Remembered (Sequel to 'Found and Loved')

It's been 2 years since Ashley kinda got her memory back from her memory loss, everything is different and has a new different life, but she remembered the people she live with now. What happens when Ashley and her new family moves back to where Ashley and Kyle use to live? Also, when Ashley wanted to look around the neighborhood with her boyfriend Ashton, she accidentally bumps into someone she use to know and never got to see in a long time. Will she recognize them? Or will she apologize and walks away?


58. The Truth

Ashley's POV

'WHAT!?!?! I AM NOT PREGNANT!' I thought screaming inside 'why am I thinking this!' I thought "IM NOT PREGNANT!!" I screamed "THEN WHY DID YOU RUB YOUR STOMACH LIKE YOU HAVE SOMETHING IN THERE!!" Kyle yelled 'SOMETHING!?!? WHAT!' I thought "DON'T CALL MY STOMACH SOMETHING AND I HAVE NOTHING INSIDE IT THAN AN APPLE!!" I yelled "wait, whoa, back up, say that again please?" Hunter said "I'm hungry so I RUBBED MY STOMACH because I was HUNGRY and I wanted to eat MORE" she explained "so you were hungry and you rubbed your stomach?" Kyle said with his eyebrow raised and I nodded 'yes' in response "so you didn't do anything with other guys to be pregnant?" Sarah asked joining in "ewww I have Ashton and I am NOT  prostitute, I am TOTALY NOT LIKE THAT and most IMPORTANTLY is that I HAVE a FIANCÉ" I said lifting my left hand and pointing at my third finger with a ring on it "oh I'M- WE'RE SORRY FOR THINKING THAT YOUR PREGNANT!" they yelled altogether "If I was prego then me and Ashton would've told you guys when we're 20!" I yelled and they winced, but when I scanned everyone I noticed Noah wasn't in the crowd "wasn't Noah just here?" I asked Sarah "yeah, but then he needed to get Ashton for the whole thing" Sarah explained while I sighed with sadness and grabbed one last apple, then went straight to our room leaving the others downstairs. 

Ashton's POV 

"I CAN'T BELIEVE HER AFTER EVERYTHING I DID FOR HER SHE DOES THIS!?! GETTING PREGNANT FROM ANOTHER GUY AND NOT HER FEANCE!?!" I yelled as I took a rock and threw it really hard on a wall and watched it as it breaks "ASHTON!!" some familiar male voice came "ASHTON!!" he yelled again which I'm guessing is my best friend Noah "I'm not in the mood to talk Noah just LEAVE ME ALONE" I said sternly and began to pick up "Ashley isn't prego" he said which made me drop the rock I was holding, I turned around to go face to face with Noah "wait, she's not pregnant?" I questioned with the feeling of guilt "no she's not she just rubbed her stomach because she got hungry, she never did it with any other guy because she lifted her left hand and pointed to third finger where the ring is and said 'I'm no prostitute BECAUSE I have a FIANCÉ'" when he said that I ran my fingers through my hair feeling frustrated on what I just did to Ashley 'damn I f****d up again, when can I stop f*****g things up?' I questioned myself and ran back to the house for me to apologize on what I just did.

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