back to the battle of Hogwarts

Albus and rose accidentally broke the time turner and they end up in the battle of Hogwarts they begin to search for their parents to ask them if they can fix the time turner but the battle starts to get worse. will they return to the present?



We are in the year 1998 said the girl. And my name is Luna Lovegood by the way

Oh nice to meet you Luna I'm Rose and He's my cousin Albus.

nice to meet you.

sorry Luna but we have to leave quickly said Albus

oh ok bye!! said Luna with a smile

they enter to the castle that was almost destroyed

OK we know that this is the year 1998 said Albus, and what else we know? he ask

Albus we are in the battle of Hogwarts!!! 1998!!!, shouted Rose

OK we have to keep calm and search our parents said Albus calmly

Ok they get out from the castle and a lot of people was fighting and shouting.Rose and Albus take out their wands to fight if something happen.

Rose look, there is my father and your parents said Albus pointing at them

Albus and Rose start walking forward their parents but a man dressed with black Robes stand up in front of them the man looked at Rose with his black eyes and then looked at Albus.

well, look what we have here 2 first years outside of the castle said the man with a smile I don't have any reason to kill kids but I'm going to do it just for fun, the ladies first. the man point his wand and Rose and said AVADAKE-  when he almost finish to say the spell someone came running and grab Rose and Albus arm.


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