Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


6. The New Teacher

Defence Against the Dark Arts was rather a disappointment the year previous, so when everyone heard there would be a new teacher, everyone had high hopes. Especially since everyone had heard it would be Gilderoy Lockhart, the man who had fought the most terrible of creatures! 

The second year girls were particularly excited about Lockhart teaching, because he was Witch Weekly's Best Smile winner for 5 years in a row. Boys were not as enthusiastic about a handsome, arrogant bloke waltzing around their castle.

"Hello students! And I'm sure you'd like to welcome me to your Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom!" said Lockhart, with that winning smile.

Amy and Jenna weren't impressed by him. Amy had read all his books, and there was something funny about the way he had told them. As if someone else had told them it, and he'd just made it his own.

He then proceeded to babble on about winning the Best Smile award and fighting that awful banshee. Then, he became suddenly tense, as he moved closer to a rattling cage;

"Do not be alarmed. These foul creatures cannot harm you, but be warned, you may want to shield your eyes, from this!"

The Professor unveiled the large cage, full of blue Cornish pixies. Everyone laughed.

"Pixies?!" called Seamus Finnigan, the Irish Gryffindor. Lockhart grinned at him, and then let the pixies out of the cage; chaos reigned. The pixies began to tear up the room,chucking paper everywhere, hurling books at the students; Amy almost collapsed at she had a large pile of Travels with Trolls textbooks was ditched upon her head. Most of the students had cleared out of the classroom by now, except for Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville Longbottom. Neville had been hung on the chandelier by a group of those pesky pixies. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the class were hurtling down the corridor to escape those beasts. Lockhart had left the four students to 'round them up' as he put it.

"But that's not fair! We're second years! As if they're going to know what to do with the pixies!" protested Dean Thomas, another Gryffindor boy.

"To be honest, Hermione Granger is a very bright witch," muttered Parvati Patil, a Gryffindor girl.

"Yeah, but Potter and Weasley might be thrown out of a window, if we're lucky" snorted Malfoy. His sidekicks snickered nervously. 

"Now, now, now, children, that's no way to talk about your classmates!"said Lockhart. "Especially Mr Potter! He has done more than you have in your sorry little lives I can tell you!"

The entire class squinted at this remark. Harry Potter was a lovely boy, he couldn't help bringing the downfall of You-Know-Who!

"Who cares?!" snapped Malfoy. "He's a stuck up moron that knows nothing about magic! His mum was a muggle-born, and a filthy one at that!"

He spat at the ground and strut off like he owned the place. Other students began to saunter away as well, ignoring Lockharts's pleads. Amy, Jenna, Darren and Gabe (Hufflepuff lad) all ran back to the Hufflepuff common room, that was practically empty except for a group of seventh years playing Gobstones in the corner.

The rest of the Hufflepuffs from their class must have gone elsewhere for the rest of the lesson, as the four second years were left alone for the remainder of the time. 

"I might actually try out this year!" mumbled Amy.

"What for?" asked Jenna.

"The Hufflepuff Quidditch team," she said, blushing.

"You'd be really good at Quidditch, just like your Dad!" exclaimed Darren. 

Amy's face fell. She remembered that her dad was alone in that big old house, whilst her mum was being checked over. Then, after she recalled there were three other people in the room, she quickly grinned again.

"Are you okay?" asked Gabe, timidly.

She nodded in silence. 

"Hey, guys, it's nearly lunch time and I'm starving!" laughed Darren. They all dusted themselves off and walked solemnly to the Great Hall, where people had already began to feast.



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