Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


8. Chapter 7

"Does someone mind telling me what the hell is going on?", Nina demanded. "And Niall, why are you hugging Andrea?"

Niall quickly broke the embrace that him and Andrea shared, and the two stepped a bit further apart from each other with red faces of embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, do you want a hug instead Nina?", Niall asked smirking

"No I.", Nina began looking down to the floor trying to hide the blush on her face. "..I was just wondering why you guys weren't in school. it just ended, and I tried looking for you!", she concluded as she shot Daisy and Andrea a look. The two girls replied to their best friend's remark with their eyes glued to the ground in guilt.

"Well?", Nina said. "Why did you all leave, and why is Niall with you?"

And after what seemed a minute of silence, one brave Fireborne spoke

"My Dog..", Daisy spat out without thinking.

"Your dog??", Nina replied

"Yes. My uhm Mother sent me a text saying that my dog went missing, and that he ran lose somewhere around this area..."

"Daisy, I have known you for how many years now, and not once have you mentioned to me about owning a dog", Nina said crossing her arms. "Cut the bull okay, why are you guy really here...?"

"No it's true, she just got the dog yesterday!!", Andrea intruded giving Daisy a look to play along.

"Right, sorry, I meant to tell you yesterday Nina, but I forgot. Yea my Mom asked me if I could go looking, and I didn't want to go alone.."

"Okay, I get why Andrea is here then, but why is he here?", Nina asked gesturing her head towards Niall.

"Well, I also have a dog, and I told Daisy maybe I could help. I know how it feels to lose a dog, so I tagged along to maybe see if her dog may have turned up in some of the hiding spaces that my dog has around here", said Niall.

And for a moment, their story seemed to actually play out, and Nina even found herself believeing it after a while

But one question still remained...

"So why were you holding Andrea?", Nina asked, while trying not to sound jealous at the same time.

"I uhm...well he wasn't hugging me, he was just comforting me with a hug. Ya see, uh, I started crying when I thought about Daisy's dog not being found. Yea, it kind of reminded me of when I had a dog when I was younger who got lost, and it really hit home", Andrea said scratching her head. "Niall was just tryna be supportive ya know? Letting me know that everything would be alright"

Nina wanted to argue with them. She wanted to prove them wrong; let them know that she wasn't falling for their lies. Really, she wanted to do this...

But she had no proof

No evidence


"Alright, whatever I guess. Let's just walk to the bus stop okay? Niall, you coming with us or what?"

He was taken by surprise regarding Nina's question.

"Which bus are you taking?", he asked

"The 112th", she replied

"Me too", he said smiling.

"Well, me and Andrea have to take the 63rd bus, so I guess you guys can walk with each other", Daisy said grabbing Andrea's arm and giggling in the process.

"Daisy, that's not funny. Get back here, now!", Nina demanded

"Bye, see you tomorrow", Daisy shouted as she sped walked, with Andrea, further and further away

"Shit..", Nina mumbled.

"Well...do you uhm want to take the bus together?", Niall asked awkwardly

Nina, sucking in her breath, and turning around to face Niall, replied in her most delighted tone with a smile

"Sure, why not?"


"If you don't mind my asking, why did you transfer here?", Nina asked Niall as they strode along the side walk walking to the bus stop.

"Well, I felt like my other school was not a good place for me to be at, so I chose to come here"

"Wait, so you felt like Virg Prep was a good place? I mean, not to say it's a terrible school, but there are better options in Virginia"

"My father gave me the option of this school, or none. You take what you can get", he replied with his eyes focused ahead

"I understand...oh crap"


"There goes Max", she sighed

Max Rocquemore was Nina's definition of a social don't. He was reckless and held a reputation of Virginia Prep's bad boy. Extremely handsome, every girl jumped at the chance to date him at least once in their life time. He had piercing violet eyes and wavy brown hair that flipped with every head movement. Tattoos covered up about every piece of visible skin that was shown, and his 5"10 stature preferably wore all black with every chance. Standing against the bus stop and smoking a cigarette, he smirked when he saw Nina approaching, ignoring Niall in the process.

