The End Is Never Far Away

"I'll never leave you"
"I promise"

But what would you do when something comes in between that you have no control over?


2. Prologue

"I looked around. I could see nothing but smoke. My lungs were slowly filled with smoke. It was getting harder to breath. It was like time was standing still. I could hear the people around me scream in frustration. What was going on? I moved to a window. My head was hurting and I felt like I was about to pass out. I tried to find a way to open the window but apparently it wasn't meant to be opened. It was getting really bad now. I gasped for air. I grabbed a chair behind me and thought I could use that to break the window. After three times of banging the chair against the window it broke. I could feel the nice breeze against my skin. But not for long. The smoke started seeking out as well. I could feel someone behind me trying to push me out of the way to get some air. More people were coming closer to the window. It was chaotic. Now half of my body was hanging out the window about 350 meters above the ground. I could here the sound of fire trucks coming closer. The people on the street were terrified. I wish I could see what they saw. I had no idea what was going on. I couldn't do anything anymore, my body was too weak. Everything was blurry and the people's voices were all melted together as one. They were screaming and I could feel the panic. My head was all dangling around. What was that? Something fell. Another thing. What is that? Then I realized it was people jumping. How long had I been here? I turned my head to the building across from me. I couldn't focus on what I saw but something was definitely coming towards it. What is that? I tried my very best to focus. Is that........a plane? The people's voices faded, my eyes closed slowly, I could feel my grip loosen. And then! Everything went black."

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