Remembered (Sequel to 'Found and Loved')

It's been 2 years since Ashley kinda got her memory back from her memory loss, everything is different and has a new different life, but she remembered the people she live with now. What happens when Ashley and her new family moves back to where Ashley and Kyle use to live? Also, when Ashley wanted to look around the neighborhood with her boyfriend Ashton, she accidentally bumps into someone she use to know and never got to see in a long time. Will she recognize them? Or will she apologize and walks away?


42. Our Story

Ashley's POV

When hunter got the letter that diana has sent me soi snatched it away from him because i didnt want anyone knowing that she sent me a letter, im not going to let kyle see it too, i mean he is my brother, but i dont want him to get mad "its nothing" i said quickly "if its nothing then how come you wont show me it?" he asked "bec-because i j-just cou-couldnt" i stuttered 'stupid stutters' i thought "why" he asked again "i j-just c-cant ok!" i yelled still stuttering "why?" "i just c-cant" "why" "I JUST CANT THATS WHY!!" i yelled and he jumped a little from my outburst and suddenly i felt a tear slip down my face and leaned on the wall "i just cant" i whispered and slid down the wall and sat on my bum then suddenly i felt an arm around my shoulders "shh its ok  ashley" he whispered comforting me "is this letter that a big of a deal?" he asked breaking the comfort and i just shrugged not knowing the answer and i just heard him sigh "you know you can tell me i mean i maybe your friend, but your just like a sis to me you know? so you can tell me anything if you dont want me telling the guys then i wont i promise" he said 'ugh this is killing me' i thought part of me wanted to tell the guys or atleast one but the other side of me is telling dont and that they might get mad "can i really trust you?" i said "yes weve been bro and sis for the past 2 or 3 years i think?" he said/thinking "sorry im not good at math...." he paused "heck i aint even good at school what am i saying" he said making me laugh "so yeah you can trust me though" he added and i sighed "fine. here" i said handing him the letter "i dont need to read it i heard you read it out loud" he said "so you made go through all those troubles and you already know what it says" i said playing punching his arm hard and saw him winced "hey easy tiger. But i just wanna know how you got this letter if it came to your mom?" he asked "i couldnt sleep so i went down here and it was like around 4 in the morning so i just chilled here and watched some movies then the door bell rang and when i opened the door no one was there but the envelope was under the mat so i took it, looked at the back and saw dianas name on it, went back inside, looked at the envelope for hours, then went to the kitchen, opened it, then read it, then here you are" i answered "oh so she leaving you and kyle alone forever?" "i guess.." "ohh, but isnt that a good thing nobody can hurt you and kyle anymore like what she did" "i know but its still gonna hurt me" "how" "shes my mom, she raised me, she gave me memories to remember and from what she and her family did to me and kyle and i have to tell you she did a pretty amazing job to make our lives feel like a living hell" i said just staring at the stool and not making any contacts.

Hunter's POV

"But you can leave the memories behind you and start a new one thats what growing up/moving on is, everything that has happened to you before like regrets, pain, etc and everything that has happened with you and your family were locked in memories, but once you let those bad memories go and thats when you should move on and thats when you can start a new memory and a new life" i said and she gave a sigh "thats what i did" i admitted then she looked at me with a confusing look "what?" she said "i had the same problem as you did well kinda" "do you mind if you tell me what happened?" she asked and i sighed "when i was a kid my parents were addicted to drugs, they would always abuse me and ashton, but mostly ashton because he was the smallest andthe weakest before so i stepped up to them and said 'dont bring ashton to the beating, beat me up instead ill take all the beatings for ashton just dont hurt him anymore' and they agreed and everyday i get new bruises and ashton would ask questions so i answered everything, but all those answers were a lie saying 'it was baseball stuff', but those beating was worth it i was just 7 and he was 5 years old; then years passes by i was 14 and ashton was 12 when our parents left us i was broken that day and began drinking and almost committed suicide of how much my life was falling apart, but ashton was the only one thats left from me and he helped because he gave me love even though he was little, but he still gave me a lot of love and a lot of advices so i never gave up my life because of him, and the next days i took out my anger on him after all hes done for me all the love, advices everything that he gave me i still gave all my anger out on him i didnt know why, but i just did like everything just happened that day and thats when i just began drinking more and more and went out to clubs, parties and to other places so i cant hurt him... Then when the day came that me and ashton met you everything seemed to change all the bad turned to good, all the hatred turned to love, and most importantly me and ashtons bad memories turned to a better memory and we all created a new life,family, and memories you changed everyones life and now i want you to do the same create a better memory and life" i said "wow" was all she said "what?" i asked "look im sorry for what you've been through, but the way you gave me that advice it was like, like amazing your right THANK YOU!!" she said and hugged me tightly "your welcome ashley" i said while chuckling and hugging her tightly, but then the door swung widely open and saw the person still "ashton..." i said quickly and broke me and ashleys hug.


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