Hogwarts- Second Year

Amy Matthews, a witch in Harry Potter's year, tells the story from their perspective.


3. Almost school

After a few hours of wandering, the Matthews' children began to get bored. They met up in the Leaky Cauldron, and talked of what they did and bought that day:

"I bought all of your Christmas and birthday presents already!" said Jake excitedly. "I think you'll all be very very pleased!"

"Me and Charlie bought some Dr. Filibuster's fireworks, and some sweets. At least this year we're going to Hogsmeade!" exclaimed Adam.

"I still can't figure out how you guys got me the money for a broomstick; a Cleansweep Six at that!" muttered Amy. The three boys fell silent. Amy looked confused and curious.

"It.... wasn't us. It was Dad that sent you the broomstick," choked Charlie. For the rest of the day, Amy was silent. Henry came to pick up the children, using the Knight Bus, which is a wizard/witch transport bus. Adam looked as if he was going to be sick after the long journey back to Henry's house.

Now there was only a few days before the four children went back to Hogwarts; Jake would be going into his fifth year and at the end of it he would take his O.W.L.s, Charlie and Adam would be going into third year, and they would be going to Hogsmeade for the first time. Amy felt left out, as nothing would be going on in her second year.

Well, at the end of the second year she would choose some extra subjects to take, but apart from that, nothing! This year would probably be the easiest and least challenging of her wizarding career. Amy thought, Hogwarts is amazing and I would give up my right leg to go there, and many other people would too.

Suddenly, Amy felt sorry for Emily. She would never even have the chance to go to Hogwarts, she might even go to a Muggle school, which would be really awful. Amy had never thought to ask her, seeing as she is a horrible Squib.

Amy and her three brothers spent the remainder of their holidays cooped up in their rooms. Sometimes, Avis would return with a letter from Jenna or Darren, which would usually say 'Can't wait to see you!' or 'I miss Hogwarts so much!' but nothing of real context. The only person Amy would talk to properly was Charlie. He seemed to understand her the most. 

She began to pack away all of her belongings, just three days before going back to Hogwarts. Her massive trunk was heaved into her room, so she could put everything in there. Amy began throwing socks inside her cauldron, and stuffing her books in the right corner. In the left corner she put her three sets of robes and uniform in. Her cauldron was put in the middle, along with her potions ingredients behind it. Amy stowed her wand inside her woolly socks.

Now she had to think of a way that she could steal her broomstick out of Henry's and Jasmine's room. She could use Henry's wand... But that would be wrong. Silently, she ran into the boys' room. Jake and Charlie were in there. Charlie, flicking through a Muggle magazine, lazily, and Jake, reading Travels with Trolls rather intently. 

"Charlie," began Amy. He held up his hand to signal her to stop.

"No, Amy, not this time," Charlie said.

"But why not?!" hissed Amy, sounding rather brattish.

"Don't you think we've been beat up enough?" said Charlie through gritted teeth. "Every time we step a toe out of line, we're sent up here, with nothing to eat. Or, worse, we're beaten with that wooden bat of his!" His voice had risen to a shout now.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't know!" whispered Amy, biting back tears.

"Just get out. GET OUT!" roared Jake.

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