Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


5. Chapter 4

After what seemed like a long morning, Nina found herself becoming excited to just go to lunch. She found joy in the little things at school, while spending about 8 hours in a mandated learning institution five times a week. And for it to only be the first day, she wasn't having too much of a bad day so far. However,  there was one exception weighting in on her overall perception of her morning.
And that was Niall Horan...

I don't get it. This guy is in every class I have so far. Maybe all of this is just coincidence?

Or so she thought...

Thinking about her Algebra class earlier, she remembered Niall's impatient composure and his need for her to rush to class. And how he just happened to be in the next class with her...

Sitting to the left of her at the same desk ...

The same routine over and over...

How could that possibly confide as coincide??

But she thought nothing of it

Like she learned to do...

She sat down at the round  wooden lunch table looking around at the bustle and movements of Virginia Prep. Many familiar faces arose to recognition as she smiled at the girls who waved at her,  and the boys who gave her a slight nod and semi grin.

Although Daisy and Andrea were her best friends,  she was still widely known around school for being a well known, funny, and down to earth girl.

And as the saying goes: If Nina doesn't like you, then you'd have to be a pretty awful person.

Because sweet Nina England was indeed that: a sweet heart.

Not too long afterwards, she saw Daisy and Andrea walking towards her.  Nina quickly began to take note of how different her two best friends were:

Daisy preferably liked to wear one and a half black inched heels with matching tights that hugged her small 5'4 body. Her hair was a light brown color with many streaks of blonde, and stopped to the clavicle of her neck almost reaching her shoulders. Her eyes displayed a hazel color that turned into an even brighter brown with a faint of red showing in the brightest of suns . She was overall a very patient and easy going kind of girl, but when tempted with anger and betrayal, could quickly turn into your worst enemy. It seemed as though every high school guy had attempted to ask out Daisy Zavala at least once in their lifetime, but found their attempts pointless, for he received the same answer that she gave every guy:

"High school boys are immature, and I don't have time to dwell in your immaturity", and she would say this with a smile while twirling her pencil with delight. And as he walked away, she would quickly call after him and say, "But hey, we can still hang out and grab a pizza sometimes ya know?"

Andrea Torres was a bit different from Daisy though. Regardless of her and Daisy sharing the same height, she had dark brown hair that fell to her back, which she always wore in a high ponytail. She often wore pants and flats; she preferred to be more comforted than stylish. Her glasses covered her gray eyes, and she wore a smile that let out a unique chuckle every time her humor was tested to that certain extent, which Daisy and Nina often called: "The Andrea laugh". Everyone knew of Andrea, but not for her nice personality and her quiet approach towards life, but the exact saddening opposite: it was for her extreme and angered temper when provoked. Not even the notorious Daisy could compare to the wraths that Andrea unleashed upon others; emotions so heinous and destructive that it made Nina, Daisy, and others tremble. And Andrea was not proud that this quality overtook her morality. She did not boast, she had no pride, and she was ashamed that , often , some people even feared her for this. But as she would often tell her two best friends: "As long as people do not tempt, then they have nothing to worry about" And it wasn't that she was easily tempered at all, but that did not stop others from becoming fearful of her. And Nina and Daisy becoming fearful for her...

They both sat down with their trays of high school trash that appeared to be food, and sat down  next to Nina giving her smiles. Daisy sitting on the left side and Andrea sitting on the right.

"So, guys", Andrea began, "How's the first day of school going so far?" she asked.

"I actually like it", Nina replied. "Except the weirdest thing keeps happening to me?"

"What?", Daisy and Andrea asked at the same time. All three of the girls laughed at this.

"Daisy go ahead", said Andrea smiling

"Hahaha, okay, Nina, so what's this weird thing", Daisy asked between chuckles

"Well you know that kid from Physics earlier, Niall?", Nina asked

A dark expression quickly overtook Daisy's face as she replied to Nina's question

"Yeah, what about him?"

"Well he seems to be in every single class that I have. And if that isn't coincidence enough, he's always my class partner. Always in that seat on the left next to me. I swear it's freaking creepy", she said attempting to eat the slop that oozed from her spork's teeth.

"Ugh, do we even have to talk about him?", Daisy replied.

"What's wrong Daisy, do you know him or something"

"No", Daisy lied. "I just don't like talking about boys, that's all", she said playing around with the food on her tray and looking down.

