Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


10. Chapter 9

Niall, still uneasy and utterly appalled by Max's words, lifted his head from shame in his position standing outside, and his thoughts were quickly interrupted by the slamming of a house door a couple of houses down from the bus stop.

Still looking up, he half glimpsed the slim figure of a teenage girl's damped check, corrupted saddening face, and quickening paste before the door slanted after her


It was no other than Nina England, and Niall knew this. In fact...

Her house just happened to be right next to his.

Niall knew there was no use in chasing after her, because once her parents recognized who and what he was, God only knows what they would do to him.

The guilt feeling Fireborne slugged his body forward and miserably dragged his feet to the concrete built underneath his medium sized house. He let out a sigh as he pulled out his key from his pocket and played a little game of Devils advocate with the lock.

I really hate keys, never been good at using em

Niall had no attentions of talking to anyone. Not his Mother, and certainly not his Father. His day head already been stressful enough without them bombarding them with questions. He simply kicked off his gym shoes and dragged his heavy book bag up the stairs.

Making it mid step on what seemed like an everlasting stair case, a sweet Irish voice beckoned his presence from the living room.

"Niall darling, are you forgetting to speak to your Mother?"

Letting out am exhausted breath, Niall threw his book bag by the entrance door way, and made his way back down the steps. Walking pass the kitchen and to the living room, he weakly smiled at the older aged woman rocking back and forth in her wooden chair with a pair of wooden needles sticking out like ears plunged in a heavy green ball of yarn.

"Hello Mother"

Maura Horan was a respected sweet woman in both the human world and their world. She practiced kindness, virtue, and innocence. This woman promised that if she was to ever birth a daughter in her older years, that she would preach the same to her as well.

But Maura didn't have a daughter, she had Niall...

And so she taught Niall to respect women and to treat them with tenderness, love, and care. Maura stressed to Niall that she did not expect him to be "loose" with women, if you will, until he was properly married. Although Niall found the sex talks with his Mother embarrassing and unnecessary, he still deeply loved and cared for this sweet gentle woman, sitting before him, more than his own father, and, most importantly, himself.

Maura knew once girls found out who Niall was, they would take advantage of him and try to use him for their own personal gain and power, for that was something that neither of the two could control: the world was a dirty place, inside and out. Maura knew how kind Niall could be, so she wanted to make sure that no one was taking advantage of her son.

Even if that made her an overprotected Mother...

"How was school?", she asked warmly. However, when noticing the grim expression that over took her son's face, her smile quickly deflated into worry.

"Niall...tell me what is wrong"

"Nothing Mom", Niall said attempting to convert his expression into a smile.

Maura always knew when Niall was lying, but considering this was her son's first school in the human world, she didn't want to make things even more harder for him by picking and probing into his personal agenda, so she decided to let go of the matter for now.

"Okay, if you say so. Well, what did you learn? Who did you meet? What was it like?", she asked spurring at what seemed a million questions per second.

Well, let's see. I learned that teenage girls are just as dangerous as bloody grown men. I met my enemy who still hates my guts, and he wants nothing more than to see me defeated while he humiliates me....and I met one of the most beautiful creatures of my life today, but that doesn't matter because she probably thinks that I'm a complete and total dick head, just because I couldn't give her a simple kiss, and that, alone, was like walking through the depths of hell and back...

Niall sighed as images of Nina running off the bus in tears flooded his memory.

Niall wanted to, more than anything, kiss Nina; in fact, Niall wanted to do more than kiss Nina. He just couldn't do so without risking her life in the process.

I'm not gonna have Nina killed because of my own selfish wants and needs. There's just nothing I can do about it; it's completely out of my hands


Niall, realizing he never answered his mother's question, quickly snapped back to attention meeting her pondering gaze.

"Yes, Mom?"

Maura released an amusing giggle as she starred at her son. She knew exactly what was going on...

"So, who is she?"

"Who is who?", he asked with a questioning expression

"Come on Niall, I'm your bloody Mother! You can't put this past me. Now I know your obviously thinking about that certain someone. You know how I know? Because your Father held that same expression before he asked my father's permission for my hand in marriage" Maura smiled thinking about how young and foolish her and Bob Horan were back then. "Now, who is it?"

Niall blushed with happiness when a smiling image of Nina appeared in his head. He couldn't help himself.

"Well, her name is Nina..Nina England to be exact"

"Alright, now what seems to be the problem?"

"I...I feel like I cannot be completely honest with her. I can't tell her how I feel or anything of that matter, because of who we are..."

