Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


13. Christmas

Most of the children at Hogwarts had signed up to go home for the holidays; including Darren, Jenna and Amy. Darren had contacted his parents about letting Amy and Jenna stay over for the holidays, and they had said yes. Michelle, Darren's little sister (a Ravenclaw), was also coming home to stay for the holidays. 

"My parents are both pure bloods, and they are absolutely fascinated with Muggles and telephones and batteries and stuff..." Darren said, looking embarrassed. 

"Cool!" Jenna said with a grin. "Maybe I can show them how to light a fire properly!"

"What're your parents names?" Amy wondered aloud.

"Harriet and Colin," Darren replied. In a few hours they would be going to Darren's house on the Hogwarts Express, where Harriet and Colin would greet them. 

"I don't know if we have to take our trunks there or not," Amy struggled with the weight of her trunk.

"Well we've got quite a bit of homework to do, and I'm going to make sure you don't get another detention, as the ones with Snape and McGonagall you said were awful!" Jenna trembled.

"They weren't that bad!" Amy giggled. "Anyway everyone's going to get a detention at one time or another, you'll see... should I take my Cleansweep?"

An hour later, the girls trudged down the stairs out into the Entrance Hall, with almost the entire school. No one wanted to stay within the castle whilst the Heir of Slytherin was still at large. Darren was waiting for them, with his trunk too. Amy had decided to bring her owl, Avis, with her, as the owl had not seen her in a while.

They boarded the Hogwarts Express at 11am. Gabe and Ernie joined them in a compartment, and later on so did Michelle. Darren and Amy played a game of Exploding Snap, and talked a lot about Quidditch; Hufflepuff would be against Gryffindor at the end of April. Amy was nervous, because Ravenclaw had flattened Hufflepuff in the last match- a thing she didn't like to talk about.

The train finally stopped at Platform 9 and 3 quarters. Darren blushed as his parents waved to him and Michelle. Amy snickered at him, as did Gabe. The group left the train, and Amy, Jenna, Darren and Michelle rushed up to Harriet and Colin.

"Hello! Darren's told us so much about you two!" Harriet remarked, eyes twinkling. Harriet looked very much like Michelle, with brown curly hair and blue eyes, whereas Darren looked like his dad, Colin, who had bright blue eyes and black scruffy hair. Colin grinned genially at the girls.

The six of them walked over to a small beige car, that had obviously been enchanted, as they could fit four trunks in the boot and four children in the back. Nobody chatted during the car journey. Amy and Jenna shared looks of concern as they went further into the countryside.

At last, they stopped outside a large house, that was three stories tall. The entire house had been painted blue, and it looked like it belonged in a Muggle village, rather than out in a field. Jenna hopped out of the car quickly, followed by Michelle. Colin helped them heave the four trunks out of the boot.

Inside the house, everything was neat and tidy; the floor was polished, every surface had been cleaned, there was food ready for them on the table (sausages and bacon).

"It's not usually like this," Darren whispered. "Mum's just cleaned it so it looks nice for you guys,"

"You'll be in the guest bedroom on the top floor," Harriet smiled. "I'll show you if you like,"

"Yeah cool," Amy mumbled. Harriet lead them up the stairs, to reveal a very fresh room. It was white, with pink roses patterned on the walls. There were two beds, one pale yellow and one pale green; Jenna leapt onto the yellow one immediately.

"I trust you'll have a nice stay," Harriet insisted. She swept out of the room, trailing her Muggle dress behind her. Amy scowled at her behind her back.

"I don't know what to think of her..." Jenna wearied. "I mean, she seems okay, and so does Darren's dad," Amy shrugged

"Yeah... at least we might have some fun over these two weeks,"

Amy plunked herself down on the pale green bed, and opened her trunk. She pulled out a sheet of parchment, and began to write:

Dear Charlie,

Hope you three are okay. Where are you staying these Christmas Holidays? By the way, I'm staying at a friend's house, whilst the Heir of Slytherin is still at large.

Send a note back with Avis,

Love Amy.

She tied the note to Avis' leg and told him to go to Charlie. He soared out of the window, off into the sun. For the rest of the day, the girls were left chatting up in their room. Darren didn't come up and see them once. They were called down to dinner at around 6. Still, the dining room was as neat as the rest of the house.

"Are you enjoying yourselves?" Harriet joked.

"Yeah, of course! Your house is lovely!" Amy exclaimed.

"Darren, why don't you get out your Wizard Chess board and go play?" Harriet almost demanded. 

"Perhaps she's under stress" Amy whispered.

"She's under stress at work, in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes," Darren murmured. "Loads of things happen nowadays, but it's not as bad as the days of You-Know-Who,"

Amy and Jenna nodded solemnly. The group decided not to bother with Wizard Chess, as it was getting dark and late. The girl's ran up the staircase to their guest bedroom. Michelle and Darren were on the floor below.

The first week of the holidays wasn't bad; the four of them played four a side Quidditch, which involved one Chaser and one Keeper for each side (Amy and Michelle versus Darren and Jenna). Jenna was surprisingly good as Keeper.

On Christmas Day, Amy woke up rather excited, at around 4am. At the foot of her bed she could see her presents piled up. It was a small pile, but it would do. Darren's present was a collection of Tutshill Tornadoes' books. She smiled sadly; the Tornadoes was her Dad's team. Jenna's present was a large pile of Chocolate Frogs (a favourite of hers). Her brothers hadn't got her a present,as she hadn't heard from them since before they broke up for Christmas.

The rest of the household didn't stir until around 11am. This was disappointing for Amy, as she wanted to see what everyone else had got; she had gotten Colin and Harriet and recipe book, Darren had got a dragons book and Jenna and Michelle had gotten three boxes of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

Harriet blushed as she opened Amy's present; she hadn't gotten Amy one in return.

"It doesn't matter," she said, waving off her apologies.

"I'll get you something nice for your birthday instead; when is it?" Harriet questioned.

"28th July," Amy mumbled.

"Mum stop embarrassing her," Darren whined.

"Hey guys," Jenna said. "It's snowing!"

Everyone scrambled out of their seats to find the ground had turned frosty and was piling up with snow. Amy and Jenna grabbed their winter cloaks and sprinted outside, closely followed by Darren and Michelle. Michelle made a snowball and threw it at her brother, immediately starting a snowball war; Colin and Harriet joined in soon after, conjuring snowballs and intricate snowflakes with their wands.

Soon after, everyone was frozen solid, and they went inside for a warm cup of cocoa around the fire. The last week of the holidays was the same as this, except they had to start the homework they had neglected the first week of the holidays. Amy was having a particularly tough time doing her homework; she spent too much time procrastinating and thinking about Quidditch.

"You'll never get it done if you just lay there feeling sorry for yourself," Jenna told Amy, the night before they went back to Hogwarts. "Flitwick will give you a detention this time,"

"No he won't he's too much of a softie," Amy groaned as she wrote another sentence on her essay. "I can't believe I'm still three inches short of half a foot, please let me read yours,"

"You'll never learn that way; do it yourself!" Jenna snapped. She rolled up her finished essay and stuffed it in her trunk. Then, she climbed into her bed faced away from Amy. Amy shrugged in confusion, and made up the rest of the essay.

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