Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


15. Easter

Hogwarts broke up for the Easter holidays on the 1st of April, which meant April Fools' Day; Peeves was floating around the castle, playing even more practical jokes on the students than before (even if that was possible). Darren got hit in the face with a large textbook, in Charms and Amy got pelted with ink pellets along the Transfiguration. Peeves wouldn't listen to the teachers, as they shouted at him for disrupting the students learning on the last day of term.

The second years had something else to think about over those Easter holidays; what extra subjects they would be taking in their third year. Amy really wanted to do Care of Magical Creatures, as she had heard a lot about it from Jake. She decided to actually consult Jake, Charlie and Adam on the matter. They would know what to do.

She decided to go right up to them, rather than send a letter; as they can ignore a letter, but they can't ignore her. On the first day of the holidays, she approached the Gryffindor Tower, just before lunch, and sat there, waiting for someone to emerge. 

"What're you doing out here?" asked a seventh year boy, gruffly. He seemed almost ten foot tall, compared to Amy. His hair was short, blond and neat, and he was wearing a red jumper and jeans. Amy surveyed him with great interest.

"I-I was looking for my brothers, Jake, Charlie and-and Adam," Amy squeaked.

"Oh... you're another Matthews' kid? What house are you?" he asked.

"Hufflepuff... how do you know my brothers?" Amy blurted out.

"I'm Head Boy, and they've caused a lot of trouble since they've been here," he replied. "I'll go get them now," He turned on the spot, gave the Fat Lady the password, and walked inside the portrait, as if it was a door. The boy came out, about 10 minutes later, with Charlie by his side.

"I thought he was going to give me a right telling off then," Charlie joked. "Thanks, Sean!"

Sean headed off in the other direction, towards the Great Hall.

"So, what's up?" Charlie asked.

"Well, for starters, why did you ignore my letter at Christmas?" Amy demanded.

"What letter at Christmas?" Charlie snapped. "Your owl just came through the window at Gryffindor Tower, looking confused, then sped off again!"

"Avis!" moaned Amy. "Sorry, Charlie. Anyway, I've got to choose some new subjects this year, and I just wondered if you could help me choose..."

"Don't go for Arithmancy or Muggle Studies, as they are both terribly dull. I mean Jake chose them and Care of Magical Creatures, which you must do," Charlie babbled.

"Okay... so definitely Care of Magical Creatures then.... and Divination or Ancient Runes?" Amy said.

"Divination is a good subject if you want to get any homework done, 'cos' Trelawney's barmy," Charlie muttered, grinning. "Come on, let's get some lunch, I'm starving!"

Amy spent the rest of the Easter holidays brooding about her stupid owl. She was also angry at the fact she had so much homework, and that this could be hardly called a holiday at all. Amy, Jenna and Darren did eventually do their homework every day underneath the large beech tree, next to the lake where the giant squid lived.

Often, she went out onto the Quidditch pitch to practise, with Ella and Claire, the other two Hufflepuff Chasers. No one else knew of this, as it was usually done at the break of dawn. They wanted to perfect their Chaser technique, so they could beat the other teams.

The summer term started rather quickly, and Amy was getting nervous as the match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff grew nearer. Gryffindors would hiss as she passed their classroom; Ella said this was only to be expected. They were probably jealous of Hufflepuff's talent.

Exams were to be only six weeks away, which meant Jenna frantically searching the library every night for revision books. It was difficult to revise when you had Quidditch practice almost every night, with people shouting at you to pass them the Quaffle.

The match day came; Amy sat on her bed for an hour before getting up, as she felt queasy. If they lost, Hufflepuff would definitely be out of the running for the House Cup, which was leave everyone else disappointed.

"Amy, eat something, don't be nervous!" Darren practically pleaded. "You're going to win anyway, the Gryffindors have the Heir of Slytherin with them!"

"You don't believe that do you?" Amy asked, quizzically.

"It's going to be a first year if anyone," Jenna muttered.

"Get going then, you've got a match to win!" Darren snapped. Amy ran over to Ella at around 10:30am, saying whether or not they should get changed early.

"Yeah, why not!" Ella laughed. She said goodbye to her friend, Rory, and headed off to the Hufflepuff common room to grab their broomsticks. They made it to the changing rooms in ten minutes flat. Amy was nervously awaiting the arrival of the rest of their team, and passed the time by getting into their canary yellow Quidditch robes.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours, the rest of the Hufflepuff team were ready to fly. They emerged out on to the pitch, and Amy just about to mount her Cleansweep and kick off, when Professor McGonagall rushed over to them, looking almost scared.

"The match is cancelled!" she shouted, waving her arms.

"What?! You can't cancel Quidditch!" Amy thundered.

"Thank you for your input, Matthews, but it's not your decision to make. Kindly return to the Hufflepuff common room," McGonagall, walked away briskly, and then announced this news to the rest of the school.

Angrily, Amy stormed off the pitch, grabbed her bag, and stomped all the way back to the Hufflepuff common room, where she found herself a squashy seat by the fire. Older students began to arrive back from the cancelled match, and told Amy to get out of their seat.

"Shut up, or I'll curse you," she threatened the sixth year girl. The sixth year glared at her, and then sat at a table in the corner, with her other friends. Amy smiled as Darren and Jenna came in, looking rather shocked.

"What's the matter?" Amy said, almost bored.

"Hermione Granger.... she's been petrified!" Jenna looked horrified. Amy gaped. Of all the people the Heir of Slytherin could have attacked. This information cleared one thing up; Harry Potter was not the Heir of Slytherin, as he would never have attacked Hermione.

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