Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


9. Chapter 8

Niall wasn't sure what Max meant about giving the people on this bus a show for their money...

But if he knew Max, then he knew that this would most definitely not be good...

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the 112th bus. My name is Maxwell, as I'm sure you all do know by now, considering I ride this bus at least three times a week, and I have an announcement", he said clapping his hands with a smile on his face.

Everyone on the bus slowly turned to face Max. Some looked anxious, some looked frightful, and some simple didn't care, after all, wouldn't be the first time a lunatic rode the same bus they were on...

All the bus driver did was murmur to herself. "Crazy Virginia Prep Kids..."

"Niall here", Max continued pointing to the confused Fireborne, "is apparently more of a man than I"

He snickered wickedly with his teeth hinting a sinister plot with every show.

"And well, I frankly don't agree with that, so we are going to test just how much of a man Niall is. But, before I get ahead of myself ladies and germs, let me introduce you to our lovely female assistant in this experiment. Let's here it for Nina England!"

And Max pointed to an embarrassed Nina who shielded her face away with embarrassment.

Why the hell is he doing this? She thought to herself. I swear I am gonna kick his ass so freaking..

Uhm Nina" Max said waving his hand in front of her face. "Way to pay your audience attention Princess. Anyway, since Niall is so much of a man, then why doesn't he kiss Nina?", Max asked with delight.

And Max knew why...

Firebornes and Icebornes could not come into contact with each other for too long if they have not been around each other for at least a year. And even then, they have to be careful. The fiery passion of that very kiss could severely ill Nina.

Or worse, kill her

Firebornes were very passionate lovers. They craved sexual desire of a lovely creatures touch, which was why it was perfectly okay when it came to people in their own borne to be affectionate.

But doing this with people outside of their borne, especially people of the Iceborne nation, their very exact opposite of morality, could be severely harmful to both individuals

And, as said before, Max knew this. Regardless, the important thing was the fact that Nina didn't know this.

Hell, Nina didn't even know who she really was.

And the thought of it made Max's mouth curve from each corner, ear to ear, in pure pleasure.

Niall was literally two seconds away from ending Max on the very spot that he stood at. Literally he was...

But Niall Horan is anything but stupid

No, he was going to figure out some way to get out of this one.

"I don't kiss girls who I'm not romantically involved with. I'm not a pig unlike you Max", Niall said growling

And everyone watched this episode play out before them as if it were a dramatic TV show. Even the driver seemed interested as to how this whole matter would play out...

"So what your telling me Niall..", Max started making circles around Niall. "Is that you have to be an absolute monstrous pig to show a girl you have affection for her with just one simple kiss?"

Niall hesitated

"Well..no. I just don't think it's right I guess"

"Hmm...I see".  Max took a minute to think about his retaliation. Suddenly, as if a light bulb turned on the light in his evil grimacing, he conjured a plan.

"You, girl over there...Erica is it?", Max asked pointing to the young lady sitting in the second row, on the left by the window, behind the live show. She wore a high pony tail that held her medium dark hair felling to the mid section of her back. She wore a Virginia Prep uniform, and seemed absolutely intrigued by the show before her...but even more intrigued by Max Rocquemore. 

"Yes?", the girl said with a cheesy grin

Erica found Max absolutely charming.

"Ah, yes", Max said starring at her with a dazzling smile. "I believe I have third period with you...anyway. If I were to come up to you and kiss you, at this very exact moment, would you find me a pig?"

"Of course not", Erica said twirling her lengthily hair while giving Max a seductive look biting her bottom lip.

And with no questions asked, Max approached his way to Erica's seat. With him holding his hand out, he brought Erica to her feet. Quickening with motion, he grabbed Eric by her waist and held her in for a long passionate kiss.

Niall starred at the floor in pity. Erica was fine now, but that wouldn't be the case soon enough. Bornes cannot just go around kissing whomever they pleased at anytime.

But Max Rocquemore was ruthless, he cared for no one or anything but himself.

After the kiss was done, Max slowly pulled away from Erica giving her a wink.

"Call me sometime okay?", he said to her, pulling a pen out and writing his number on her hand.

"I'd love to", she said smiling to him and also taking the time to smile at the rest of the Virginia Prep girl population on the bus glaring at her with jealousy and envy.

"Now where was I...", he continued. "Does that make me a pig, I mean I think Erica very much enjoyed that kiss..."

"Why don't you just leave us alone Niall !" Nina demanded. Frankly, she was having enough of the matter. All she really wanted was for this long day to be over. "Just right the damn bus like everyone else.."

"Hey, I don't allow cussing on my bus!", the snappy bus driver demanded

"Oh, but you can allow this...this...dysfunctional nut to harass us on the bus?!?! I don't think so lady, just keep driving the bus", Nina snapped

"You know what, y'all kids ain't even worth my job, whatever honey", the bus driver replied keeping her eyes on the road.

"Or would you prefer me to kiss Nina again?" Max said interrupting the conversation between Nina and the driver while looking at Niall.

"Don't you dare touch her!", Niall said standing in front of Max's face and showing his fiery pupil for only Max to see. The two stood nose to nose, eye to eye...

Hatred to Hatred

"Then kiss her..."Max replied returning his cold dead pupil to Niall's failed attempt at intimidation

Max wasn't scared, and we surely wasn't backing down...

Not without a fight at least

"Niall", Nina said gesturing for him to join her in the corner.

