Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


18. Chapter 17

Assume (Verb): To take for granted or without proof.

For granted or without proof

Without proof

And maybe that was her problem in the first place...


Nina pondered upon her assumption while waiting at the bus stop with, what she felt at the time, was her supposed best friend and other friend.

She assumed that Niall Horan held feelings for her, despite only knowing him for a two days time. The way that he would stare at her on those occasional moments, even when he thought she hadn't noticed. The way nerves would overtake his physical and mental structure, when he attempted to utter one word to her. Most importantly, the way he sang to her. The way he was able to open his perfectly shaped mouth and dig deep into those Irish vocal chords to release a sound so pure; a sound so innocent; a sound so lovely, that it was as if an angel surely over took his soul to open up to her, just her

He was opening up his soul to her at that very moment.


He couldn't have been, she sadly thought. It was Daisy he was opening his soul to, not me; I, mean, I heard it all...

I heard everything...

What the hell is taking Niall so long? , she sat there waiting for his presence for a while now in the waiting room. 

Alright, I'm just gonna go see for myself

With that final thought, she walked down the dreary halls of Hope to find her friends room. Before she found herself in mid action to turn the door knob, she became distracted by the masculine voice on the other side; she instantly recognized the Irish tone.

Listen, we both did some pretty messed up stuff. And I don't mean just this, I mean other times too. We just have to be more careful of what we do in public. I won't say anything if you don't

"What?", Nina quietly mouthed to herself. Her attentions were no longer to enter the room and interrupt this conversation, but to simply hear as much as she could with the motive of clarity.

Deal, let's shake on it

Nina could hear, nay, practically see the infamous Daisy smirk plastered on her devious face; her face surely had to be devious.

What the hell are they talking about?, Nina gulped to herself. What do they need to be careful of hiding in public? Are they seriously trying to hide something from me right now? They couldn't. They just couldn't.

No, I mean really shake on it

Wait, Nina thought to herself.  What the hell does she mean really shake on it?! All that hand shaking requires is one hand meeting another to seal some sort of deal.

Or, in this case, some sort of secrecy that I don't know about, her subconscious mocked.

Didn't we just have a conversation about how we need to be careful of what we do in public?

Hearing the words "what we do" sent shivers to Nina's core.  She felt her head getting faint at Niall's chuckle after his remark, as she silently grabbed unto the door knob for support,  but careful to not be heard.

Come on dude, no one can see us, it'll be our little secret. Please Niall, I haven't done this in a while

Nina could bear no more, for she felt no greater pain than what she was feeling now. 

Yes, Nina had felt pain in her past time. 

However, to hear your best friend seal a faith, a negotiation, a secrecy of some sorts, with a guy that you could not describe, but he gave you some sorts of comfort and vulnerability...

Well, it was unbearable at that specified time for Nina.

She wanted to run; she wanted to escape time and wish she never met Niall Horan.  She almost wished she could turn time's table as to where her and Daisy never experienced encountership in their time longing frinedship.


Her feet felt as though they were glued to the cement. Her thoughts running rapid. They bounced from wall to wall in her skull looking,  searching,  for possible answers; solutions if you will.

No one can see us? It'll be our little secret?  What could that possibly mean? What the hell are they doing in there?!?!, she stared at the door pleading for answers.

Nina conducted a silent payer to whomever was listening to the darkening possibilities of occurrence behind those closed doors through her head.

Please, Niall,  whatever she is asking you to do, can you just not do it? I know we just met,  but I thought, assumed, that there was something,  maybe, a little spark, between us?

Even through the sealed door,  Nina could hear the hesitation swirl on the tip of Niall's tongue,  lingering through his steady breath. She took this as a sign of hope, thinking that maybe, just maybe,  this would be taken as a sign of hope.

Hope: Some say it's believing in the inevitable that cannot be seen.

She felt as though she was awaiting a news of some sorts; a sign that maybe this guy she has grown to know in the past two days did feel for her the way she hoped; hoping in Hope. 

Then she heard him...

She heard him smile; his lips parting in parallel direction to exemplify the smile of pleasure

Alright, fine

Now, strengthening herself,  she slowly, but cautiously, pulled her feet from the suffering cement holding them in it's place. Her mouth silently,  but cautiously,  with her legs, backed away from Hope's doors before her.

Their motive no longer willing to find out its purpose; no longer willing to find those answers.

Her ears wanted to slash themselves of the ability to ever listen again, as long as she should live, yet she could still hear their voices. Her mind wanted to experience amnesia, inorder to lose sight of what just in folded in front of her, but she could still picture the memory of events vividly. Her heart...her heart wished it was not so naive, then maybe realization wouldn't hurt like so

Realization always hurt.

Then, deciding her heart could no longer mend as to where she wished it to, she slugged her feet behind her back towards the waiting area, no longer wanting to roam through the endless possibilities of what Niall and Daisy could have partaken in behind the doors of Hope. 

Hope Hospital.


The wind found itself whisking against Nina's cool wet cheeks as she kept her focus straight ahead, waiting, hoping, that the bus would come.  Daisy, knowing her best friend more than too well, sensed that something was wrong with Nina. 

"Nina?",Daisy asked. 

"Yea", she dazed out towards the open sky, still looking for that bus to come. 

