Remembered (Sequel to 'Found and Loved')

It's been 2 years since Ashley kinda got her memory back from her memory loss, everything is different and has a new different life, but she remembered the people she live with now. What happens when Ashley and her new family moves back to where Ashley and Kyle use to live? Also, when Ashley wanted to look around the neighborhood with her boyfriend Ashton, she accidentally bumps into someone she use to know and never got to see in a long time. Will she recognize them? Or will she apologize and walks away?


13. Weird and Scary????

Sarah's POV

When ashley gave us really cute nicknames she became quiet leaning against the log behind her, crossing her arms, and looking at the ground without speaking i dont know if anyone notices because they were talking i mean like valora, vanessa, and kyle talking, hunter, ashton, and noah talking, me just staying there looking at ashley who seems to have a lot in mind. I just kept on staring at ashley its been like 8 or 9 minutes since she hasnt stopped looking at the ground, she hasnt moved still the same position her left leg down then right leg up and her arms crossed, hasnt spoken, yes she blinks, but not enough, her face looks mad like shes angry at something and i noticed her hand clenching into a tight fist of ball so i decided to speak up to her "hey ashley" i said a bit scared and she looked up at me without blinking and she just gave me a smile "hey" she finally spoke "you ok, you seem to be thinking a lot" i asked and she blinked this time and furrowed both of her eyebrow "what are talking about? im fine" she said giving me a giggle "but you were just looking at the ground withou-" i got cut off by ashley "guys im getting kinda sleepy" she said rubbing her left eye "ok babe lets go guys its late and its getting colder out here" ashton said and we all stood up and walked inside 'well thats strange ive never seen ashley like this' i thought but then i got interrupted by noah "hey baby you ok?" he asked a bit worried "ye-yeah im fine im just probably tired" i said and he just nodded "ok c'mon lets go to bed NIGHT GUYS!" he yelled "night" everyone said but not ashley 'whats up with her? like seriously?' i thought and just watched as everyone went to their rooms and so did i and went off to sleep.

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