Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


6. Chapter 5

Thrall (noun): A loss of one's ability to act freely; a state over which one appears to have no control

a state over which one appears to have no control.....

one appears to have no control...

no control...

If time was to ever move slowly with the swiftness of action...the quickening pace of an event...then that would describe the moment that we are about to endure now.

However, before this moment can be told, an important piece of information must be shared:

Andrea Torres had always been a sweet, quiet, and passive girl.

Until the moment a Fireborne changed her life

Freshmen year, she met a fire borne whom capture her heart; her first love: Cody Brackford . The two were inseparable, loving, and just plain cute to look at, for she believed he was the soul mate of her life. Of course, she had mixed emotions about the whole matter; it was forbidden for any borne to date outside of their nation. And as the Windborne nation seemed to slowly under populate, she wondered how long it would be before she was happy.

And then she met Cody...

A handsome boy with chestnut hair and green glowing eyes. Andrea found grew knowledge of this particular Fireborne from a knowledgeable Daisy:

"Yea, I went to middle school with him", she stated

"Hmm..is he nice?", Andrea asked admiring from afar with a bright smile engraved on her joyous face

"Yea, I guess. Why? You interested or something?"

" He's kind of cute", she stated with a smile

But her expression quickly changed when she came to grips with reality.

"But It doesn't matter. Soon as he finds out I'm Windborne, he'll want nothing to do with me. Especially once he finds out about our curse.."

Once God had punished Windborne with a less populated nation from the other two bornes, he found himself becoming appalled with their behavior. They chose to riot and disrespect him, making their situation even worse than what it already was. God then decided to disown the Windbone nation, and give them to a hungry Satan desperate for more followers. Furthermore, he put a curse upon them stating how Satan was allowed  to take over their souls at any given time...

And Lucifer decided to take over their souls at a time when they were must vulnerable

Anger, Hurt, Sadness...

"Andrea", said Daisy interrupting Andrea's troubling thoughts. "Your freaking hot, smart, and have a wonderful personality. Cody would be crazy to not date you"

"Thanks Daisy, and I guess", replied Andrea still unsure of herself.

And a frustrated Daisy, who saw that Andrea clearly wasn't getting the message, decided to take action.

"Ugh, wait here", she said walking away

Andrea then grabbed a piece of Daisy's sweater

"Wait, where are you going? Your not seriously going to bring him over here are you?", Andrea asked nervously

And Daisy smiled, released Andrea's hand from her sweater, and preceded to walk over to Cody's table.

When Daisy got there, she sat down as if she was one of the boys. She nodded her head, smiled at them, and talked to Cody. All he did was smile and laugh at her in return. They seemed to be exchanging words, but Andrea couldn't understand what they were saying, due to her distance from them. After about five minutes, she walked to her and Andrea's lunch table, smiled at Andrea, slowly unscrewed her tea bottle, and began to drink. She put her bottle down and began to take a bite out of her sandwich.

"Well", Andrea asked hurriedly. "Come on, what did he say?", she asked .

Daisy then swallowed her first bite and gave Andrea a cheeky smile. She loved to build suspense, but she just went ahead and said what she had to.

"Don't say I never do anything for you"

Cody, not too shortly afterwards, walked over to their table and sat next to Andrea beginning to talk.

"I'm Cody", he said as his smile priced into her eyes with his green ones

"Andrea", she said giggling to herself 

"Now, I'll be going", Daisy said as she removed herself from across the table and ran into Nina.

"OOOOHH, who's that cute boy Andrea's talking to?", she sang

"Save your breath, he's not gonna be available for too long", she laughed

And as time progressed, from that moment on, Cody and Andrea became magnetic. He was an absolute gentlemen: taking her out on dates, carrying her books, holding her hand, and giving her the confidence that she lacked in herself for all these years.

Then he popped the question

"I have an announcement guys", Andrea stated while holding Cody's hand in front of Daisy and Nina. "Me and Cody are officially a couple"

And Daisy and Nina ran to her giving her a hug and screaming cheers of joy

Andrea had finally got what she wanted

her happiness...

Andrea began to wear her hair down and switched to contacts showing the world her lovely gray eyes. Pants became invisible to her wardrobe when she started  wearing gorgeous leg throbbing skirts and perfectly inclined pumps. And it was the first time that Nina and Daisy saw her happy; she was actually happy.

Then the moment came...

Their sixth month anniversary...

"Andrea, we are gonna make you look more gorge than you already are!", Nina said as she scampered the wands through Andrea's head.

"Nina", said Jazymen; Nina's little sister. "I think Andrea would look cuter in your black mini dress with some those black wedges. Oh, and maybe gold for accessories? How about some bracelets and earrings?"

"Yes, you are a genius Jazymen!", exclaimed Nina. "Daisy and Jazymen, why don't you guys look through my closet and tell me if you can find all that yea?"

"Guys, really I appreciate this, but I don't want you to go through this much trouble..", Andrea began

"Girl, this is your first date! What kind of best friends would we be to not do this for you?!", Nina retaliated

"Now, you relax, and Jazymen and I will go find Nina's dress and all that other good stuff", Daisy giggled as her and Jazymen ran off to Nina's room in search for the items.

