Her Bully (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

-Not Famous-
Hello my name is Eternity Lynn and I am 19 years old and I go to Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster. And this is my story.


7. Chapter 6

Louis' POV

I stand there watching Niall fuck the Bitch until he cums into the condom. But he doesn't pull out till she cums after him. He pulls out ties off the condom and nods his head at me which means its time for my fun.

I stalk toward her and grab her hair and pull her head backward. Making her whimper in pain as her neck is back at a awkward angle.

"You're lucky it was Niall that fucked you. If it was me you wouldn't of been able to cum." I say to her and take out my pocket knife and place it on her throat. I look into her blue eyes and see fear fill them.  I smile at her and take my knife away from and release her head making her fall on the floor. I take my foot back and kick her into the ribs over and over again. Till she's on her hands and knees begging for me to take mercy on her.

"Why should I take mercy on a bitch like you!?!" I spit at her. I push her down onto her back and take my pants off and my boxers freeing my hard on. Yes, beating her makes me hard, Don't judge. I lay on top of her and place my cock inside of her. Hearing her whimper from the dry fuck. Not letting her adjust I quicken my pace. I start to breathe heavy and I cum inside of her. I wipe my cock on her thigh and as I'm about to get up I say

"You better not get pregnant!"

"I wouldn't have to worry if you wear a damn condom!" She yells back at me flinching as I stomp over to her. I kneel down and take her chin harshly in between my thumb and fore finger.

"At least I know if you get pregnant whose little mistake that will be!" He says before throwing my head down to the floor. "Get some sleep Zayn wants you tomorrow and we all know how rough Zayn is on you!"

Thats true ever since Zayn caught Perrie cheating on him with Luke from 5sos. He had been coming in here about once a week sometimes as many as three times a week. And beating me and raping me senseless. He doesn't look at me in the eyes all he does is mumble under his breathe. I think I hear him cursing Perrie out but I am not sure. 

I curl up under the thin blanket and try to get some sleep before Monster #2 decides to join me.


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