"So England", he spoke starring her down and ignoring Niall. "You finally decided to be mine or what?"

"I wouldn't date you in a million years Max, so buzz off. The rest of these girls may drop their panties when they see you, but I don't. Why don't you just get lost?", she replied glaring at him

"Well I would, if I didn't have to wait for the bus too Princess. You mind telling me who this is??"

"This is Niall", Nina said not bothering to look Max in the face.

"Well, I'll be damned. If it isn't Niall Horan", Max said putting his cigarette out as he faced the Fireborne in the face. Niall didn't seem to mind the cigar smoke dancing around him as he clenched his jaw and looked at Max.

"Hello Max.."

The Rocquemores and Horans have held a rivalry for what has seemed like the beginning of time, which it was. It wasn't the fact that the nations disliked each other due to borne differences, but the history between the two families, evolving around pure hatred, originated back to earlier times.

Back when the race for the box that held all three bornes first began, the Horan family accused the Rocquemores of working with Satan in order to take over God and the heavily crown. Their motives were not to rule the three nations, but the Rocquemore Icebornes craved for a more higher ruling. As soon as God discovered Rocquemore's attentions, he immediately wiped their family out of the race.

And the Rocquemores have hated the Horans ever since..

Making their lives a living hell, the Rocquemores have spent over hundreds of years plotting to destroy the Horans. Mercifully killing their loved ones,  torturing them with brorne powers of Ice, and sending constant threats of vengeance on their every door step.

And the Horans have hated the Roquemores ever since...

The feud between Niall and Max started from birth. You cannot really blame the two young borne for hating each other, for their families inflicted hatred upon their attitudes from am early age.

Max Rocquemore and Niall Horan were literally born to hate each other.

Living in their own secluded world, the two fought, terrorized one another, and almost killed each other in the process, before coming to earth.

Now here they were, face to face

And Nina was here to witness it...

"What, do you guys know each other or something?", Nina asked

"Yea, I use to go to school with Horan", Max said being careful to not give too much away "Anyway, how about me and you get outta here Nina", he said putting his arms around Nina pulling her closer to him.

Then, when he noticed how Niall looked at him with disgust, he kissed the side of Nina's neck passionately.

His eyes teasing Niall to fight him

To fight him now..

"What the hell dude, get off of me!", Nina said squirming in his arms

"Come on baby, I know you want me", he said leaning closer to Nina, and she found herself coughing and wheezing, her eyes tearing, as she inhaled his cigar aroma

"MAX, LET GO!!", Nina pleaded

"Get the hell away from her", Niall said stepping closer clenching his fist. He felt his whole body began to turn a fiery red in pure hatred.

Niall Horan was lovely boy who had love for everything and almost every one.

However, Max Rocquemore was an exception beyond repair

"Woah, relax", said Max releasing his arms from around Nina's waist. "I was just tryna have a little fun"

"Your an ass hole", Nina said daggering her eyes into his soul from down below.

Max first looked at Nina, then looked at Niall

"Oh come on, tell me your not dating Horan over here", Max said shooting Niall a look.

"What's it to you if I am? Besides, he's more of a man than you'll ever be", Nina replied clearly not seeing Niall's face turn from anger to embarrassment

"Is he?", said Max giving them both an evil grin.

Their bus finally pulled up, giving Niall and Nina an eager feeling to finally get away from him.

But their journey with Max was far from over..

"Well let's prove how much of a man that Horan can be", he said smirking.

"What are you talking about?", Niall asked in disgust, as all three of them stepped on the bus and paid their dues.

"Let's just say, I love giving the people of the 112th bus a show for their money", he said smirking.

And the bus doors closed behind them as the driver pulled away from the stop...

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