A Dream'2

Haley and Siraya are living their lives.... How is it? HORRIBLE
Harry is in the hospital and Niall and Haley are fighting. Haley loves Niall but she cant stand how up tight he is....
Siraya and Harry are still happily together but he is in the hospital with a broken rib-cage.
Will Niall and Haley break up? Is Harry going to be ok?
Read it all in "A Dream'2".


3. About Haley

Haley's P.O.Z.


Remember me? The girl with the cheating

boyfriend, really emotional, best friend (sister) who cuts,

in Little Mix...yea! You wanna know vas happening?

Ok well....me and Niall.. try to kill each other half of the time we are

together. "why are you always around Calum?" "Your so annoying sometimes!" "who are you texting"

I WISH HE WOULD SHUT UP! I hang around Calum because he's way

nicer than Niall. I can barley trust him after he cheated on me with

Selena Homez. And then had the nerve to call her and stay

in MY house! Whatever. I love him, but sometimes I just don't think

this will work out. Im spending way more time with SiSi.

She tries to cut, and sometimes she does but with me around she wont.

Just like she wont eat. Perrie is too busy with Zayn. Might as well marry

him now, we did a concert and everything without her. Me and Calum

always hangout and I like it that way. Hes like my boyfriend minus

the fact that hes not and im with Mr.Clingy!

Well...dats it..BYEEEE


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