And after about two hours of more hair wanding, make up, dressing, accessories, and more preparation procedures, Andrea looked stunning

Her 5"4 body statured to about 5"5 in a half in the leather black wedges hugging her feet. She carried a black clutch that contained her phone, some money, and credit cards. Her black curls fell to her neck bone and she looked absolutely beautiful in Nina's strapless black dress.

"Look at that Daisy, our baby is growing up", Nina said wiping fake tears from her eyes.

"Hahaha guys, very funny", but when Andrea looked at her figure in the mirror for the first time since wearing her date outfit, she was shocked at her reflection as well.

"Wow", and she mouthed those words...she mouthed those words because she felt beautiful and the girl actually starring back he her was her; nobody else.

A vibration occurred from Nina's phone, so she went to go check it

"Alright, Cody sent me a message on FaceBook saying that he would be here in five minutes", Nina said casually while cleaning up in the bathroom.


"No Andrea", said Daisy shaking her head and smiling. "You look like shit"

All three of the girls laughed at Daisy's sarcasm.

And there were moments like these that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

And in literally a couple of minutes later, Andrea's phone vibrated next...

"Oh my gosh, Cody's here, he's outside!!", she said as she thought her boyfriend parked outside the house.

Daisy and Nina ran to her and quickly did a last minute check before nodding at each other in approval.

"You look fine darling", Nina said smiling. "Cody is going to love you, don't worry"

"Cause he'd be a dick not to", Daisy said smiling.

"Thanks guys, I love you...just so much", she said hugging all three of them. And after all three girls wiped their tears of joy, Andrea headed for the door.

"Wait, before you go, let me take a picture of you and Cody", Jazymen said.

At the time, Jazymen was in 7th grade, so she found her older sisters friends cool, and she wanted to get every moment of this on camera.

"And besides, he needs to be a gentleman, and escort you outta here", Nina snapped

"Cody, your ass in this house now!!", Daisy shouted from outside the window.

Cody stepped out of his car, ran to the house, and held a puzzled expression on his face

"Is everything alrig...:, but before he could finish, he looked at his girlfriend in awe struck wonder.

And he thought to himself...how lucky am I...to have a girl like this...

"Wow", he said looking at her

And Cody only noticed Andrea in the room; no other living soul meant anything to him beside her/

"Yes, and while the word wow is lovely and everything, and it seems to be the word of the day for some reason, you two have a date to go on" , Daisy said while pushing Cody towards Andrea. "But before you go, smile for the camera"

And Nina, Jazymen, and Daisy quickly took out their phones and took picture of the couple hugging each other, Cody holding Andrea by the waist, and him kissing her on the cheeks as she exuded with blush. And for the last picture, he passionately kissed her.

"Oh my gosh!! That's for sure def going on Facebook", Jazymen exclaimed

With that task done, the Nina waved goodbye to her friends as she walked outside, down the steps, and to Cody's car. He took out his keys and pressed the button unlocking the car, politely opened the passenger door for Andrea, and allowed her to step in before he shut the door and hopped in the car himself from the drivers door.

And they drove...

And they laughed...

And they loved being in each other's company...

And their date was a magical evening of wonder, for as was stated earlier:

They enjoyed each other's company.

Returning back from the restaurant, Cody decided to give Andrea his suit jack; it was just a bit more chiller than the two planned, so he took the opportunity to carefully wrap the jacked around her shivering body. And before Cody took Andrea to his car, he took her by the hand and led her somewhere else.

Somewhere, that was nowhere, near their destination

And she giggled: "Where are you taking me?"

"You'll see", he said smiling

They walked a good amount of blocks from the car until they reached his ideal spot/

And there the two were in an abandoned ally full of garbage cans and bags. It unleashed a foul odor that began to circle the air. The sounds of the city's bustles and crawlers of the night drenched their ears. And the young windborne was confused.

Why were they there?

"Cody, what are we doing here?", she asked

And he hesitated before he talked. Grabbing her by the waist and pushing her lightly against the wall.

"I couldn't wait to tell you this...to say that I love you Andrea Torres"

"Oh Cody...I..I love you too"

And she did love him, and she had always loved him. He meant everything to her

He was everything to her.

And that one passionate kiss that Cody placed upon her lips turned into more aggression, more hunger

And he wanted more

He began to move his hand up to her inner thigh and moan in pleasure at how wonderful her lips tasted to him. His lips lingered with deep kisses all over her body as he attempted to remove the dress.

And then she stopped him

And maybe that was her mistake...maybe that's why things began to turn deadly

Because she stopped him

"Wait, Cody", she said removing his hand. "I don't think I'm ready to take it to this level yet, and besides, were out in public"

"So I'm guessing this means we should go  somewhere a bit more private", he said winking before he returned to her neck

And Andrea moved away from his head again

"I think your not understanding me. I'm only 14, and your already 16. Maybe you've done some stuff that makes you feel like your ready to do...this with other girls, but I haven't. I'm not ready for sex"

A fire quickly emerged from Cody's eyes as he pinned her waist against the wall even more, but not in pleasure, in the motive of pain

"You said you loved me, and we've been dating for six months, are you fucking kidding me?", he asked in anger.

