Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


20. Chapter 19

WARNING: This scene contains sexual content! Viewer discretion is advised...


Nina stood beside their castle's bedroom window,staring at the sun slowly descending in the land scape. Her blue summer's dress cascaded to her ankles, hanging limb at her bare feet. The opening of her dress, at the top, exposed little cleavage, which was covered by her blue emerald necklace. Her lightish brown hair curled to the mid section of her back. Her smile memorized at the time she spent at the beach with Niall the other week. How he picked up her body, running out to the opean sea, refusing to put her down; her laughing uncontrollably, as he dumped her in the salty clear beach water. He sooned joined her underneath, bringing his arms to her waist, pulling her closer to him. He then met his lips upon hers, slowly pulling away to form the words I love you...

Nina was interrupted of her memory by the sound of  a door closing behind her, she already knew who it was without her having to meet his presence.

"I was just thinking of you", Nina smiled, memories of the beach still lingering on her mind.

Niall walked up behind her, placing his strong arms on her waist and pulling her closer to his body.

"Well, I'm always thinking of you", he murmured in her neck, making Nina's smile grow beyone wonder.

"I still can't blieve this is all...ours. From the landscape, to the nations, to the people. I just can't believe it"

"Why? I always knew you'd make a wonderful Queen one day, love", his hot breath danced on her skin, teasing her to never leave him and always...always be with him.

It was true: Nina had grown awestruck of their situation ever since they had gotten here,  but the hesitation behind her voice proved her doubt of capability.

"I just don't know if I can do it Niall. What if they hate us? All of them down there. I couldn't handle it if they hated us..."

He quickly spun her around on her heels, bringing her body even closer to him. Their eyes locked with each other, never losing sight with one another...ever. She still couldn't help the pinch of nerves that took over her body everytime Niall would touch her in that way and hold her body ever so close.

"I could give a damn less about what they think of me, all of them.The nations, the counsel, my Father... The only person who I care about is you. I care about what you think of me. I care about if you'll hate me, or if you'll even leave me or stop loving me because of who I was when I first met you...

"Babe, I could never hate you...", she tried to explain,  but he interrupted her, letting her know of his never ending promises.

"Those people will not hate you, because I will not allow it. I don't care at all if they hate me; it's you who I love and whom I will love until the end of my time",

He then planted his lips softly upon hers. He looked at the freshly coded shade of blush and smile eloped on her innocent face. Then, as if a demon had over taken his body, he crashed his lips unto hers more hungrily with aggression. He picked up her tiny figure into his arms and planted her on top of her dresser.


His kisses became sloppier, as he found the delicate crease along the line of her lips and began to slip his tongue inside. Their tongues were soon intertwined with each other, giving Niall the opportunity to move in between the opening of Nina's legs, which he took the necessity to carefully part.

His strong hands slid to her rear caressing it softly. He then slowly pulled his lips from her. The only sound traveling through the room appearing to be Nina's fast paints and his. He needed this time to look at her. He needed this time to appreciate her.

"Did I do something wrong?", she asked

"No", he soothed his hand to the side of her cheek.

"Then what is it?"

"It's just that I've had to go so long without touching you. So long without rubbing my hands against those sacred thighs", he reached his hand between her parting, slowly trickling his finger tips down and up her slightly blue skin. The slight moan that escaped her lips sent ecstacy to his core

"So long without feeling that ass", his sizzling fingers grasped her bottom.

"And that neck...", his lips lowered to the crook of her neck, his hot breath discomforting to her but yet oh so pleasing. A slight hint of flame appeared on the left side,  but quickly died down due to her icy flesh.

"Niall..", Nina uttered,  her breaths becoming rapid and urgent. 

"I could take you right here, right now, if you wanted it bad enough", He smirked, having his lips dip down to her neck, while his tongue grazed down every ounce of her skin that her dress exposed.  
"Baby, stop teasing me", she clenched the edge of the desk, her knuckles turning white from the heat, his heat.

"Mmmm, but you tease me every day when you wear these long ass dresses", his smirk grew bigger as he brought his hands down to her dress and singed the thigh to the very bottom down. The black ashes of the once whole dress cascaded in mid air slowly floating to the marble floor in the bedroom; their bedroom.

"Niall!", Nina giggled swatting at his arm. He loved how she always pretended to  become offended at the dirty words he had only given her access to .

Niall wanted to reply,  but he found himself too stunned, too lost for words. the way her dress stopped at her upper thigh. The way her milked skin claimed beauty to her small frame.  Her hair slung over her right shoulder, and her smile shimmered around their entire atmosphere covered by her bluish blushed cheeks. The Fireborne found it amazing how this girl whom was his forbidden opposite also represented his forbidden perfection in every way, shape , and form. She was absolutely beautiful, and he wanted nothing more than to take her innocence right then and there.