"Please, don't be pissed dude, I'm really sorry for the whole drunk thing okay? I haven't slipped up in a while,  I'm really trying to get my act together on this", she pleaded.

I'm not pissed about you being a drunkard; however, I am pissed that you were probably locking tongues with Niall in there for all I know 

"I'm not pissed", she falsley smiled. "I'm just glad that your okay"

"You sure?"

"Yea, Yeah..I am"

"Hmm", Daisy knew that Nina was lying, but she decided to leave it alone at that. 

"Are we heading back to the school?", Niall spoke up after a moment of silence. 

"I don't know what you guys are doing, but I'm going home", Nina fired, not realizing she came off as a bit too rude. 

"Oh, okay", he stuttered. 

About ten minutes later, the bus arrived at Hope, picking the three teens up from their destination and driving them back to where their journey once began. 

Once stepping on the bus, Niall whispered something in Daisy's ear, causing her to nod her head. Once again, Nina felt the sharp consequences of assumption stab at her heart with a jagged mericless knife, and the blood that jagged knife punctured in her fragile heart oozed with envy. 

Of course he'd pick her over me. I can't be pretty like that or witty in that way. I don't even deserve a chance with him. I...just don't.

Feeling the need to no longer play the role of a third wheel in their relationship, whatever realtionship it was that they felt the need to hide from her, she moved past the two and found an isolated seat towards the back. The empty seat next to her only reminded her of the previous day of when her and Niall talked non stop, smiling endlesly in each other's faces. She quickly shook the thought from her memory, realizing that it would never get her anywehre. Burying her head in her lap, she sulked the memories of the conversation that she heard, wishing she could just some how forget.


That Irish accent called her name. She looked up to find Niall next to her. Daisy was sitting further towards the front of the bus, not once looking back. 

"Aren't you suppose to be sitting up there?", she sassed. 

"Up where exactly?"

"With Daisy", she mumbled, picking at the thread on her pants. 

"Why would I be sitting with Daisy, when I could be sitting with you", his tone changing to serious. 

She stared at him from her slumped posture, looking up at him with her pure blue Iced eyes. In that momemt, with every whim in his body, he wanted to do nothing more than to reach out to her and lift her chin up to his eyes. He wanted nothing more than hold her body in his, and tell her how everything would be okay. That things were this way, and he couldn't help that; everything was out of his hands, but if things were his way, he would want nothing more than to have the will to simply touch her.

Touch her. 

Feel the texture of her soft , light, vigorous skin upon his. Rubbing small circles over the palms of her hands, slowly, with the aching touch of his thumb. There was so much more that he longed to do.

But how could he possibly do this without endangering his life or hers?

And if he found a solution to this dilemma, he would grasp it as soon as he could.

For now, there was no such solution. 

"I don't know", Nina finally applied."You two just seem very comfortable with each other, that's all"

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, she did call you her brother after all"

"She was drunk Nina", he lightly chuckled to himsself. 

"That's true. I mean, I'm pretty sure a brother and sister wouldn't partake in any of the things that you two enage in anyway", she instantly regretted the words, looking towards the window for some form of escape. 

"What exactly is it your trying to say?", Niall asked, the tone of his voice changing from humorous to a chilliing seriousness. 

"Nothing, our stop's here", she swiftly rode from her chair, skooting past NIall, and pulled the rope, letting the bus know to stop. 

Soon as the bus pulled up to the stop, she stepped off, not caring to see if Niall or Daisy were following her.

I honestly don't want to be near any of them at the moment ayway.

"Nina!", she heard Daisy chasing after her. "Where are you going?"

"I just don't feel well", she stated still not turning around to acknowledge her best friend's prresence; she kept her faceglued to the sidewalk lines, counting each one in her head until she could reach the next bus stop.


"Nina, please, stop", Niall called running beside them.

"I said I'm not feeling well, okay", she walked even faster, bumping into someone at the process. The young Windborne girl wrapped them around her gray tanning eyes looking for something that Nina had wanted, but initially regretted that she received that day.


"Where were you?", Andrea asked, confusingly staring at her, Niall, and Nina all at once. "You all missed the entire day of school, I mean, not that it wasn't worth missing, but why weren't you there?"

"I don't know. Ask Daisy and Niall", Nina lowly spat in only ear range for Andrea to hear.

Andrea stared at the two hoping to recieve some sort of answers, but they simply shrugged their shoulders; they were too distracted to retrieve Nina at the moment, but she payed no mind, and continued to walk alone. 

Nina walked alone that day. 


"NIna!", Niall shouted. "Come back and talk to me, please!"

His voice becoming more faint behind her thoughts and footsteps. 

"Dude, what the hell?!", Daisy yelled after her. 

She changed her pace from speed walk, to a pace of running. She needed to escape the voices. 

The ever going voices taunting her inside of her head. 

No one can see us

She ran faster

It'll be our

And faster


And faster


Not realizing she was speaking out loud, she barley noticed the plead from Niall and Daisy to return, as she shouted against the wind and her tears. 


She assumed they heard nothing

She assumed she said nothing 

She assumed her comment meant nothing

But she was wrong, for they heard everything. 

Making assumption the ultimate bitch that day. 

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