Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


17. End of Term.

The day after the wonderful news of the Mandrakes, another shock came about. Students were ushered into their common rooms, where everyone's worst fear had been said; a child had been taken into the Chamber itself. 

"A girl named Ginny Weasley has been taken into the Chamber of Secrets," Professor Sprout said grimly, and some first years gasped. "If anyone knows anything to do with the Chamber of Secrets, please step forwards,"

Nobody moved, or dared to whisper to their friends. It looked as if it was the end of Hogwarts, for good. Amy and Jenna solemnly walked to their dormitory to pack their trunks, as the train would be coming for them any day now.

That night, everyone was waiting in the common room, for further news, as no one felt very sleepy. An angry fifth year was pacing up and down, as he might've been annoyed about his O.W.L.s, and the fact that he might not even be able to start them if the students got sent away.

Jenna became very agitated, as she couldn't go to the library to see if there was anything about Slytherin, that could help get rid of the monster. Amy and Darren just sat in the corner of the common room on the floor, flicking through the pages of Quidditch Through The Ages. It was a long and dreary night. 

The entire Hufflepuff house was in their pyjamas, when Professor Sprout came running inside, looking delighted.

"The Slytherin Heir has been defeated!" she gasped, as they all cheered. "Come downstairs there's a massive feast!" The Hufflepuffs queued to get out of their common room, and to rush to the best feast of their lives. Amy couldn't decide whether the best part was the Petrified people returning, or Hagrid returning or Gryffindor winning the House Cup, which they deserved.

The rest of the summer term went past in a haze, as all exams were cancelled, and the students were free to roam the castle; when Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons were meant to be on anyway. 

On the Hogwarts Express back home, Amy, Jenna, Darren, Gabe and Ernie sat together chuckling at Professor Lockhart's memory loss, or giggling at Gabe's failed attempt at beating Darren at chess. It was a glorious day, but Amy couldn't believe she was yet to spend the summer with her awful cousins, and her brothers.

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