The One That Got Away (Calum Hood Fanfic)

Gemma Stone is an average girl who lives in Sydney, Australia. A new boy named Calum Hood comes to town and she starts crushing. What happens wen her parents disapprove of him? Will they stay together or break apart?


5. skipping school

Gemma's P.O.V.

Calum is like in all my classes.

And he sits next to all my classes

I was heading to my 3rd period, but just then

someone tapped me on the arm. I quickly turned around

and saw Calum leaning on the locker next to mine.

"hey um..wanna skip class?" I had to think for a minute.

If the teachers find out I would get in huge trouble!

And mess up my record! "um.. sorry Calum I cant."

He looked at me with sad eyes. God he's adorable!!!

"please. You can just say I made you. Or you had to show

me around again! Please!" Wow ok, he really wants me to go.

"fine, lets go" We ran all the way to the back of the school

and went out the back door. "sooo...what do you want to do?"

I asked breaking the silence. "I don't know...go to my house?"

HIS HOUSE!?!? "k my house it is" He said getting my attention.

"wait what?" I'm confused. "you just said yes" I did?

Calum's P.O.V.

Why am I doing this. We are two different

kinds of people, that don't collaborate!

If she comes to my house I think I might kiss her

again. But she'll pull away like the goody goody she is.

Maybe if I'm mean to feelings will go away.

Ok I'll try. "Hey, um..what class was next?"

"uh..math. Why?" "oh that's why you agreed to come with me!

You rather force me to kiss you than try to do something

you're horrible at!" That came out a lot harsher then

I wanted it to. "WHAT!?!?" she stopped walking.

She was looking down at the ground. I looked back at her,

and she looked up at me. "Force? FORCE!?!? I didn't kiss

you, you kissed me. What's wrong with you? I just met you 3

days ago! YOU invited me to your party. YOU got me drunk.

and YOU kissed me. And now you insult me!?!?" "I-I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to-I just-" I didn't know what to say.

I cant be mean to her. But I cant help it! "just-just forget

I said that. I'm sorry" I don't know why but....I hugged

her. We began walking to my house again.


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