Her Bully (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

-Not Famous-
Hello my name is Eternity Lynn and I am 19 years old and I go to Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster. And this is my story.


5. Chapter 4

Eternity's POV

I wake up to my head pounding and my wrists tied behind my back to the chair I'm sitting on. I have a bandana around my mouth but my eyes are left open. 

"MMMMMpphh!" I yell but its no use no one can hear me since I have a bandana tied around my mouth. 

"Ahh! Look Whose awake! Aye boys our toy is awake!" I hear my enemy say I shoot him a look of pure hatred. 
"Aww Babe don't look at me like that! You are the one tied up to the chair! Remember??" He asks running his cold hand down my cheek. I move my head away from his cold touch and look at the floor. 

"You know 'ts rude to look away when someone is talking to you!" He says as his cold touch left my right cheek. 

Smack! My head turns sharply to the left following his hard smack. 
"NOW! Are you going to look at me?!? Or am I going to have to roughen you up a bit?" He asks his voice calm which scares me more than anything. Whenever Louis' voice is calm that means that he's pissed. My blue eyes meet his they are filled with tears. Tears I don't dare let fall so he will know that he won. 

"Awww Did I make the baby cry??" He asks in a voice you would use for a child.

"F-U-C-K  Y-O-U!" I spell it out so he would be able to hear me clearly. As soon as he understood what I was spelling. I see him clench his fists and it makes contact to my bare stomach.

"Don't make me hurt you!" He says as he leaves the room.

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