"Ah, another human girl? Well I know that one..."

"No, Mother, Nina is not human", Niall said awkwardly scratching his head trying to find the next words to say.

"Then what is she??"

"She's...well she's.."


Niall cringed as he heard the muscular voice finish his thoughts for him. He stood in intimidation as he stared at the tall six foot figure towering above him. Maura smiled at him, but he kept a stale expression on his face looking at Niall with sternness, showing no love and no compassion.

Bobby Horan was Niall Horan's strict Fireborne father. He had nothing but hatred for the Iceborne nation, and all he wanted was for his nation to search for the box that held all three earth enhancing powers, so Niall could take over the crown and rule their nation. The England's were their enemy, and Niall was set next to take the throne if his nation were to capture the box.

He showed no sympathy for the likes of any Iceborne, and he certainly wouldn't allow his son to settle for anyone of their kind.

Especially not Nina England...

"Iceborne?!?!", a shocked Maura exclaimed.

"Father, please don't Nina is different. You cannot possibly hate her..."

"I sent you to this wretched school for one purpose. I sent you to this disgusting and vial human world for one purpose. I moved your Mother and I put here with you for one purpose Niall. Now tell me, how can you complete your mission if you find yourself possessing feelings for this...this...pathetic excuse for an icicle.."

"BOBBY!!", A horrified Maura exclaimed at her husband's appealing words .


Niall pushed pass his father and ran up to his room. He felt anger broil inside of him as he ran up the stair case, found his room to the right, and loudly slammed the door. He walked to his window panting...and painting...

I hate you Father..

I hate you...

I hate...

But Niall stopped his thoughts. Hate was a nasty word, a nasty feeling, and Niall never liked to use it. Even on people like Max...

He sunk his head down, while leaning his arms and weight unto the window ledges as he grasped for support. Hearing the slightest sound of a whimper, his head snapped directly up to the view in front of him.

From his view, he saw a poor Iceborne laying on her bed crying light sobs of tears on her purple bed sheets and white marshmallow pillow.

"Oh Nina...", he muttered to himself looking at the broken Iceborne through her open bed room windows. "If only you knew...If only you had the slightest idea what you are...just maybe...maybe...things wouldn't have to be this way.


Nina laid in bed wondering how this day could possible get any worse than it already was; the tears falling one by one...

drip by drip...

drop by drop...


First, I was had a whole bunch of just boring unnecessary classes. Then, my friends, my so called best friends, are acting freaking strange! And now I'm being followed from class to class by a strange handsome blonde with blue eyes

Amazing blue eyes....

Oh, Niall...

Why didn't you just kiss me? Really, what was that all about?

Well, you know what, fine! I don't need him, there are other boys out there.

"Nina", her mother shouted from downstairs

"What, Mom!"

"You forgot to clean the dishes! You eat dinner here just like everybody else!"

"Alright Mom, just chill, I'll get to it when I can!"

"Okay, honey, no need to yell!"

"Are you freaking kidding me mom, your yelling too!"

"Hey, watch your tone young lady!"

"Ugh, Mom, alright fine!!"

A couple of hours later, it seemed that time had already fast forward to about 10:00pm. Nina, not caring if her homework was complete or not, walked to the window opening the window blinds and raise the windows up. The cool September air let out a nice soothing breeze as she heard the faint sound of a train proceeding to its destination. Her night gown flapped in the wind and her long hair swayed with its cooling beat.

She felt as though her heart would break. Here she was thinking about a boy who seemed as though he had absolutely no interest in her

He wouldn't even kiss her...

She sighed some more as she starred into the night sky. The moon seemed to shine in on her as she looked at the, what seemed like, blank house in front of her. Feeling a tune emerge on her tongue, she began to sing, not caring how loud she was.

Not really sure how to feel about it, something in the way you move...

And before she could finish her song, a figure emerged in the window across from her. An Irish voice, beautifully finishing her thoughts, filling the cool quite air with soft melodies along with her ...

Makes me feel like I can't leave without you, and it takes me all the way, I want you to stay

Nina stared at Niall in awe, and in that moment, she couldn't find herself to be upset with him.

He mouthed the words I'm sorry with his pleading blue eyes looking at her begging for forgiveness.

Wow, he really is something special

She nodded her head in forgiveness

And the Iceborne girl and the Fireborne boy starred at each other for what seemed an eternity. Their gaze never leaving each others.

If these two nations ever showed care for each other, then these two teens were the ones to exemplify it. I always say that the only two people standing in the entire world that night were Niall Horan and Nina England...

And they were...

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