Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


4. On the train

The four siblings didn't talk until the 1st of September, the day they go on the train to go home, to Hogwarts. Henry dropped them off outside King's Cross station, with their luggage on four separate trolleys. Charlie and Amy stalked off towards the barrier between Platforms 9 and 10. Amy walked casually to the barrier and slipped through to the other side. 

On the other side, she saw the scarlet engine puffing steam, and parents saying goodbye to their sons and daughters. She saw some little first years crying as they hugged their Mum goodbye. Quickly, she waddled away as Charlie and her other brothers came through the barrier. 

Amy then spotted Jenna loading her possessions onto the train. She looked around for Jenna's parents, and then she remembered that Jenna was an orphan. 

"Jenna!" Amy called across the platform. Jenna spun round and her face brightened when she saw Amy. She scurried over to Jenna, as the train driver helped Jenna shove her things onto the train. The train driver then picked Amy's things up and planted it carefully, as he saw others watching him.

"How are you?" they asked each other simultaneously. They laughed and Jenna tiold Amy of her rather quiet summer holiday:

"Oh gosh, it was so boring!" Jenna exclaimed. "The orphanage homeowners took the 15 kids that stay there to the beach and that was it! Plus, I only have a tiny box room, because I'm only there for 6 weeks a year!"  

"At least you're only there 6 weeks a year. I'm glad it's only six weeks that I have to share a room with my horrid cousin Emily!" muttered Amy. 

They boarded the train quickly after this conversation. Darren and his little sister Michelle joined them in a compartment after a while. The train jumped into life rather suddenly, and they were off, back to Hogwarts, back to their real home.

The four children talked for hours about their summer, about the orphanage, about Henry and Jasmine, and about Darren's parents taking them away to America for a holiday.

"This year will be easy!" explained Darren to his sister. "You'll just have to learn your way around the massive castle, that's all."

"What house will I be in?" asked Michelle.

"You'll be Ravenclaw for sure, you're so bright!" exclaimed Jenna.

The train drew to a stop. The children jumped out of the train, as they couldn't wait to start another year at Hogwarts. Michelle departed with Hagrid to go on the boats, and the second-years ran off to find a good coach. They found one with Gabe, Ernie and Justin (Hufflepuffs boys).

After a while, the castle loomed before them, and all the chattering stopped. They took in the view before the carriages stopped and they lined up to go inside. Amy couldn't wait to start another year at Hogwarts.


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