Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


3. Chapter 2

Daisy felt herself starting to grow angry as she walked to second period. a million thoughts begin to from in her mind:

What if Nina saw what Niall did?
What if she knows now?
And if she did know, how was she going to explain to Nina what she saw?

Then, not paying attention to her sense direction,  she bumped into a tall blonde haired boy.

"Sorry", she said as she kept walking

"It's quite alright", the voice replied

Then, instantly remembering that familiar Irish voice, Daisy stopped dead in her tracks and felt herself clinching her fist angrily with her right hand. She turned back around, not caring whom she bumped into in the process, and walked back to the source of that voice. She then leaned against a locker as she watched him gather his books out of his own. She then began to talk

"You mind telling me what the hell your problem is?", she asked infuriated

"What are you talking about", Niall asked clueless

"I saw your little display in Physics. What made you think that it was okay for you to freaking do that in public Niall?! What if you got caught, you already know what your father would do.."

"Don't talk about my family,  you know nothing about them"

And Daisy could see the same lick of fire emerge from his eyes that she gave to him earlier as he stopped taking books out of his lockers and faced her. Then, realizing he was burning with fuels of anger,  he gathered his composure and returned to his attention to the locker facing him

"Sorry" he said as she saw the fire begin to die in his ocean blue eyes

But Daisy could care less about Niall's little fit. She wasn't backing down; certainly not in the hands of her own kind. Niall's apology put her at neither ease nor fret .

"Oh, cut the bull Niall. I'm calling you on your crap, so don't you dare turn this around on me"

"Hey", Niall said lightly touching her arm.  "I said I'm sorry".

Daisy then leaned in closer where she made sure only they could hear, ignoring Niall's kind gesture in the process.

"And your lucky that it was only me who saw you. Do you know how much scrutiny the fireborne nation would get if this got out? And especially since this action was committed from you of all people? Your lucky Andrea didn't see you. The last thing we need is windborne trying to make this as some pathetic excuse for them to join our race" said Daisy in disgust.

"You say windborne as if their kind disgust you. Are you not friends with that windborne girl who was your lab partner earlier?", Niall asked.

"That so called "girl" is actually one of my best friends. And it is not her I am disgusted with. It is her people who rub me the wrong way. And that's beside the point. Why are you here Niall? Fireborne Academy too much for you to handle? "

Niall shook at the very thought of attending that horrid place. The material the Fireborne teachers taught you were reckless and could put one in grave danger to suffer life long mental, physical, and emotional turmoil. Most importantly, if not careful, even death could lead to be the ultimate consequence.

"I wanted to learn about the real world outside of the borne walls. The things they teach you. ..", Niall said trying to not show weakness in his breath. "The things they teach you are not what I consider to be necessary as determining my final character. I am Niall Horan first, then fireborne last"

"But why here Niall? Out of all the schools to attend to in Virginia...why here?"

"My father told me if I was to attend a school with humans, then it would be this one. And that is all I will say about the matter. However,  I do have a question for you Daisy.."

The mid bell rang indicating that there was 3 more minutes and 50 seconds until the bell rang.

"Make it fast Horan, the bell is gonna ring any second", said Daisy growing impatient.

"As long as I've known you,  it surprises me you would consider someone like Nina to be your best friend. I can see in your eyes what great happiness her friendship brings you"

Daisy couldn't help but to smile at this question. Before discovering her true human nature, she made the obvious assumption that she was human just as any other ordinary four year old girl would at the time. And even after she found out her dark secret morality, she sought to no conclusion as to why her and Nina could stop their friendship.  Regardless of what she is...and regardless of what Nina fails to realize she is as well...

"Let's just say...opposites attract", Daisy said with true genuine smile .

Niall then returned the smile with a nod and quickly walked to second period trying to avoid a tardy.

"Oh and Niall", Daisy shouted as they became the only two standing in the hallway; everyone was already in class waiting for the final seconds of the bell to ring.

Niall stopped walking and turned around to see Daisy with a devious grin.

"Don't think I don't know why your here", she concluded.

And before Niall could retaliate,  or even blink, he saw a somewhat smoky trail of heels zip down the hall leaving a lonely Niall to gather his thoughts and feel outwitted as he sped walked to class.

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