Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


10. The Match

The Slytherin house looked particularly cheery this week, considering there was an upcoming match against Gryffindor; they had the fastest racing brooms in the country. Nimbus 2001 was the best model, and it outstripped the Cleansweep Six by miles. Amy was nervous about performing well against Slytherin, when Hufflepuff would play them.

She queued up at around 11 'o' clock with Darren, Gabe and Jenna. Gabe and Darren were excited for the match, as they wanted to see how fast the Nimbus brooms could go. When they got into the stands, it was pouring down with rain, they got out goggles so they could see clearer. Then, Amy spotted Charlie and Adam in the stands, waving at Fred and George Weasley. Immediately, she waddled through the crowd to sit with them.

"Why didn't you reply to my letter!" she demanded at once, giving the boys a shock.

"What are you talking about?!" Charlie snarled. "What letter?"

"Jake didn't tell you that he'd met me in the Owlery?" Amy groaned.

"No!" said Charlie and Adam.

"He hasn't talked to us since September," seethed Adam. "That rotten-"

"If you finish that sentence Matthews you'll have a detention every night this week," sneered Snape. "Oh look, it's your whole family...except your parents! Now where could they be... not being questioned at the Ministry, perhaps?"

Adam had had enough. He lunged at Snape, absolutely fuming, but Snape dodged him, and he landed flat on his face in the teacher's stand. 

"Matthews!" screeched McGonagall. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"He was provoked, Professor!" Amy barked.

"Okay, Adam, I'll let you off with a detention this afternoon, but that's it!" she sort of empathised.

Grumbling, they began to watch the match. It was hard to hear during the rain, but it was already sixty-zero to Slytherin.  They could see people pointing at the sky, and then Harry came swooping down, being followed by a rogue Bludger. The Beaters of Gryffindor were following him in pursuit. Harry then called a time-out. After almost five minutes, they were back up in the air. Harry had to loop and zig-zag to avoid the Bludger hitting him.

"Training for the ballet, Potter?" said Draco Malfoy, who was close to Amy. Amy gasped as she saw the Golden Snitch next to Malfoy, and then Harry was hit in the arm by the angry Bludger. You could almost see his arm break. He zoomed towards Malfoy and grabbed the Snitch, and then he landed on the ground, and fainted.

Lockhart rushed over to him and tried to fix his arm. Harry moaned at him to go away, but he refused. Instead, he made the arm all rubbery. Amy clapped her mouth over her hand in horror when she saw what Lockhart had done; he had removed all the bones from his arm. There were many disgusted noises all around them, and then Ron and Hermione grabbed Harry and dragged him to the Hospital Wing.

Amy, Charlie and Adam strolled back into the castle for lunch. They departed quietly to their own house tables. She grabbed some bacon and began gnawing on it. Darren and Jenna found her and sat opposite her. 

"You alright?" Darren queried. "You look a little pale,"

"Fine yeah, just Snape being a usual..." she trailed off as Snape swept past them. 

"That was a rather interesting match," murmured Jenna. "Lockhart made a very silly mistake..."

"A mistake?! He got rid of all the bones in Potter's arm!" spluttered Darren.

Amy sighed as Jenna and Darren continued to argue over Lockhart. Quietly, she slipped away, back to the common room.

Tonight would be her detention with Lockhart. He set her the detention because she forgot what he did in Gaddings with Ghouls, which was the assigned homework. Lockhart welcomed her into his office at 7pm, smiling with those brilliant white teeth.

"It's alright Matthews! Never fear! I will be taking your detention tonight," said Lockhart, cheerily. "You'll be addressing these envelopes to all my fans!"

"Oh...sounds fun," Amy said falsely. Lockhart handed her a large peacock quill with some lilac ink, and told her to get writing. She had just started on 'Harriet Absolom', when Lockhart was called out by Professor Flitwick.

"Stay there!" he said and hurried off, sweeping his aqua robes behind him. As if Amy would stay there. Quickly, she ran as silently as she could behind Lockhart and Flitwick. They arrived at the Hospital Wing. In the corner, Amy could see Harry Potter asleep, and the teachers crowded around another bed. Amy gasped as she saw a little first year that looked as if he was made of stone. Hastily, she dashed back to the Hufflepuff common room, hoping Lockhart would have forgotten about her detention with him.

It seemed that Darren and Jenna had gone off to bed without her, as she began her Transfiguration homework due for Monday.

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