Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


14. Valentine's Day

Back at school, the weeks of January and February passed by so quickly; it spread a nasty chill about the castle, which meant many people were getting ill, including Jenna. She had spent the last three days sick with flu in the Hospital Wing, where Hermione Granger was also staying; she hadn't been in lessons for weeks on end.

Quidditch practices had been going well; Amy, Ella and Claire (the three Chasers on the team) had been improving more since Christmas. The rest of the team were certainly uplifted by this, as they were sure they could beat Gryffindor in the upcoming match. 

Every night, Darren and Amy visited Jenna in the hospital to give her the day's homework, which Madam Pomfrey did not approve of.

"You'll be working yourself overtime, girl!" Madam Pomfrey miffed as she bustled about Jenna's bed, taking her temperature and pull another blanket on top of her. "What you need is a nice, calm, rest and then your can do all your schoolwork!"

"But I have to keep up with the class, otherwise I'll be left behind!" Jenna muttered feverishly.

"Take some of this Sleeping Potion, dear," Madam Pomfrey practically forced it down her throat, so Jenna drifted off to sleep. Then, Madam Pomfrey ushered Amy and Darren out, as Jenna was now asleep.

The school had began to feel better as sunshine tried to shine, and the fact that there were no more attacks. Gilderoy Lockhart seemed to think that he'd made the attacks go away; almost as if he'd scared the Heir of Slytherin away. He also said he had a little surprise in store for a treat.

This treat came apparent on the morning on the 14th of February; the entire Great Hall had been decorated with large pink flowers, and more pink confetti was falling from the pale blue ceiling. Lockhart was standing at the front of the Hall in baby pink robes, smiling energetically. The rest of the teachers were blatantly angry and looked as if they could kill. 

Lockhart clapped his hands, and a bunch of surly dwarves walked into the Great Hall. He beamed with delight as he said:

"Here are my card-carrying cupids! They will be running around the school all day giving out cards to that special someone! But, the fun doesn't stop there! Ask your teachers about how to whip up a Love Potion, or a Charm of some sort..." 

Darren was trying not to burst out laughing as he said all this. Amy and Gabe were staring, horrified at Lockhart; what the hell was he thinking? How was this a treat?

"Who're you sending one to, Amy?" Darren asked slyly.

"No one," Amy said bitterly. She was a bit glum that she didn't have a Valentine, but she didn't want a card from one of those dwarfs either. That would be embarrassing.

"I bet Jenna sent Lockhart a card," Gabe giggled happily, as they left the Great Hall for their first lesson.

To everyone's annoyance, the dwarfs kept barging in to their lessons, giving out gifts and cards, and sometimes even sang songs; Harry Potter got a song sang to him just before Charms, resulting in his bag ripping in half and him being flattened by the dwarf.

Much to Amy's disappointment, no one gave her a card; not even for a laugh. She knew no one liked her in that way, but she thought... well she didn't know what she thought. It was different for boys; they were thinking about sports and just other stupid things.

The rest of February and the month of March went very smoothly, with no attacks, and just lots of nights indoors doing homework. Parvati Patil accidentally transfigured Lavender Brown into a beaver, which she got three weeks detention for, even though she pleaded with Professor McGonagall that it was an accident. She looked very shaken after every detention.

Amy herself had only had one detention since Christmas; with Professor Sprout, as she had knocked out a small Ravenclaw boy (she didn't know the name of him) with a plant pot she had thrown. It was his fault, he didn't catch it. She was forced to help re-pot the Mandrakes with her.

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