back to the battle of Hogwarts

Albus and rose accidentally broke the time turner and they end up in the battle of Hogwarts they begin to search for their parents to ask them if they can fix the time turner but the battle starts to get worse. will they return to the present?



the man stop running and release the arms of Albus and Rose.Albus looked at the man and instantly he know that was his father it was exactly like him round glasses , pale skin and the scar.

Both are OK? asked Harry to Rose and Albus

yeah, said Rose quietly

Its so dangerous to be outside of the castle now. said Harry lookig at them. and more if you're a first year he added. What are you're names.

Albus opened his mouth, My name is Al- but Rose quickly put her hand in the mouth of Albus so that form he couldn't said anything.

can you please give us a moment? asked Rose with a smile

Sure, Harry agreed

Rose and Albus walked to a corner. Rose remove her hand from the mouth of Albus and whisper, Albus we can't said our real names!

why not? ask Albus quietly

because your last name is "potter" and maybe your father can change your name in the future and did you forget that you have the names of 2 headmasters of Hogwarts?!.

OK, OK I understand Rose!



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