The New Mortal

I stood in front of the Dark Woods looking at it. The pressure I feel made me step forward..

I plugged in my earphones and took a deep breath.

'Lets get this over with..' I thought.

It's been hours since I kept walking. There wasn't anything going on in the Dark Woods.

I kept on walking until I saw these 5 guys. They had a lot of bottles on the ground. I guess they were drunk..

I tried to hide behind the trees so they can't see me. I thought I hid well. So I thought..

I felt someone grab me by the waist which unplugged my earphones off.

"What is a beautiful girl doing out in the woods all alone?" He whispered on my ear making me shiver.

The other guys started to laugh and touch me.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled and swayed my head back hitting the guys face making him let go of me and fall. I then ran for my life, but I got jumped...

"Where do you think your going baby doll?" He smirked.

I kept hitting his chest while he sat on top of me. He seemed to get annoyed and grabbed this figure. I wasn't paying much attention, but then I felt my forehead sting and my head spinning.. All of a sudden everything went dark..




4. Talking to Alianna

*The Next Day*

Violet's POV

I stayed in the room that I was put on yesterday.I thought that this was all a nightmare. But staying up all night and feeling really wrecked inside is the worst feeling.

'I can't believe that Dylan will show me how he's a wolf.. All of them are wolves.. This is crazy..' I thought.

I sat up and looked around. I saw another door right across from me. I got off my bed and slowly walked myself over to the door. Once I opened it I saw a bathroom. A small one with no windows and stuff. I sighed and just cleaned up myself.

Once I finished I started walking back to the bed. When I laid back down someone knocked on the door. I groaned and brought myself back up again. When I was about to walk over to the door, it suddenly opened. I forgot I was locked in here like a prisoner. What a surprise...

I lazily dropped back on the bed and grabbed a pillow and closed my eyes.

"Hello?" A deep voice came. I knew who it was right away. Dylan.

I heard a creak on the floor and I know he's already inside and looking at me. I gripped on my pillow and threw it at him.

"Hey! What was that for?" He asked.

I opened my eyes and sat up.

"For making me walk half way to the door and locking me up here like I'm a prisoner." I rolled my eyes.

"Well we knew that if we don't lock the door you'll escape and might get killed without us knowing.. Well we wolves can smell human scent, but for some odd reasons we can't smell yours." He said slowly.

"Ok, do you have any food because I'm starving and you can explain everything later since you'll be showing me your true forms." I rubbed my tummy and looked at him.

"Someone's moody, but yeah everyone is actually getting prepared for food and don't take a shower because we'll be swimming at the lake after we eat. Borrow my sisters clothes for a while." He said tossing my some short shorts and a tank top.

"No thank you I hate shorts and tank top itself. I'll rather wear man clothes." I said tossing back his sisters clothes back to him.

He chuckled, "well that's the first."

I looked at him confused,"what do you mean, 'well that's the first'?" I questioned mocking his jockness of a voice.

"Your not doing my voice right, but your the first girl who wants to wear boy clothes. Here it's too many girly stuff, but your different?" He said as we walked down the stairs

"Everyone is different in there own ways.." I whispered and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

Once we got to the kitchen everyone was eating. With my presence and Dylan they seem to stop eating and looked directly at us. With the sister on the other hand just looked at her plate.

It's not me who she's pissed at this time. Somehow I have a feeling that she's sad, the face of wanting attention. Not that type of attention, but it's more of an attention; wanting someone to understand you type of face.

When I sat down on the table everyone talked. They tried talking to me, but I'm not much of a talker so I just gave a small smile instead. When I got my food on my plate I began to dig in.

"Excuse me.." Alianna said leaving the table and outside.

I looked at her food and saw that none of it was eaten.. She didn't eat. I bit my bottom lip. I thought for a second, and decided to leave the table.

"Will you....Uhhhh....Excuse me too." I said standing up and grabbing my plate and Alianna's plate.

I went to the living room and I looked around to see the backyard. I saw her sitting on the steps. So I just kicked the door softly and slowly. Once I got outside I sat next to her.

"Hey, I got your food.. You didn't eat anything. Is everything alright?" I asked giving her the food, but all she did was ignore it.

"I'm not hungry." She replied. Then all of a sudden her stomach grumbled.

"Well your stomach says otherwise." I looked at her and made the plate touch her upper arm. She looked at me and the food. She hesitated to take it, but ends up taking the food and ate it. I did the same this too.

"Why are you nice all of a sudden?" She asked.

"Oh yeah.. About that, I'm sorry about last night. I wasn't in any mood to be with anyone or anybody because I'm not use to being in crowds especially when it's "family" like so.." I trailed off and ate my food while I looked around the sky.

"How come?" She asked.

I just kept looking up the sky. It took awhile, but I got it under control.

"I don't know.. I'm just not into people as much since I was a kid.." I looked at her with a half smile.

"What about you? What's wrong?" I asked changing the subject.

"Do you want the honest truth?" She questioned.

"Please?" I said and trying to get ready listened to what she has to say.


Sorry guys, but I'll write Alianna's POV on the next chapter! Sorry!! /.\

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