The End Is Never Far Away

"I'll never leave you"
"I promise"

But what would you do when something comes in between that you have no control over?


3. Monday Morning

My name's William. I live in Oxford in England in a parish called Cumnor with about 5000 inhabitants. I'm in 11th grade, the last year of secondary school. I can't wait to get out of this school. I've been here since 7th grade but I still don't have that many friends. I've never been good at meeting new people, I always stay away which probably make them think I don't like them.


"Time to get up, Will", my mum shouted while knocking on my door. I groaned and rolled over to lay on my back. I rubbed my eyes a couple times before opening them. I hate mornings. Especially Monday mornings, those are the worst. Why can't weekends and weekdays be switched around so you only go to school 2 days a week? I believe I'm not the only one who wants that. After laying in bed for 5 minutes I figured it would be better if I got up so my mum wouldn't get angry with me. I grabbed the towel hanging over the back of my chair and went in to the bathroom. I turned the water on, waited for it to get a little warmer and then got in. I stood under the water with my eyes closed for a few minutes before I actually soaped my hair. After showering I went back in to my room and pulled some clothes out of my closet, just a pair of jeans and a plain white shirt. I quickly changed into the clothes and dried my hair with the towel before throwing it onto my bed. I grabbed my bag pack and ran down the stairs. "Bye mum", I shouted before I swung my jacket over my shoulder and ran out the door. I lived close to the school, only 10 minutes away so I always walked over there.


Nothing new. Just the same people through the past 4 years or so. I knew the name of almost every person in this school even though there's about 1000 students. Not that many knows who I am. Some only know me as the guy from math class or whatever. 5 minutes before the bell rang I opened the door to my class and found my seat. I took out my books and was ready for this day to be over. Nothing ever happens in this school.

Half through class the fire drill went off. People looked confused around not really sure if it was for real or not. We slowly walked into the hall and out in the street where we were supposed to go. Then we slowly noticed. The end of the school was on fire. Like literally, the building was burning. Firemen were coming through with their trucks, turning on the water to end the fire. Not long after the fire was out. Nobody was really taking this seriously because the fire hadn't even been that bad plus it was the school building burning. Nobody cared about school. The interesting thing was that after the fire was out a fireman went over to the principal who was standing right next to me and told her that he was pretty sure the fire was started by a lighter. "This lighter", he said and hold up a charred thing that could look like a lighter.

Because of the fire school was out early that day which was a good thing. The bad thing was the announcement that the next day some people would be at the school to get the DNA from every single teacher and student and see if any would match the DNA from the charred lighter.




Okay so that was chapter 1. I know it sucks because nothing really happened and stuff. But as you know the first chapter is never the best. That's why I just wanted to get it over with. Which is also why I have a prologue so that can catch your attention and make you wanna read my story. Chapter will be up soon and I promise it will be longer and a lot better. So if you wanna know what the prologue is all about and what happens throughout this story then like my movella and don't stop reading. Thank you

P.S. I promise there won't be an author's note after every single chapter I know how annoying that can be, I just thought it fit in here since it was the first chapter.

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