the doctor came into the room and gave us some good news."

She said. "what was it?" I asked. She looked back at Ash then looked at


OF THE HOSPITAL IN A MONTH!" She screamed. A huge smile appeared on

my face. This is amazing! I thought Harry was gonna die, but i obviously was

100% wrong! "OMG REALLY!? THATS AWESOME!" I screamed.

I hugged her. "but.." She said. "but..?" I questioned. "i told him i loved him...

Im not sure i love him...i just know i like him a lot." She looked down.

"hey, its ok."

We dropped Ash off and went to our flat.

"oh wow the famous Perrie Edwards is here...big shocker!" SiSi said, and sat on Jesy's lap.

Perrie rolled her eyes. "yes, im here." She said laughing. "well shouldn't you be

with Zayn, miss 'i have no time for my band'" Jade said. "yea your practically

a member of one direction" Leigh-Anne said. "so...we're getting married. Are you guys

mad?" Perrie said. "well..yea we're mad. You never have time for us.

I get it Mrs. Malik every girls dream. But for now you're Ms. Edwards part of Little Mix!" I said. She gave me the evil eye. "don't look at her like that, cause you know its true" Jesy

said. "have you noticed we have a song...with out you in it! And we did a concert with out you!

We had to lie to our fans! 'sorry guys perrie is sick' " non of them believed us!" SiSi

said. "well i-im sorry! You know what you guys are just jealous!" She yelled.

"wait wha-" SiSi cut me off "jealous!? Of what?" She asked. "i remember you

had a huge crush on Zayn!" She reminded us. SiSi told her that when they first met.

"ok? And that was a long time ago! Im not jealous!" She yelled.

"non of us are. If you're a real bestfriend you would realize we just want you back!"

I yelled. She started crying "im sorry. You know im really young a-and

so is Zayn. We shouldn't even be getting married. I-I'll call it off with him...he'll

understand." She cried. We all surrounded her. "you-you don't have to do that

Perrie." Leigh-Anne said. "YES I DO! I'm not even ready! I don't know why i said

yes. I was under a lot of pressure. H-he asked my mom before he asked me!

I don't want to get married. After marriage he might want kids...IM NOT READY

FOR KIDS! That will ruin both of our bands and our friendship! I'll call it

off tomorrow!" By the time she was done we were all crying. I was kinda happy but really

really sad she was actually gonna call off the wedding. We all hugged her.

Well at least we'll be closer. Right?


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