Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


17. Chapter 16

Nina spotted Niall sitting in the chair in the waiting room down the hall with his head slumped over in his chair. Walking down the hall towards his area, she couldn't help but notice his slumped posture and depression.

"Niall what's..."

She noticed multiple Nurses and Doctors rubbing into a room across the hall. On their way in the room, many of them wore defeat and exhaustion on their faces.

"What's going on in there?", she asked taking a seat next to him.

"Well..", he didn't know what to tell her. After all, what could he  possibly say about the situation that just occurred.

"You know what? It's cool. I'm just gonna go take a peak for myself", she winked standing up and running across the hall.

"Nina! I don't think that's a good idea", he shouted after her.

She ignored him; she was gone for a couple of minutes.


"That was Erika", she said with a paled face before sitting down to join Niall. "You know, the girl from the bus yesterday?"

"Yea?", he decided it was best to play along and pretend as if he didn't know of Erika's death

After all, it is best to forget, right?

"Well, I just went in that room, unseen, and she was in there; in fact, I over heard one of the Doctor's saying she was dead", she looked up at Niall with tears drenched in her eyes.

"Don't cry, it'll be okay", he said stopping his hand before he could reach out and touch her in comfort.

Nina, noticing Niall was going to touch her arm, suddenly felt a swarm of sadness when he failed to do so. Feeling the tension between them, she decided it was only best for her to change the subject.

"So, Dr. Powell said that Daisy was gonna be okay, she just needed a couple of stitches and a cast for her leg", she smiled

"That's amazing", he replied, trying his best to contain his anger. "I think I'm gonna um...go check on Daisy"

He didn't wait for Nina to respond, as he got up from his chair to find her room. After searching every room down the hall, and peeking into every door, he found the Fireborne slumped over a magazine in concentration. She felt his gaze upon him; she didn't have to return his stare to know that it was him looking at her.

"Take a picture Horan, it'll last longer", she smirked while flipping the page.

"Well, you seem back to normal", he couldn't help his smile as he closed the door behind them and strolled over to her bed side. "That was quite the show you displayed back there..."

"Tell anyone, and I swear to god", she gritted through her teeth, while meeting his gaze.

"Relax, I won't", he stated not phased by Daisy's threat. "Are you familiar with a girl by the name of Erika Villanueva?"

"Dude, are you like a detective or something? And if we're talking familiarity here, ask any guy at our school. Erika's panties and familiarity go hand in hand quite perfectly with each other", she stated while flipping another page of her magazine. "Why?"

"She's dead", Niall replied.

"What? ", Daisy gasped giving him undivided attention. "How?"

"Max Rocquemore, that's how"

"Wait, Max Rocquemore, as in the Iceborne from the prestigious Rocquemores", she mouthed in shock.


"I'm confused. How could he have possibly..."

"He kissed her"

All seriousness enveloped her face. This was no joke; this was premeditated manslaughter. It wasn't just the fact that it was a simple kiss either, it was the mere fact of the motive behind the kiss. Every borne knows what consequences lie ahead when fusing sexual tension with a human.

"Dude, the elders are gonna fucking flip their shit when they find out about this", she knew this was a serious topic, but she couldn't contain her excitement. "Looks like this gives us an advantage Niall"

"That is if they find out. We need to bring this up at the meet on Saturday"

"No, I didn't have anything to do with this. You do it"

"Daisy", he pressed, looking at her with need. "Please..."

"Fine", she mumbled to herself.

They sat in silence for a moment. What more could possibly be said next?

"You know",  Niall started. "Erika knew what Max was and how she died",

"How the hell did she possibly know that?", she asked. Her composure becoming more tensed and unsettled.

"That's the weirdest part of it all. She told me that her Father use to read her these fairy tales and myths about all three nations. Now, everyone will know of our existence", he concluded harshly.

Daisy instantly relaxed and began to laugh hysterically, with tears of joys.

"Oh, there is still so much you have yet to learn"

Not knowing what she could possibly be blabbing on about, he continued.

"Anyway, I'm also going to bring this topic up at the meeting. You know, with the borne stories..."

"What?!", she exclaimed with laughter. "Oh God, this is priceless"

"You mind telling me what's so funny?", he was getting annoyed now.

"Dude, of course their are stories about us. Hello, just in case you've forgotten, we were one of the first people to generate from this hell hole called earth..."

"Yea, so?"

