The One That Got Away (Calum Hood Fanfic)

Gemma Stone is an average girl who lives in Sydney, Australia. A new boy named Calum Hood comes to town and she starts crushing. What happens wen her parents disapprove of him? Will they stay together or break apart?


3. party

Gemma's P.O.V.

it was 9:30 and I was sitting on my bed.

Just then I got a message on my phone.

"look out your window..hehehe" I looked and saw Emily

sitting in the tree. I literally jumped. I ran up to the window and

opened it. "What the hell, don't do that! Wait....why are you even here?"

"The party DUH!" "shut up my parents are still up, and I cant go" I told her.

"oh come on G! You have to break out of you shell! We are going!"

I thought about it for a while. I never really did anything bad before.

"fine I'll go" I said. "yay!" she squeaked. "ok we need to fix...that"

She said looking up and down at me. She brought a short pink dress with

zebra print on it for her. It was kind of cute...a little too short if

you ask me. She got basically the only dress I had in my closet. It was

red with sleeves down to my elbows, and it was knee level. "its ok...erg

no its not where are your scissors!?" I pointed to my desk. Why did she

even need them. She took the scissors  and cut the sleeves all the way off.

"okay?" Then she cut the dress as low as hers. "now that's better!"

She gave me the dress. "go put it on." I did what she commanded. It was only

9:36. I put the dress on, and as I short. I looked...ok I guess.

I walked out of the room and saw Emily twirling in her dress, with her

gold long hair bouncing everywhere. I laughed. "well you look good

Ms.Walker." "I know, I know...I try my best babe. And you look hot!"

She said in a surprised tone. "hahahaha thanks." "now..let me do that makeup"

I was scared. Her style of makeup looked perfect on her, but I know

for a fact it wont look good on me...well...will it? She sat me down on

the bed and started. She put on eye shadow and it looked fine.She applied eye liner perfectly. It was really dark. Then she put on mascara, which made my eyes

look bigger. Then she got red lipstick and put it on me. Wow she's good at this.

She then put on a little blush "done! Ha!" I walked up to the mirror.

Who was that!? Cause it sure didn't look like me..but she was crazy beautiful!

It was now 9:48.Em already had on her makeup. "we better get going"

We climbed out the window and ran to her car. I read her the directions

to his house from the invite. When we pulled up there was like

a thousand people there. We got out of the car and walked u to the door. Calum

greeted us. "yay you came! And you" He said biting his lip. I

just smiled. "well come in " We walked in and two boys gave us drinks. It smelled like... "oh uh.. we don't drink" I quickly said. Calum smiled. "I can change that. Hold on to it."

"come dance!" He yelled from across the room. I came and we danced.

"here, loosen up" he said and before I knew what was actually happening

He was pouring the drink in my mouth. And for some reason  I swallowed.

"UGH, it tastes horrible!" I said. He laughed "don't worry, it'll get better"

I fake smiled. I barley knew this guy but.. if he likes something I like it.

He poured it into my mouth again. I tried to enjoy the taste but I couldn't.

I didn't taste that bad anymore but I couldn't . "okay, okay that's enough. You're

gonna kill me." We both laughed. He walked with me to Emily. She was speaking to a boy.

"oh that's Michael" He had blue hair, which I love because

he reminds me of Cookie Monster. *skip half of party* It was now 12:00am. Oh no what

if my parents find out im gone...I'll just say m at Emily's house. Through out

the party I saw boys and girls going into rooms drunk. Ok...EW! Calum gave me another drink. He wouldn't let me drink it myself. "okay. I'm not thirsty!" We laughed.

"but I am...for you" I blushed and smiled. Michael was with Em but she had like 4

drinks so she's 100% NOT sober! He started playing with my hair.

The way he smiled was adorable. He grabbed me and we sat on the couch.

He pulled my hair behind my ear. I didn't notice he was leaning in.

Just then our lips connected. But then I opened my eyes and saw Emily

passed out in Michaels arms. I may be a little drunk but not that much and I wanted to

go home. I pulled from Calum and took Em from Michael. "we have to go. see you

guys on Monday" I dragged my best friend to the car and started it.

When we got to her my house I forced her to wake up.  Yes my parents didnt

wake up! We climbed the tree and into my room. We got pajamas

on and got in bed. He didn't mean to kiss me! He was drunk...

He didn't know what he was doing.




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