"Come on Daisy, you have to admit, he's kind of hot. And that accent, ooohhhhh, he isn't from here, that's for sure", Nina said laughing. "I mean you always said that high school boys were immature, but what about IRRIISSSHH high school boys?"

Daisy tired her best to attempt a laugh when answering Nina's question

"Yea, he's definitely my taste Nina", she said using sarcasm. Daisy lived and breathed sarcasm the way a fire lived and breathed from a block of coal.

"Oh, and I have a question for you guys, and yes Daisy, this does involve Niall", Nina smiled, amused at Daisy's frustrations of talking about Niall.

"What is it?", Andreas asked, taking the heat away from Daisy for a while.

"How did Niall complete the Physics experiment today with an unopened match and box set?"

Daisy felt a cold rush instantly run through her veins and up her spine. And that feeling of cold took away the color from her face; flushed away like a stream of water flowing down a waterfall of deep darkness. She tried to keep her shaking  under control and clutched the palm of her right hand over her left one. She felt her nails dig into her skin and could feel the light streams of blood rush from every nail curve embedded into her hand. She always had a deep fear of her secret coming out. Always having that fear that at any moment, she could, and would, be caught; thus, putting her entire nation into hiding to never be found. But she didn't want Nina to be the one to find out. Not Nina...

Not her childhood best friend...

But wait, maybe this was a mistake...

Maybe she shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet...

"What...wh..do you mean?", she stumbled.

Andrea returned Daisy's reaction with facial expressions of confusions. Because Andrea was windborne, she couldn't instantly tell that Niall was fireborne the way that Daisy could. Everyone from every nation instantly knew their fellow borne, even if they had not met them personally. And because Andrea's nation was barely populated, it wasn't too often, in fact awfully rare, that she met anyone of her borne, so this idea that Niall could be someone that Daisy knew was far out from her mind.

"He..uhm, he borrowed from someone else in the class I think. Or maybe Mr. Darwin helped him?, Daisy struggled to reply.

"Nah, I asked Mr. Darwin if he got help, and that wasn't it...wait...Daisy are you okay", Nina asked.

Daisy moved slightly away from Nina. The very cold touch of her made her jump with fright.

"Daisy, seriously calm down", Nina beginning to panic as she looked at Daisy.

"I'm fine", Daisy replied with a blank expression looking at Nina.

"NIna, what the hell is that mark on your forearm!?!?!?!", Andrea asked standing up

And there on Nina's forearm stood the mark of heat that Niall left while trying to awaken Nina from her nightmares. But a confused Nina knew nothing of what Andrea was talking about until she looked down at her arm and saw the mysterious marking teasing her. It was a dark brown bruise with an oval shaping.

"Oh wow", Nina said. "I didn't notice that before". She tried to touch it and winced in pain. "Ow...gosh that hurts a bit.."

"Nina", Andrea said starring ahead with a cold, heartless, and blank expression. "Go to the bathroom and get Daisy some tissues. She needs to calm down"

"uhm...okay", Nina said getting up to walk to the bathroom, looking back at the two with confusion.

Andrea's cheeks quickly turned a vibrant red, and she felt her breathing starting to become irregular with every...single...breath. Her consciousness evaporated; her sanity was no longer applicable. Her pupils in both eyes were no longer present, and the veins in her body showed a bold lining zipping throughout her entire exterior. She looked at a frightful Daisy, who cringed and looked down towards the ground.

"Who did this?", she demanded with a smile stroking the side of Daisy's cheek as she sat down beside her. Daisy found hot  tears trickling down the side of her cheeks as she covered her left hand with her mouth and starred at the ground below her, and she knew she couldn't scream for help; this was no ordinary smile that Andrea showed. This smile showed daggered teeth and a serpent tongue and eyes lacking a pupil...eyes so white that they showed an evil snow..an evil white snow..

Daisy was so scared, so scared of Andrea, so scared of her wrath, that she found her voice to become barley audible...the words she spoke became heavy bricks escaping her mouth in stutter...in absolute fright..

"Ni..Ni.all", was all that she could manage to say

Andrea laughed and her laugh was the laugh of a thousand angry gods showing no regret for the words that she spoke. But we will not refer to this person as Andrea Torres, because this person was not the sweet, easy going, 16 year old that everyone knew. This was a serpent of windborne trapped into that sweet, easy going, 16 year old body. The serpent then spoke with its slithering tongue hanging out of its mouth hissing:

"That son of a bitch is dead", it said with lightning speed into a frenzy to go find the helpless blonde haired Irish boy.

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