The New Mortal

I stood in front of the Dark Woods looking at it. The pressure I feel made me step forward..

I plugged in my earphones and took a deep breath.

'Lets get this over with..' I thought.

It's been hours since I kept walking. There wasn't anything going on in the Dark Woods.

I kept on walking until I saw these 5 guys. They had a lot of bottles on the ground. I guess they were drunk..

I tried to hide behind the trees so they can't see me. I thought I hid well. So I thought..

I felt someone grab me by the waist which unplugged my earphones off.

"What is a beautiful girl doing out in the woods all alone?" He whispered on my ear making me shiver.

The other guys started to laugh and touch me.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled and swayed my head back hitting the guys face making him let go of me and fall. I then ran for my life, but I got jumped...

"Where do you think your going baby doll?" He smirked.

I kept hitting his chest while he sat on top of me. He seemed to get annoyed and grabbed this figure. I wasn't paying much attention, but then I felt my forehead sting and my head spinning.. All of a sudden everything went dark..




1. Busy Day

It was a cold, sunny day. It's those types of days where you would want to try and get a hot drink outside other than getting stuck at home.

I live alone.. It's not happy, yet it's not sad. I never knew my family at all from when I was a child. But that didn't matter to me. Right now I'm 16 who lives alone in a house. People thinks I'm 19 because of my I.D. Everyone falls for having a fake I.D, I don't know why, but thank you fake I.D card!

I grabbed my black jacket and as soon as I got out of my house I then locked my door. I looked around me to find little children screaming, laughing, and playing around at the park across me called the Red Woods.

Further across the Red Woods there is a dark place called the Dark Woods. For some reasons nobody ever tries to go to the Dark Woods. I didn't know why, but I didn't care too much since it's just a regular woods. Right?

"Hey Violet!" Someone called out. I looked across the street to see my neighbor. Delilah.

"Hey Delilah, how've you been?" I asked walking towards her. As soon as I did she gave me a hug. But there was a huge bump that touched my stomach. I broke the hug and looked down at her stomach. There was a baby bump!

"I've been pretty good!" She said with a huge smile. I looked down at the baby and back at her.

"Do you mind?" I asked out of nowhere and my hands were reaching down a bit. She looked confused at first, but got what I meant in the end. She nodded with a huge smile on her face.

I smiled back and gently rested my hand on her baby bump.

Me: "How many months is your baby bump?"

Delilah: "it's been 5 months, I just got home from getting an ultra sound and got to see the baby. Here's a picture of her." She went through her bag and took out a picture, handing it over to me.

I took the picture to see her.

Me: "Wait, 5 months?! Has it been that long since we hanged out? Your baby is beautiful too." My hands were still rested on her baby bump while the other hand had the picture.

Delilah: "Yeah it has.. Aww thank you." She smiled.

I gave her a smile and gave back the picture. I took out my IPod to see the time, 2:14 pm.

Me: "I'm sorry Delilah, but I'm late! Bye girl, take care of yourself and your baby. Don't stress yourself too much on things and if you need help you got my home phone number." I smiled and hugged her.

While hugging she said, "I will thank you soo much!"

We broke the hug and she walked down to her house. As she got inside I put on my jacket and my hoodie. I began walking down town, to where the Starbucks is.


When I got to Starbucks, I opened the door to feel the warm air hitting my face and the smell of well, coffee.

I walked down the counter to find this girl smiling widely who seems to have drank a lot of energy drinks.

"Hi, ma'am what can I get for yah!" She asked smiling and getting ready for me to order.

"Can I have a Hot Chocolate please?" I asked giving her a smile back.

"Alright, anything else?" She asked.

"No that's all." Was all I said.

"That will be $6. Will this be here or for to go?" She questioned pressing buttons while I handed her my money.

"For here." She took my money off my hands and starting pressing buttons again.

"Okay, here is your money and the waitress will deliver your drink at your table." She said with such a huge smile.

I just gave a half smile back and just walked down to a table close to the window. For some odd reasons I feel like I'm being followed? It's just a feeling of being alone and having someone watching you behind your back. There eyes burning on to you. Or is it just me being paranoid?

I plugged in my earphones and just grabbed a book behind me. My hot chocolate came in with snap. I thanked for whoever the person was, never taking my eyes off the book.

I drank my hot chocolate and enjoyed the book with music to keep my entertained.

I just love being like this in a warm place, with music busting in your ears, a book, and just blocking the whole world out. Shrugging off all the problems and stress. It's just how things are when your all alone. Getting use to blocking the world out and live happy with nothing to worry. This is how my life works. It's not easy, but it's not impossible for me to keep going forward.

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