back to the battle of Hogwarts

Albus and rose accidentally broke the time turner and they end up in the battle of Hogwarts they begin to search for their parents to ask them if they can fix the time turner but the battle starts to get worse. will they return to the present?


3. Hogwarts

they entered to the castle and walked with other firsts years a man appeared in front of all the firsts years, hi students my name is Professor Longbottom in a few minutes you'll be sorted in your houses. they're 4 houses Gryffindor,Hufflepuf, Ravenclaw and Slytherin remember each house is special any house is better than the other and you have proud in the house that you'll be sorted. Please follow me to the great hall.The Professor Longbottom opened the big door and all the firsts years gasped when they saw the great hall Rose was walking and saying things about Hogwarts Albus  was ignoring the comments of Rose. the Professor Longbottom said, when I call your name you have to come here ,I'm going to put the sorting hat in your head and you'll know in what house you belong, let's begin

Lysander scamander!! a girl with blonde hair sit in the chair the Professor Longbottom put the sorting hat in her hair.

RAVENCLAW!! the girl happily walked to the Ravenclaw's table

scorpius malfoy!!! a boy with blonde hair sat in the chair the sorting hat was in his head


Lorcan scamander!! a boy similar to Lysander scamander sat in the chair


Albus Severus Potter!!

Albus looked at Rose and then looked at the Professor Longbottom

Good luck! whisper Rose


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