"Are we gonnaa just sit here or are you gonna show me why I like to get heated every once in a while", she winked whispering in his ear, letting the coolness in her stride coon his flamed ear. Her hand traveled to the buldge rising by the second underneath his zipper. The touch of her finger tips instantly made his length rise in pure electric need.

"Niall?", she cooed in his ear one more.

"Yeah, baby?", his breathing becoming heavier with lust.

"Take me"

And that was it.

He quickly lifted her body from the dresser and let her dangling legs straddle around his torso. Their lips crashed into each other, as she pulled at thr tiny ends of his blonde hair, letting him morn from pleasure in between their lips. Her moaning became too much of a turn on for Niall to handle, as he briskly rushed her to their bed side. The speed of fire fusing his actions upon her.

She slowly laid her back unto the mattress, Niall lifting her legs upon the bed. Never losing sync with his tongue and touch, he leaned in slightly with her at the same time, using his arms to support his weight as he hovered over her.

"Damn, I can't stand to see you wearing that dress any more", he muttered in her mouth and leaned to the side bringing his hand in mid air as it travled over her body.  The rest of the blue dress slowly drifted to ashes from her body, while descending to the floor. The remain of his actions left a lingeried exposed Nina to his mercy. The way her laced pink bra and matching panties hugged her swells and rear almost sent Niall over the edge right there. 

She was, and is, absolute perfection.

"You can't keep ruining my clothes like this Niall", Nina slightly pouted, trying to hide her desire for this touch.

His touch...

"Let me make it up to you with a greater reward", he grinned nipping at the mid section of her cleavage,  laced behind her pink bra.

"What do you have in mind?", Nina gasped, attempting to keep her breathing under control. 

"This...", he let his tongue travel down her to her stomach, circulating to take in every scent and feel of her body. He then slowly,  in starvation,  let his tongue rest on her weakness.

Her back instantly arched from the bed, and her whimpers filled the echoing of the shallow walls in their room .

"Niall, please, don't tease me", she moaned, whimpering for him to just take her and get the act done with for heaven's sake...for her sake.

"Now you know how I feel when I see you parading in those damned long dresses", his tongue slowly grazed over the areaHe looked up to meet her eyes as the smirk imported to his face and the never ending flame to his blue eyes

"Niall!", her pants were becoming rapid rapid...

rapid more rapid...

quick paste rapid...

"You know your too sexy to be wearing that trash baby"

"Yes I know, just please", Nina begged, she needed to be released.

"Say your sorry, and I'll stop", he spoke while stroking his tongue faster.

"Damn it, I'm sorry", she begged. "Just please take me..."

He then stopped and looked at her. He licked his bottom lip, loving the taste of her body.

"I think I need to teach you another lesson babe...and this one is gonna burn", he crawled to her side flipping the covers over them.

Lights off


"Nina!", Niall quickly rose from his sleep, trying to catch his breath. Wiping his eyes, his phone read 10:30pm, indicating that it was still early. He stretched himself and climbed from his bed. Looking down, he saw the overly large buldge already risen in his boxers, making him blush. It was then when he remembered the events of his dream.

The way Nina begged for him to take her at her mercy, the way her legs wrapped firmly around his body and her lips felt upon his. Her touch...

Her touch was what he longed the most, and after that dream, he needed more of her; he had to have more of her, but he was afraid.

I wouldn't be able to do anything to her without killing her. It's not my fault that Firebornes are passionate love makers, especially the guys. Everyone knows that...

Suddenly interrupted from mid thought,  he noticed the light that illuminated from the house next door, brightly shining to his room, beckoning for his presence.

From the room that held her...

From that room that held her, he already saw her beauty, and he walked towards the window to get an even better view, an even better sight of her slumped posture, an even better look at the way she  concentrated in mid thought at whatever she was reading in her own bed. The way her eye brows furrowed in concentration on whatever she was reading made his ecstacy return, especially when he noticed how her tank top hugged her upper body and her shorts gave shape to her lower section. Her fish tailed braid hung with breath over her shoulder...

She was beautiful

She is so beautiful

Maybe I'm going crazy,  maybe I should just leave her alone

But before he could think anything of it, he was already changing into a pair of jeans and a loose top, frantically throwing on his shoes.

The light from her room beckoned to him...

And he was on his way.


Hope you guys enjoyed that :). I aso have another busy week of academics coming up this week. I have a paper due for Honors United States American History due Thursday and a Physics test on Thursday as well. Also,  I have some sad news. Daisy, my bff, who you've also read about in this book, is transferring after this week :'(, so the crew (Nina, Andrea, Erika, Max, ect) and I are gonna try to spend time with her while we can. Don't worry though, she'll still definitely be in the book. I honestly don't know when the next time I'll update, but it should be soon! Remember don't forget to vote :D. Have a goodnight,  I love you all.


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