Remembered (Sequel to 'Found and Loved')

It's been 2 years since Ashley kinda got her memory back from her memory loss, everything is different and has a new different life, but she remembered the people she live with now. What happens when Ashley and her new family moves back to where Ashley and Kyle use to live? Also, when Ashley wanted to look around the neighborhood with her boyfriend Ashton, she accidentally bumps into someone she use to know and never got to see in a long time. Will she recognize them? Or will she apologize and walks away?


6. New Nicknames

Ashley's POV

As my brother introduced me to the 2 girls i recognized that one chick from the park and i recognized them in my dream too "you two?" i said getting in front of ashton and he held my waist "ashley you know who they are" kyle said "their you best friends since kinder" kyle added and i looked at the ground and blinked my eyes several times because last night i had a dream about those two girls 'vanessa and valora' and i remembered the nicknames that i heard in my dreams "valie and nessa" i whispered a little too loud "hi AJ" they said at the same time and i looked at them 'i remember that nickname for me' i thought and i smiled and rushed over to them and jumped on the couch and hugged them and we all fell on our bums and we laughed "omg im sooo sorry i didnt recognize you guys!" i apologized "its ok ashley kyle told us that you had a memory loss" vanessa said "ohh okay" was all i said and kept hugging them and seconds we stopped and got back to our feet "oh and happy 18th birthday" they said at the same time again "thank you, how can you still remember that?" i asked "well even thought you were gone we still care about you and we prayed all night to see you again" valora said "awww how sweet" i said and i heard a cough behind us and we turned around "oh um i forgot this is my new family" i said walking in front of noah, sarah, hunter and ashton "girls i like you to meet my bestfriend sarah, and her boyfriend noah, and this is my second oldest "bro" hunter and last this is my boyfriend ashton" i said introducing them and there were a lot of 'hi' 'nice to meet you' and 'hey' "we need new nicknames now since theres a lot of us now" i said "and i already have them"i added "your always the fastest one" valora said while stinking out her tounge "well?" i joked. 

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