Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


16. Summer

Everyone at Hogwarts was very shaken after Hermione's attack. Another student was also attacked at the same time; a Ravenclaw Prefect called Penelope Clearwater. People travelled in the corridors in tightly knit groups, as they were afraid they would be assaulted by Slytherin's monster. Students were now escorted to their lessons by the teachers everyday, and no one was to be outside their common rooms after 6pm.

"Don't you find it strange," grumbled a fifth year loudly, in the Hufflepuff common room, one evening in May. "That nobody in Slytherin has been attacked!"

"Yeah!" Amy cheered. "So far it's been two Gryffindors, a Ravenclaw and a Hufflepuff!"

"Maybe we should just chuck the Slytherins out, and then we'd all be safe!" wailed a fourth year girl.

"I'll suggest it to Professor Dumbledore tomorrow," said a Prefect, with a laugh.

They all returned to their homework after that conversation; it turned out that exams were still continuing, despite the attacks. Jenna was very happy that exams were continuing, so she could pass them with ease, making her look better than Hermione Granger.

Their Head of House (Professor Sprout) visited the Hufflepuffs in their common room one night after 6pm; she informed them about how to stay calm during these troubled times. Amy just rolled her eyes throughout this; it was obvious, if there was another attack on a student, that the school would shut, so why tell us?

Then she bought alarming news to the Hufflepuffs' ears; Dumbledore had been removed from the castle. Fear spread, and a sort of coldness swept the castle, despite the sunshine. Laughter hardly ever rang in the corridors, and people looked tense as they walked past each other. The Hufflepuffs also heard rumours of Rubeus Hagrid's arrest (who it turned out to be last time, as Jenna found reference to him in the library). 

"The danger has passed, children, don't look so upset!" said Lockhart cheerily. "We've arrested the culprit, so now there's nothing for you to fear!"

The entire classroom scowled at Lockhart's cheeriness. Surely it couldn't be Hagrid? The bumbling, yet kind, large man that walked these grounds as Gamekeeper? He would be the last person that everyone suspected in these doings.

People began to keep in tightly knit groups, staring at any Slytherin that would pass, whilst they would be escorted to each lesson by a teacher. This became annoying, as they weren't allowed to talk of much under a watchful teacher's eyes.

Quidditch was no longer up and running, which made Amy miserable; she could only endure the long and boring lessons knowing they would come to an end. Her homework grades were slipping, but teachers couldn't set her a detention as they were patrolling the corridors at night. 

The months of May and June were gloomy ones even though there was sunshine. The students weren't allowed in the grounds, as it was too dangerous to let them outside. Amy whiled away the weekends by laying on her bed, and watching Jenna nag her about her pile of homework at the foot of her bed. 

Three days before the first exam, some excellent news came about; Professor Sprout has readied the Mandrakes, which would help revive the Petrified students, plus Mrs Norris. This meant everything would return back to normal.

"I can't believe Professor Sprout is going to save them!" shouted Amy, above many whoops and cheers.



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