Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


1. Prologue

4.5 billion years ago is when our journey starts...

Our God forsaken father in heaven looks down at Adam and Eve with pure hatred and disgust. He never knew his own son and daughter could betray him in such a way, for their task was simple: Thou shall not eat from the Garden of Eden. He cringed as he saw Eve take the first bite, then seductively persuade Adam to do the same. He turned the other cheek as Adam and Eve begged for forgiveness, and it took all in God's mighty power to not release his wrath upon them. He felt defeated as he saw men continue to do nothing but destruct each other in vain.

"Give it up", Satan said in sneer. "Humans will always find some way to convey deceit and disappoint thee. Thou mine as well leave the destruction of man kind to thee", he concluded with a devious smile.

"For thou has no heart", God said hanging his head in shame. "For a new generation of humans will be created to live out to my expectations, and shaming thee in the process"

"And if this profound generation shall fail thee?", Satan asked in a chuckled

"Then thou shall suffer damnation in the hands of an angry God", God said turning his back and walking away from the greatest creation that failed him the most.

Conjuring the ice watery seas of the land, a human male evolved from the water. One simple touch could kill a meaningless human with ice burns so unnatural, that the very sight of him could make one fall to his knees in complete utter defeat. And God looked at his creation with admiration.

"And you shall be named iceborne",he said

Then, in the midst of less than a second, he raised his hand to the sun, and a man evolved descended down intro a fiery blaze. One touch could send a human into a wither of ashes of black ashes.

"And you are created as fireborne"

Then, travelling to the greatest wind currents on earth, he circled his hand in a repeated fury until an unbearable tornado stood in the palm of his hand. No man would could withstand even a centimeter of this swirling powerful winded man before him"

"And you, my last son, shall be named windborne", he said

Looking at all of his creations, God spoke to them in a stern but meaningful matter.

"You are all sons created by the powerful and all mighty God. And thou shall work together to form a new generation of humans who will live out my prophecy, spreading everlasting kindness and love throughout this world born in sin and hatred. If I am pleased, thou shall not be punished, and thoushall live to have an everlasting life"

And all three of his creations looked at him from down above saying in unison: "Yes my father"

And for a while, the borne nation worked together to bring honor to their father's name. A successful 100 years quickly passed the earth without war and disagreement; thus, leaving us the hands of a joyous and grateful God, despite the humans still bringing the earth to a mass destruction.

"Doesn't Thou see Satan", said God speaking to him with pride. "the borne nation has brought upon peace and prosperity to this earth"

"Don't be such a fool", Satan spat in disgust. "For if thou were to conjure the powers to have fire, ice, and windborne, then thou's creation would fight for the greater good of the power such as the humans do as we speak"

"Then thou's theory shall be tested", God said.

And our God tested this theory

All three of the sons gathered before the almighty God

"I have chosen my favorite amongst thou my sons", he said looking at the all three of his children. "I give the power to posses fire, ice, and wind to fireborne"

"This cannot be!", iceborne said as he looked at his brother with hatred

"Well it shall", firborne said with greed lingering in his eyes. "For I have pleased our father the most; therefore, I shall have power to rule over this entire nation"

"No", said windborne in furry. " We shall not allow this to happen"

And with the snap of his fingers, fireborne shot a blaze of fire amongst the entire perimeter of the earth

"Please take notice my God", said fireborne pleading with his father. "I clearly posses the rightful and most powerful skill to balance all three powers in the borne nation"

"No father! It is I whom shall bring honor to thee", stated windborne as he twirled himself into a booming and loud winded tornado. "Does this not please thee?"

"All of you posses weakness and disgrace", said iceborne turning the earth's entire surface into a glistening surface of unbearably daggering ice. "I clearly prove to be more worthy of this gift"

Soon, ice, wind, and fie began to erupt throughout the earth. And this waged on until an angry God had enough


A confused fireborne looked at his God

"Does thou not gave thee this gift?", he questioned

"For it was a test", God said in defeat and hurt. "To test honor and loyalty towards thou's own brothers...and your God, for thou should have know that love is equal amongst all three, and a favorite could never be commenced.  And you have failed..."

The tear lingering from a defeated God showed hurt...This could not be. How could they fail him too?

"And this display has cursed your nation", said God turning soon from sadness to pure anger and vengeance. "I will give, thee, my sons, an entire population of your race...for every three of you. And billions of years from now, all three of nations...

"HOW DARE THOU?!?!", said windborne in fury. "HOW DARE THOU CURSE US.."

"SIELENCE!!!" boomed the almighty God. "And for thou's actions personally, windborne, thou shall not be granted a many population to hold, and thou shall not be included in thou's next statement. The iceborne and fireborne nation, billions of years from now, shall birth the chosen iceborne and fireborne ruler of this nation"

Then God raised his powerful hand to the heavens, and in it, he possessed the powers of ice, fire, and wind.

"Whomever captures this box shall rule this nation. For man of every kind has proven to me that thou cannot love"

God then, with the snap of his fingers, populated the iceborne and fireborne nation with one hundred females and males, being exactly 50 of each gender to the two nations. Each female and male possessing the power of cold brutal ice and blazing fiery flame. It was only windborne that were granted 30 females and 20 males for it's nation. And God spoke to his people from above

"Since Men has proven he cannot love, then he will not be granted the power to love. Years of war shall plague thee, and thou shall fight to see who will grant the crown to rule this nation. Shall it be fireborne? Or icebone? Whichever borne nation shall capture this box filled with the infinite ability to possess all three natural God enhancing elements , shall rule for all and forever more. And no nations shall fall in love and reproduce with the other nation, unless I see fit to it. If any nation shall, love thy other in intimacy, then those two will fall to their deaths, for there is no love strong enough to overrule this curse. I declare that in the year of 2013, the next generation of future Iceborne and Fireborne will be born, and if their specified  nation is to find this box, this borne will rule. And as for windborne..."God said looking at this borne with anger. "Thou shall forever be considered minority amongst these three bornes, and will never possess the crown. This be the final word.."

"Glory be to God", all nations said in unison

And with that, a tearful God left his people as he heard the evil snicker of Satan lurking from below the shallow grounds.

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