Her Bully (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

-Not Famous-
Hello my name is Eternity Lynn and I am 19 years old and I go to Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster. And this is my story.


4. Chapter 3

I got off the floor and brush myself off. I hear Louis and his mates laughing at me as I walk into school. 

4th period

The period I dread the most. Cause I have it with the one and only Louis Fucking Tomlinson. 

He is sitting in his usual spot right behind where I sit. Harry Styles sitting next to him. As soon as they see me walk in they smirk. 

I sit down and start to get out what I need for this class when I feel someone sit next to me. 

"Hey Eternity." Harry said giving me a dimpled smile.

"Uh-- Hey Harry." I say even though my gut is telling me not to talk to him Louis put him up to this!

"I am throwing this party tonight and I was wondering if you'd like to come?" He asks my heart skips a beat. I've always had a crush on Harry.

"Yes I'd love to!"I say smiling. 

"Great heres my address. Party starts at 9pm." He says before getting up and heading back to Louis. 

The Party

I get ready to go to Harry's party so very excited because 1) I'm going to an actual party and 2) Harry will be there. 

I smile to myself as I look in the mirror. I grab my black and red clutch and head out into the kitchen. My dad is sitting at the counter on his laptop.

"Bye Dad.I'm going to the party I told you about." 

"okay have fun!" 

I arrive at Harry's address at 8:50pm there is only 3 cars in his driveway. 

hmm I guess I'm early I think to myself as I get out and knock on the door. Harry opens the door and smiles at me. 

"Eternity you made it!" He yells and I hear talking stop through out the house. 

"Come in!" He says moving out of the way. I walk into the house and look around. And suddenly I feel a cloth get placed on my nose and mouth. 

"Welcome to hell" Is all I hear before everything turns black.

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