Remembered (Sequel to 'Found and Loved')

It's been 2 years since Ashley kinda got her memory back from her memory loss, everything is different and has a new different life, but she remembered the people she live with now. What happens when Ashley and her new family moves back to where Ashley and Kyle use to live? Also, when Ashley wanted to look around the neighborhood with her boyfriend Ashton, she accidentally bumps into someone she use to know and never got to see in a long time. Will she recognize them? Or will she apologize and walks away?


37. Bringing Lashyboo BACK!

Noah's POV

As sarah and i watched some spongebob square pants i waited till she got tired since i came up with a really great plan "babe im getting tired ill be in the room" sarah said interrupting me by my thoughts "ok babe night" i said and gave her a quick peck on the lips "arent you coming" she asked "maybe later i have a lot in mind" i said "oh ok well nigh" she said then finally left so i watched her to make sure, then thats when i heard the door slam 'ok time for the plan' i thought and i would know that ashley doesnt sleep much because of her eyes just with one look you can already she too tired and broken; as i slowly walked to her room i slowly opened her and saw her sitting on her usual spot, but with the window open and a strong cold breeze hit my face "ashley what are you doin?" i whispered and she heard me which made her look at my direction and gave a confused look and just nodded her head 'no' and looked back at the window while i slowly closed the door without waking the others up and quietly sprinted my way over to her and pulled her away from the window and gently put her on her bed and also closed her window. As i turned around she wrote something and faced it at me 'WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT FOR?!' she 'yelled' and i walked over to her and sat on her bed next to her while i turned on her bright lamp "i dont want you getting sick an-" i paused because when i saw her she was white pale and when i touched her she was freezing cold like she was died "ashley you need to stop this" i said sternly she shook her head 'no' "yes, ashley i may not know how you feel right now and of how broken you are, but because of this behavior all of us are changing" i said about to yell, but trying my best not to yell and wake everyone up.

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