Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


8. Beware

October had crept in and once again, Amy and Ella trudged through the hallways of the school, soaking wet and freezing, yet chattering excitedly about the Quidditch practice they'd just had. 

"Me, you and Claire make an excellent team!" Ella remarked. "I just can't believe you caught that Quaffle from so far away!"

"I couldn't believe it either!" Amy said with a grin. "You can score really well though!"

"Really?" asked Ella, bashfully. They had arrived at the Hufflepuff basement, but neither of them had their wands after practise, as they didn't want to break them whilst flying.

"Oi, can someone let us in?!" called Ella. "We don't have our wands 'cos we just had Quidditch practise, and we left our wands in our dorms"

A graceful looking boy with brown hair and dazzling green eyes and cute freckles opened the common room door for them. Ella beamed at the boy, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Amy, this is Rory Parker, my uh boyfriend," Ella blushed bright pink. Rory grinned at Amy, and walked away hand in hand with Ella. Meanwhile, Jenna and Darren were there to greet Amy, as they were doing Charms homework by the fire.

"How did it go?" muttered Darren.

"All right yeah," Amy told them. Amy was particularly grumpy for some reason, and she didn't know why. "I might go to bed, tomorrow's a long day," she said and stalked off to the dormitory and leapt into her bed.

She hadn't contacted her brothers in a while, maybe she could send Avis to Charlie or Adam to see if they're okay? Then, she remembered, Avis was in the Owlery. Amy sighed, collected up some parchment, ink and a quill and then began to walk out of the dormitory towards the Owlery. It took ages to get there, and Avis was right at the top. Darkness had fallen a long time ago, and second years were meant to be in the common room by now. 

Amy wrote:

Dear Jake, Charlie and Adam,

How are you guys? I haven't spoken to you since the holidays, and I just wondered how things are going! I bet Jake is the best prefect, and you two are the best troublemakers!

See you soon

Love Amy

She wrapped the note around Avis' leg and sent him flying to the Gryffindor tower. Now, for the difficult bit; avoiding Filch and the other prowling teachers, plus Mrs Norris, that mangy cat. Amy rushed towards the exit of the Owlery, only to be greeted by a rather short prefect she thought she recognised.... it was Jake!

"What do you think you're doing here?!" Jake snapped.

"Sending a message to you lot in Gryffindor to make sure you're all fine!" she hissed. "I haven't heard from you in over a month!"

"Fine, I'll escort you back to your common room, but just this once!" he muttered darkly. Jake practically shoved Amy into the place where he thought Hufflepuff was, which was wrong. He bid her farewell at the Great Hall. Amy ran so fast back to the common room, her legs ached a bit afterwards. 

The next day was Halloween, so all the lessons had a spooky theme. Well, except for Potions, but the way Professor Snape glided past them was creepy enough. Flitwick had them levitating bats and making them do tricks, whereas Lockhart droned on about how he fought that bloody werewolf. Half the class were practically asleep. 

All the students tucked in to the gigantic feast laid out for them in the Great Hall. Jenna and Amy felt as if they were going to be sick because they had stuffed too many sweets! Students began to make their way back to their common rooms... and then there was a horrific scream. Amy bounced to the front of the crowd to see what had happened.

It was Filch's cat! She was hung upside down on the wall, from a torch bracket, stiffly,  with words written in blood on the walls next to her;



Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were standing facing the cat, looking bewildered. There were many shouts of abuse at them, before Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lockhart and Snape came round the corner. McGonagall actually looked petrified as she read the bloody letters. The teachers sent everyone away, except Harry, Ron and Hermione.

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