Remembered (Sequel to 'Found and Loved')

It's been 2 years since Ashley kinda got her memory back from her memory loss, everything is different and has a new different life, but she remembered the people she live with now. What happens when Ashley and her new family moves back to where Ashley and Kyle use to live? Also, when Ashley wanted to look around the neighborhood with her boyfriend Ashton, she accidentally bumps into someone she use to know and never got to see in a long time. Will she recognize them? Or will she apologize and walks away?


31. Running Away

Ashley's POV

As i ran outside i remembered ashton had his guitar on kyles car so i opened kyels car door and took the guitar and left to someplace and as i run tears keeps on falling down my face the harsh words she said keeps on playing on my head like a radio 'i will  never love you and treat you like a daughter not in a million years, so if i were you just give up because you have no chances' those words stabbed my heart several times just by thinking about it. Too much thinking got me to a beautiful park with a lake and next to the lake is a huge tree so i ran there and sat down and took out the guitar and started to think for a good song i can sing so i can take everything out.

Sarah's POV

When we got outside we saw ashton pacing back and forth "hey you ok?" i asked "ashley ran away" he said "what?!" me and the three guys behind me said at the same time "we need to find" i said "no duh" ashton said but then i had an idea "ok guys i have a plan why dont we look into different directions kyle you go left, hunter you go straight, ashton you go right, and me and noah will find somewhere far and the car is coming with us" i said and everyone agreed "ok good so first where does ashley like to go when shes upset?" i asked and everyone doesnt know "kyle where does she go?" i asked and he shrugged "i dont know" he said "you dont know? how can you not know your the brother?" i asked "she usually goes on the roof or lock herself in her room" he answered "ugh" i said "the park" ashton said "what?" i asked "she mustve gone to the park, she told me she likes going to the park and she thinks there more often" he said "nice ok so wheres the closest park here?" i asked "theres one park its called South Avenue Park its a like 15 minutes away from here" ashton said "how do you know that?" i asked "phone?" he said showing me a map of the street and i just rolled my eyes "good job ash now you guys run we got the car we'll meet you there" was all i said and we got to work 'i hope your at the park that ashton said' i thought and started to drive.

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