The One That Got Away (Calum Hood Fanfic)

Gemma Stone is an average girl who lives in Sydney, Australia. A new boy named Calum Hood comes to town and she starts crushing. What happens wen her parents disapprove of him? Will they stay together or break apart?


6. His house

Gemma's P.O.V.

We stepped into his house and it

was a wreck from last night.

I felt awkward giving to the little heart to heart

mini fight we just had. We sat on the couch...great

the couch we basically made out on. "so...wanna play a video game?" he

asked. "um...sure." He grabbed my wrist and led me upstairs

to his room. Could this get any weirder. "Do you um..have GTA5?"

I asked. Only because its my favorite game. "oh yea. Wait ha you

like GTA?" He laughed. "well yea, its awesome." i replied.

We played for like 20 minutes. "shouldn't we get back to school?

We can just sneak in at lunch. It starts it a bit." I said getting up.

"oh yea." We left the house and began to walk to school.

While we were walking a group of pervs that looked like they

were in their 20's started whistling and calling me names.

"aye sexy! Why don't you come over here!" Calum was way ahead

of me. "come on babe, you know you want a piece of this!" One very unattractive

man yelled. " thanks" I said and kept walking. "its either you come over here

or i come get you baby! We can do this the easy way or the hard way! The choice is

yours!" Another guy yelled. Now i was scared. "oh so are we gonna do it my

way?!" I was now getting mad. "why don't you leave me the hell alone!" "ooooh

we got a feisty one!" They were literally following me. One man was getting closer

but just then Calum wrapped his arm around me. "aye do you mind leaving my

girlfriend alone mate? Thanks!" He said more like a command. Wait

his girlfriend? Ok? I don't know why but..i kinda liked him calling

me his girlfriend. "what if i don't want to leave her alone. Shes hott. I can easily

take her from you." The scary man said. He was about to grab me but then Calum stepped in front

of me. "Haha but that would be putting yourself in danger" He said in a serious

tone. He wrapped his arm around me again and we began walking. The

guys just stood there, watching us walk away...with blank expression.

We were half way to school and Calum still had his arm around me.

I was gonna tell him he didn't have to but i wanted him to

keep it there. We were at the back door of the school, and i was right. Lunch

just started. "um..thanks for what you did back there." I quietly said looking down.

"ha its ok. anything for you" He said smiling.

When we snuck in the back door Calum held my hand, and didn't let go until

we went to our different tables.


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