back to the battle of Hogwarts

Albus and rose accidentally broke the time turner and they end up in the battle of Hogwarts they begin to search for their parents to ask them if they can fix the time turner but the battle starts to get worse. will they return to the present?


4. Hogwarts

albus sat in the chair and the professor longbottom put the sorting hat in his head.

hmm.. Harry's and Ginny's potter son eh? both in Gryffindor you have the same characteristics that your parents brave, loyal and honest you belong in


Albus walked to the Gryffindor's table and looked at his cousin who was looking at him with a smile.

Rose Weasley !!! Rose face turned pale she sat down on the chair and the professor longbottom put the sorting hat on her head

Rose Weasley, the daughter of Ron and Hermione weasley both are brave... where did I put you maybe in Ravenclaw you have a great mind, no!1 whisper Rose. hmm you are taking the same decisions as your mother OK so i put you in


Rose walked to the Gryffindor's table and saw his cousin who was smiling at her she seat next to Albus

The Professor McGonagall said some words and then the food appear in the table. When everyone finished they go to the Gryffindor's common room and Albus and Rose sleep the rest of  the night

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