"Cody wha.."Andrea found a tear streaming down her left eye. This wasn't her Cody.

"I never said I didn't want to, I just said I wasn't ready yet. Can't you understand that?"

"No...your ready when I say you are", he stated coldly.

In fact, she didn't know who this was....

"Cody, please stop, your hurting me", she began to sob.

"If I have to hurt you to get what I want, then I will", Cody said looking at her with lust and greed.

"CODY GET AWAY FROM ME, NOW!!!", Andrea yelped in pain

He quickly covered her mouth with his hand. She could feel the heat emerging from them, indicating that he was threatening to set her mouth a blaze if she was to udder one word. He quickly began to rip off the beautiful black dress shred by shred by shred.

She kicked

She screamed

And before Cody could go any further, she took one big breath. Relishing a wind so powerful that Cody flew into mid air knocking into a brick building behind him.

And before Andrea could run, he quickly ran with the speed of fire to her origin pinning her by her neck against the wall. She wouldn't run out of breath; her borne prevented that

But her tears were everlasting..

"Is that all you got winborne?!?! Huh?! You wanna fight me?! Well I'll give your ass a fight..

"..a fight for your virtue" , he said while feeling her butt from the behind in pleasure

He conjured two flames in his hand as big as bowling balls and began to pillage over her body with force in his physical strength. She felt so violated.

Oh, she was so violated

And she noticed the burned oval circle marks rippling on her bodies from Cody's touch.

And that was enough to set her off..

To wear fear and sadness...turned into anger...and vengeance

She felt the serpent of deceit overtake her body and her soul. Her nails grew into large sharped claws and her pupils evaporated into thin air. Her teeth turned into a jagged color of white and she bellowed in his face:


And Cody stepped away from her in fear

"What the hell...", he began


She raised her hand to the skies in which an unbearable tornado emerged in her palm. The trash cans and garbage flew around in a circle in the dark ally. Then, with one extended of her arm, laying about vertically in front her face, the garbage bins, trash, and rodents traveled  in excruciating force with Cody against the brick wall in front of her. She had no remorse as the large 100 ton metal garbage bins heavily pinned him to the wall. Blood oozed from under the garbage indicating his final life  breath...

Rest In Peace, for now...

But she wasn't done.

She flung the bins to the side as if they were feathers and used her mighty wind to remove every other piece of garbage. Grabbing a large sized rock with her hands, she repeatedly smashed the corpse in the head the large boulder..











And she smashed his skull for about twenty more times until she felt the serpent slowly slip away from her soul, and she fell to her knees. She cried hysterically in the cold weather, as she felt her heart break into tiny pieces. But she knew that Cody was only dead temporarily. She would see his soul reborn soon, depending on whenever his nation felt like it was the right time to revive his soul.

That policy worked for every nation.

And his body slowly withered into dust as she looked at the remains of him float into the night Virginia air/

"I loved you, you son of a bitch", she said crying and trying to cover her mouth. "I LOVED YOU!!!", and she screamed this unto the sky.

She felt herself tremble uncontrollably as she stood up and felt Nina's torn dress repeatedly slip from her body. Her hair stood in a frenzy and she removed the torn black wedges from her feet and carried them in her hand. And she walked...

And walked...

down the moonlit streets

And walked...

down the dusky dark skies and cold early March air

And for what seemed an eternity...

She walked.

Until she was on the door steps of Daisy's house.

She pulled out her cell phone and called Daisy

"OMG ANDREA, HOW WAS THE DATE!!??!", she asked in excitement

"I'm outside your house. Open the door please", she said starring at the door with a blank expression

"Uhm okay?"

And in two minutes, Daisy opened the door and her expression of happiness quickly turned into screaming horror.


 Not before long, Daisy was running down the steps of her house to a trashed Andrea. And the girls both held each other in their arms crying together, as Andrea explained her date from hell

"He raped me...I can't believe he would do this to me...I thought he loved me", she cried

"We all thought he loved you Andrea", Daisy said trying to soothe her best friend

"I killed his first life", Andrea said sternly. "What do you think the council will say? Am I gonna get in trouble?"

"No, Andrea, damn it, this wasn't your fault". "We will get through this...just like we always do.

"What...what do we tell Nina?", Andrea asked with tears still streaming linked to every word.

"We'll do what we have to do in order for this to not get out. Whatever it is we have to do, we'll do it, okay?", she said looking into her eyes with assurance

And Andrea could still the burning ovals embedded into her arms...

her legs...

her body...

But the one engraved on her forearm was the biggest, serving as a reminder to her of what Cody did, and what the FIreborne nation could do.

Because she became a victim of a heinous crime. A crime filled with greed and anger.

And she swore from that day on that she would not let anyone she knew

Any of the ones that she loved...

serve as victim because of the Fireborne nation's capabilities

And seeing that burned oval marked on Nina's forearm, one could only imagine the wrath that Niall would endure in the next couple of minutes...

Because she would be damned if she let him get away with that...

She would be damned...

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