Niall walked over to Nina looking at her with a mound full of apologies

"I'm really sorry about this, why don't we just...

"Just kiss??", Nina suggested. "I mean I don't mind if you don't. Listen, I know we just met, but we don't have to talk about it anymore after this. If we just get it over with quickly..."

"Nina stop", he interrupted

He wish it was that easy. He wished it was that easy, so he could get the entire situation over with, but he knew it was just never that easy.

And it was never going to be...

"I cannot kiss you. Really, I am sorry, but I cannot do it.."

"Niall, it isn't a big deal. Really I don't care. I just want to shut Max up..."

"No Nina, I'm not doing it. And that's my final decision on the matter", he said starring at her with no hope.

Nina stood shocked.

Is this really happening? Like really? Why doesn't he have the balls go just kiss me

Wait, why do I care?

"Do you have a girlfriend or something?" Nina asked

He had to have a girlfriend, that had to be the only possible reasonable explanation for this, right?

"No", Niall said. "I just can't do this...I'm sorry, I really..I'm sorry.."

"Oh Mr.Hoorrraaannn...have you decided. The audience and I are growing impatient", Max said peering over Niall's shoulder from a distant. 

. An angry and defeated Niall turned around and see an amusing Max craving more of their attention."Enough already Max, just enough"

"Hmmm...I'll tell you what...I'll drop the whole subject. If, and only if, you admit that your not and never will be a man", Max smiled wickedly at his own words.

"Niall, don't let him talk to you like that", Nina intruded. "Let's just do this and get it over wit.."

"NO!", Niall boomed facing Nina. "Do you not understand me? I said that I am not doing it, and that's final!"

Nina stepped away from a busy and angered Niall who was too busy to realize how much her feelings were hurt. It wasn't often that she got yelled at, and she really think that Niall was a nice guy.

Maybe she was wrong.

"Alright Max", he said turning around to face him once more. "I...", and he uttered this with a great amount of struggle, barley audible for anyone to hear with the exception of himself. "I am not a man.."

"No No No", Max interrupted holding his hand up in the air. "I cannot hear you, so speak up so these fine ladies and gentlemen can hear you as well"

Why are these people watching us, like we're a soap opera? Niall thought. Just leave us alone. Just leave Nina and I alone...

Nina and I...

"Oh Niall", Max sung. "Are you therrreee??""

"I said that I am not a man..", he said a bit more louder than the last. Niall felt his whole body tremble in anger. He really did hate the way things were. And by things, he meant himself...

"Just a bitttt more louder and...",Max teased.


A lingering pause travled throughout the bus. Every passenger could feel the tension rising in the air between the three teenagers.

"Probably a bit deaf in the ear, but some what yes", Max said chuckling. "However, there is just onnee more thing I need before I go..."

"What more do you possibly want Max?? Just leave now, please...", Niall pleaded

"Oh, I will", he replied grinning. "Afterrr...you admit that Nina is better off with more of a man like me and not you"

Erica then shot Nina a jealous and evil glare from her seat.

Nina couldn't take anymore of this, she was done listening to this. And as far as Erica's jealousy is concerned

To hell with it...

"Okay dude, I don't care if your a guy, but I'm about to seriously beat your ass right now!"

Niall quickly jumped in front of Nina, separating her from a laughing Maxwell who was just having too much fun

" Niall, you better not say that bull shit, I swear to god, you better not..." Nina said in clenched teeth with her tears streaming down the surface of her face.

one by one

drop by drop

drip drop, drip drop


"Oh, Nina, he doesn't have to say that. If he would just grow the balls to kiss a girl.." Max sung again

"Enough already!!!", Niall was at his final breaking point as well. "EVERYONE JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! You want me to say this so bad Max, hmm? Well fine! I am not a Man and Nina is better off dating you than ever being involved with me!! Now can you just leave us alone!!"

Another lingering silence

"I hate to interrupt the show, but we're at 153rd street now", said the woman bus driver. The bus doors opened as the driver came to a screeching halt.

"No, Niall', Nina said with tears dropping uncontrollably from her hurt darkening blue eyes. "There is no us, and there never will be", Nina ran off the bus feeling embarrassed and just plain wronged

Why didn't he just kiss me? Really, all he had to do was just one small peck on the lips. It isn't that difficult. Maybe I'm just not worthy enough...

"Nina, wait I'm sorry!", Niall shouted. But before he ran off the bus to chase her, a right hand clamped down on his on Niall's right shoulder.

"You know...", Max said whispering in a vial and aggressive tone in NIall's ear. "I love kicking a fucking... pathetic.. dog, like you, when it's down. Next time you step up to me like that...next time I even see a flick of that fucking flame in your eye...it will be the last, and I mean the last action you evverrr make in your life. I may have the power to Ice your damn brains out, but don't forget Horan, I know FIrebornes who know why your here...who have your ranking embedded in their memory...that wanna take your fucking lights out as we speak. And as for Nina, you better keep your love toy in check, cause  once they find out about who she really is, she's done for too"

The sudden urge that Niall had to move quickly off the bus and chase Nina was suddenly decreased with fear and anxiety. He felt his body tremble as he jerked his shoulder forward from Max's grip and slowly walked off the bus. The doors closed behind him, but he still stood in the cool afternoon air in fear with Max's words hibernating in his mind

In his soul...

Cause once they find out who she really is, she's done for too

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