The New Mortal

I stood in front of the Dark Woods looking at it. The pressure I feel made me step forward..

I plugged in my earphones and took a deep breath.

'Lets get this over with..' I thought.

It's been hours since I kept walking. There wasn't anything going on in the Dark Woods.

I kept on walking until I saw these 5 guys. They had a lot of bottles on the ground. I guess they were drunk..

I tried to hide behind the trees so they can't see me. I thought I hid well. So I thought..

I felt someone grab me by the waist which unplugged my earphones off.

"What is a beautiful girl doing out in the woods all alone?" He whispered on my ear making me shiver.

The other guys started to laugh and touch me.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled and swayed my head back hitting the guys face making him let go of me and fall. I then ran for my life, but I got jumped...

"Where do you think your going baby doll?" He smirked.

I kept hitting his chest while he sat on top of me. He seemed to get annoyed and grabbed this figure. I wasn't paying much attention, but then I felt my forehead sting and my head spinning.. All of a sudden everything went dark..




3. Meeting Unknown People

I woke up, with noises in the background. I hear as if there's many people surrounding me. I wanna try opening my eyes, but I couldn't. My eyes weren't open, yet my mind is awake.

"Are you crazy! She's a human and were not. Do you know how crazy this is!? We can get killed! With that thing in the way!" Some girl yelled.

'Did they just call me "human" and "they aren't"?Who ever that is she's rude.' I wondered and kept listening.

"She was about to get raped in the woods Alianna! I can't just leave her there to get raped and killed! She's also not a thing, she's a human!" A deeper voice yelled back.

"That you don't know!!" She yelled back.

"HEY! Both of you stop arguing! It's kind for Dylan to save this girl and Alianna, please don't get mad at your brother for doing something that meant to him. Saving this girl is some what important to him. Since he saved her." I guess the mother said that.

"Well how can she possibly be important to Dylan? Mom, I get that he's my older brother the almost going to be an Alpha, but what's so important about a human girl?" Alianna questioned.

'Alpha?' I thought.

There stood silence and my eyes got a bit lighter. So I opened my eyes bit by bit. The first thing I saw was a women probably in her mid 20's or either 30's?

"Hi sweetie, how are you feeling?" She questioned she was about to touch my forehead, but I moved away.

"Where am I?" I asked sitting up now.

"Your in our home.. My son-" I cut her off.

"Your son Dylan saved my life from being raped and maybe killed afterwards. I heard you guys arguing..." I said finishing her sentence.

I sighed and got off the bed. I wasn't that dizzy, but just right for me to stand still.

"Ohh..." Was all the mother said.

"Well that was rude for a stranger that my older brother just saved from getting raped and killed by drunk mens." Alianna who is just a tad away from me, said rolling her eyes at me.

"Well I'm not the type of person who gives respect to people especially for stubborn ones." I talked back.

She looked at me and was ready to charge. She took a step forward and so did I. I looked straight into her eyes, she did the same.

"You don't know what I can do to you right now." She said with gritted teeth.

"Then show me." I challenged her not showing emotion.

I looked down at her hands to notice they were clenched so tight that her fist became white as snow.

I looked back at her and once she raised her fist high, someone stepped in front of me and it seemed to be Dylan.

Dylan's POV

I watched as the girls argue. No one was gonna try and step in. They were just watching. They probably want a fight off. Human vs Wolf.

Yeah, were wolves, but that's not important right now.

Alianna was gonna take the first move by putting her fists up in the air while this girl just stood waiting for my little sister to punch her. I sighed and stepped in front of the girl to catch myself to hold Alianna's fist.

"You know better than to beat someone up." I said.

"She's challenging me like she wants me to beat her up." She said with greeted teeth.

I gestured at my beta, James sending him a signal about his mate. He nodded and took Alianna out for some fresh air.

I took a deep breath.

"Umm, all of you will you please go outside for a while. I just need to talk to her. We'll be out in few minutes." I said scratching the back of my neck.

They all nodded and left the room. The girl walked back to the bed and buried her face on her hands.

Me: "You shouldn't have stood up when you know your in pain. Your forehead is wounded kinda bad because you got knocked out with a rock."

Her: "I don't care, I just want to go home right now."

Me: "This is your home now actually.. It's dangerous for you to go out now. Once your here, you can never go back outside without getting killed."

Her: "Are you fucking kidding me? I never meant to be here!"

I looked at her as she scooted down completely on the bed, putting both of her knees to her chest and laid her head on her arms.

"What made you even enter the Dark Woods? Have you ever heard of a warning, what other people rumored through out the city?" I questioned her while I sat on the end of the bed. Hearing my question she lifted her head up and looked at me.

"I've heard what other people rumored. But that doesn't mean that it's true. I live right across the Red Woods park. I was curious, so I entered the Dark Woods. Being curious can be deadly and stuff, but we won't know unless we try." She said showing no emotion at all.

"Are you trying to kill yourself? The Dark Woods is not suppose to lead people with curiosity for them to enter. It's suppose to lead people in fear for you not to enter the dangerous place. Your the only human who's ever entered here with no fear other than bravery." I asked her.

"Why call me human? Aren't you human? What about those drunk mens who almost killed and raped me? Aren't they "human" Dylan?" She questioned back putting air quotations up in the air.

Me: "Were not human and they aren't human. Look, whoever you are, you just put yourself in danger. The Dark Woods has two sides. Our side and the Shadows side. Those drunk mens are in the Shadows side. Your lucky I was there to save you because you and those men stepped on our property, I was able to smell the guys from afar, but not you.. I don't know why... But anyways if I didn't had come and saved you then you must've been dead by now because you wouldn't want to go near the pack called the Shadows. Plus, you don't seem to be the type of human that wants to be slaughtered.."

Her: "What if I don't want to be alive. Huh? What are you gonna do? What will anyone want to do? Nothing right?"

I was taken back with what she said. I didn't know what to say or do, but I felt anger and sadness presence in the room. The emotions we're directed on her.

*knock, knock*

I looked at the door. I then looked back at the girl who I still don't know.

"Come in." I said calmly.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Dylan, but umm.. I need to ask the girl, Violet some questions.." My beta James said.

'Violet huh?' I thought.

I sighed and nodded. I stood up and took two chairs for me and James to sit in.

James's POV

"How the hell do you know my name?" She glared at me as I sat on the stool chair.

"Research. Ok uh Violet, your only 19 years old. Why enter the Dark Woods when you knew the consequences?" I asked.

"Why not?" She replied.

I didn't know how to reply to that so I just thought of another question to ask her, but the human seem to have questions on her own.

"Can any of you try and tell me the truth about why I seem to be the only "human" in the room?" She said putting in quotations on "human."

"Everyone in the whole city knows what lurks around the Dark Woods. I've heard that at midnight the darkness comes and monsters will lurk on the grounds of the Dark Woods. Which feared them and never bothered to entered." I said in my serious voice staring straight at her.

She didn't say anything else. She just stood in silence and didn't ask anymore questions.


It's been hours since I've asked many question to her. I didn't ask personal questions, but just enough to know what Violet does when she never entered the woods. I've told her many rules since she would have to live with us. We talked about ourselves to her of how were wolves, but she laughed at it thinking it was a joke. Tomorrow the becoming alpha who is my best friend Dylan will demonstrate our kind to her. I wonder how it will turn out for a wolf to show it's true form to the first human.

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