Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


7. Try-outs and Offence

Amy was really looking forward to this weekend, to catch up on some sleep mostly. She had planned to spend the day in bed on Saturday, and then, on Sunday, she could finally try out for the thing she loved most: Quidditch. The Hufflepuff's Quidditch team was missing three players, as one had been injured and the other two had left the school. A handsome sixth year named Cedric Diggory had been appointed Captain of the team, and he was Seeker.

Alas, today was not Sunday. Today was Saturday, where Amy, Jenna and Darren would sit outside in the September morning, boasting about their summer holidays. At around 7am, Jenna came in to get Amy.

"Wassamatter?" Amy asked, groggily. She turned over to see Jenna standing over her with a massive pile of books and parchment.

"Get up!" said Jenna, looking manic. "We've got a stack of homework to do!"

"It's like 7 in the morning" Amy snapped. "Lemme sleep for like 5 more hours..."

"No! Get your homework done early, and then sleep!" Jenna exclaimed, pulling back Amy's duvet.

Amy picked up her wand off of her bedside table and shouted "Stupefy!", knocking Jenna back onto her own bed. She grinned and then turned over for some peace. Only... she couldn't find any. The rest of the dormitory had began to wake up rather angrily. They had heard all the shouting and began to moan.

"Why are you shouting?!" Daniella Monta shouted.

"Shut up!" screeched Rachel and Mollie.

"Go back to sleep," muttered Hannah Abbott darkly.

Jenna looked embarrassed as she traipsed out of the room. Everyone else drifted off for a peaceful snooze. Again, Amy was awoken by Jenna, only this time it was 10am. 

"Alright I'll get up this time, just lemme get dressed," she said, whilst closing the curtains around her four poster bed. Amy got changed into a navy blue jumper and jeans, whilst Jenna got changed into luminous yellow jeans and a lilac hoodie. 

"Oh wow," said Amy without stopping herself.

"What's wrong with it?" Jenna asked, bashfully.

"It's very flamboyant!" said Amy, smiling. Jenna shrugged and grabbed her books off of her bed. Amy felt around in her trunk for the books and parchment she needed and then they set off to the common room, so they could wait for Darren and perhaps Gabe. Gabe was becoming a very good friend of the trio now, (mostly so Darren wasn't the only boy). 

At around 11am, Darren and Gabe emerged from the boys dormitory to find Jenna and Amy waiting patiently for them to come outside and start the homework. 

"C'mon guys it's a lovely day out there!" said Jenna, excitedly. "We could start the homework and then play a game or something!"

The two boys exchanged looks.

"Well..." began Darren.

"Please?" asked Amy, as nicely as she could.

"Ohhh go on then!" said Darren.

They departed with four piles of books under their arms, and sat in an archway in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Darren spotted the Gryffindor team heading to the Quidditch pitch for practice, which made Amy wonder how she was going to do in her tryout tomorrow. Then, Gabe gawked as the Slytherin team also was heading that way. There was much chatter, before the Slytherin's revealed Draco Malfoy as their new player, which twisted Amy's stomach. 

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley had gone over there now, and a fight was going to break out any minute. And then, Malfoy blurted out the offence:

"Nobody asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood,"

There was an uproar; the Gryffindor team lunged at Malfoy, and Ron shot a spell at him, which backfired on himself, as two minutes after he'd been blasted backwards, he began to throw up slugs. Harry and Hermione had to pull him up and take him to the Hospital Wing (probably). The Slytherins, however, were howling with laughter at these events. After five more minutes of cackling, they strolled off to the pitch so they could play.

Jenna looked threatened and uncomfortable, as did Gabe. Both of them were Muggle-born, and they didn't know what to say to the insult. Clouds began to cover up the beautiful sky, and it began to rain heavily upon the second years, so they ran inside, so they could go to the library instead. The gang studied in silence, until they had all finished.

"I'm going to skip dinner tonight I think," muttered Jenna as she headed towards the common room.

"What's up with her?" asked Darren, as he, Gabe and Amy headed to the Great Hall.

"She was furious with what Draco said," whispered Amy. Darren and Gabe nodded, and sat at the Hufflepuff table to tuck into a platter of sausages and bacon. Boys never stop eating, thought Amy to herself.

After eating, Amy rushed back to the Hufflepuff common room, to find Jenna, but she wasn't there. And she wasn't in the dormitory either. Where could she be in this vast castle?

She began to ask people in her year if they had seen her, but they hadn't. It was gone past curfew, so she couldn't go looking for her. Amy went to bed troubled, but she fell asleep fairly quickly. Tomorrow, she would be flying with the best of them, to try and win a spot on the Hufflepuff team.

Tomorrow became today fairly quickly. She had signed up for try-outs on the second day back at school, she was sure of it. By the looks of things, only a few people had signed up for the place she was going for, which was Chaser. And none of them had a father that was the Seeker of the Tutshill Tornadoes. 

She grabbed some spare Quidditch robes from the changing room. Her broom was in her hands, and she was so excited to ride it for the first time. The Cleansweep Six was one of the best models out there-apart from the Nimbus ones. 

Inside the changing room, there were fourteen other people. There were two spots for Chasers, and the third spot was for a Keeper. The original team was outside talking about possibilities of who might try out for what. Cedric Diggory, the team captain entered the room.

"Hello guys! Today we'll be you out to see if you can fly!" he said, rather patronizingly.

Another member of the team spoke up:

"Divide into what you want to try out for; Keepers on the left, Chasers on the right.

There were nine people trying out for Keeper, whereas only six were trying out for Chasers. The Keepers were to be tried out first, as there were more of them, and they were to be tested out by Claire Davison, the remaining Chaser from the fifth year. 

It was a rather slow process; each player had three chances to defend their goal hoops, and the most defended shots would win. The first four were terrible, and didn't even get the ball; the fifth and sixth ones showed promise, as they defended two each. Seventh was awful, but eighth and ninth were not so bad, as they also defended two each. So, the four that were left were called back for another go. The Keeper that won was James Mortimer, a fourth year. 

Now it was time for the Chasers to play. Claire Davison assisted the players that were trying out to get past James. The Chasers had five goes per pair. Amy was to be teamed up with Ella Villiers, a kind third year, who Amy wished she would get the spot as well as herself.

A pair of boys went first; they weren't that good, as they couldn't throw the ball properly and didn't manage to get past James Mortimer. The next pair were twins; Alice and Tom. They were pretty good, and they looked hard to beat, but Amy was sure she could, as they only got three out of five shots.

Now, it was her and Ella's turn. Cedric and the others would try and confuse the players as they streaked up the pitch, in search for the Quaffle. 

Amy mounted her brand new broomstick, and kicked off the ground. She immediately soared up into the sky above, as Ella's Comet Two Sixty came up behind her. Claire passed Amy the Quaffle, and the chase was on! Amy flew straight towards the goal, and then passed it back to Ella, who was ready and waiting. Ella then glided with ease towards the hoops, passed back to Amy, who then shot through the middle hoop.

They repeated this simple strategy five times, passing back and forth between players to confuse the enemy, but they had to touchdown sometime, as darkness had begun to descend. 

"You all flew very well today, but I'm afraid we'll have to give the spots to Ella Villiers and Amy Matthews!" exclaimed Cedric. "Well done all of you, but Ella and Amy, we'll see you on Tuesday for practice after lessons,"

Ella and Amy high-fived each other. They had actually done it!

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