The One That Got Away (Calum Hood Fanfic)

Gemma Stone is an average girl who lives in Sydney, Australia. A new boy named Calum Hood comes to town and she starts crushing. What happens wen her parents disapprove of him? Will they stay together or break apart?


8. Chapter 8

Gemma's P.O.V.

I cant believe my mother forbid be to ever see Calum again.

I mean i guess i have developed feelings for him, but he would never like me back, right?

I mean we ARE two different people.

The bad boy and the good girl.

Eh, not a good mix.

My mother probably knows i will be seeing him again.

I mean yeah i DO like hanging out with him.

I uncovered that bad part underneath me that i never knew i had.

I decided to text Calum and tell him what was up.

(by the way, he gave her his #) ;)



Hey Calum, its me Gemma! Just wanted you to know that my mother forbid me to see you again because she found out we skipped school... :P

He replied a minute later.



Hahaha... quite a mum you have... You will still see me right? :(

Oh god this boy...



OF COURSE I WILL! You're my first bad boy buddy! I cant miss a chance like this! I need to be young and free! ;)



Young and free eh? We'll see about that..... Im you're first bad boy buddy!? I should've known...



Haha... Not so funny mister... Well, my mum is calling me... probably another lecture... wish me good luck! ;)



Good luck babe ;) Txt me ltr

Did he just call me babe?

Eh, whatever time to see what mum wants....



Sorry its kind of a short chapter.... Its thanksgiving and im tired.. and full of food....

I am going to update more of my books though... Please tell me if you like it or not! I really want feedback.... ;) xoxoHaley <3

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