Her Bully (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

-Not Famous-
Hello my name is Eternity Lynn and I am 19 years old and I go to Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster. And this is my story.


8. Chapter 7

Eternity's POV

It's been about two hours since Louis left after he punched me in the gut.  The door opened and Harry's face came through the opening. He looks at me and walks in. I instantly send him a glare wanting him to know I don't like him right now. 

"Look Eternity 'm sorry I brought you into this. Louis wanted to teach you a lesson." He says pulling a chair so he can sit across from me.

"mmhmmhmh" I say because I still have my mouth covered. "If I take that bandana off your mouth promise me you won't scream. Louis is asleep." Harry says I nod my head in response. He gets up off of his chair and unties the bandana. I move my jaw around glad to finally get to move it freely.

"Better?" He asks me I nod in response.

"W-Why does he want to teach me a lesson?" But before he answers my question. "Haz! Where are ya?" I hear Louis yell and his footsteps coming to the room I'm in.

I'm sorry he mouths to me and places the bandana back onto my mouth. He reaches his hand back as soon as Louis opens the door. Louis stands there with a smile on his face. "Ahh... finally joined the dark side huh?" He asks closing the door behind him.

"Yeah she's a bitch!" Harry spits at me with sorrow filled eyes. 

'Yeah she is. Let's teach her a lesson!"

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