"So, people recorded our actions from that point on in our life time; all three nations. I mean, what do you think happened to the humans on earth when we were born? Did you think that they just vanished or something?", she asked eyeing him down. Her face spelled a look to Niall asking: How stupid could you possibly be?

"I mean, I guess I never thought about it", he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "But how does that possibly explain the myths and fairytales?"

"Wow, you still don't get it", she stressed rubbing her temples with both index fingers. "As time went on, people still wrote about us and our powers, but people also stated to believe those people were nuts and psychos...", she stopped her explanation, still clearly seeing that Niall wasn't understanding.
"Alright Horan, let's play a little hypothetical game for a minute, okay?"

He nodded his head in agreement, urging her to continue.

"Let's say your human, and you know nothing of all this stuff. If some person came up to you speaking things of magical people with earthly powers, would you believe that person?", she raised her eye brow at him.

"Well, no", he answered truthfully.

"And wouldn't you think that person was kind of a, well I don't know, a complete wacko?"

"Yea", he looked to the ground further embarrassed.

"There are fairytales about us Niall, because little naive human kids like to read about us, and believe that they could be us one day in their boring lives. And sure, for a split era in their days, they believe that we're real; however, they eventually grow up and stop believing in magic and other sorts of what they call 'nonsense'. It's called growing up, Horan. It's like not believing in Santa, the tooth fairy, or the stupid Eater bunny for crying out loud"

"You mean to tell me that I was over reacting for nothing? That everyone believes were just nonexistence creatures?"

"Well, there are some people who believe that we still do exist.  With hopes that they can get the world to see us for who we are, and turn us into the secret government and blah blah", she said in the voice of what seemed to be a male news broadcaster. "That's why we have to be careful my friend. We can't just go using our powers in public all willy nilly"

"Is that so?", Niall asked, his gaze never leaving hers.

"Yeah, obviously"

"Then tell me why I found you with this?", he reached from his pocket and pulled the powdery white substance from his pocket and placed it next to her other bed side.

"Niall...I", she could feel the panic over take her instantly. "Please, don't say anything, I really needed that"

"Daisy, this stuff could kill you. Do you realize that? This is Blazephetamine..."

"I know what the fuck it is okay!", she fired back. "And don't act like your a some kind of saint, cause what you did in that lab yesterday wasn't so freaking righteous either"

"Listen", he sighed. "We both did some pretty messed up stuff. And I don't mean just this, I mean other times too. We just have to be more careful of what we do in public. I won't say anything if you don't"

He thought he heard something, but decided to ignore it for now.

"Deal, let's shake on it", she smirked.

Before Niall could fully extended his hand, Daisy interrupted his movement.

"No, I mean really shake on it", her grin growing bigger.

"Didn't we just have a conversation about how we need to be careful of what we do in public", Niall chuckled.

"Come on dude, no one can see us, it'll be our little secret. Please Niall,  I haven't done this in a while", she pleaded giving him a playful puppy dog look.

He hesitated for a moment

"Alright fine", he smiled.

The two both held out their hands, whispering silent prayers to the Fireborne God above them. Soon, the light above their heads from the ceiling made a sizzling sounds as two bolts of ignition transferred to their hands in lightning speed. The two stood in admiration of the flames dancing in their hands with eager delight. Finally, they both extended their hands to one another, both grasping each other's palms. The flames danced more hungrily, circulating around their touch in rapid speed. They would stare each other in the eye, never breaking their concentration.

"Ready?", Daisy challenged

"Ready", he replied

They then both pulled their hands apart, watching the flames jump in mid air. Their eyes darted to the flames teasing each other's bodies as they quickly separated and were sucked into the boy and girls eye pupil. The room had to be at least over 100 degrees, but they didn't mind of course.

"That never gets old", Daisy smiled, while the flamed knocked against her hazeld pupil, looking for some form of escape.

"I have to admit, that was somewhat fun", he returned the smile, ignoring the flame knocking against his oceand blue pupil.

Without warning, Dr. Powell entered the room studying his clipboard while speaking to Daisy.

"Alright, let's get you in this cast, and you should be good to go" , he smiled looking towards her. "Is it me, or is it extremely hot in here?"

Her and Niall quickly put their heads down, for the Doctor would surely overreact if he were to see their eyes engulfed in flames.

"Sure, thanks Dr. Powell", Daisy couldn't help but snicker at what her and Niall were hiding.

Niall showed himself out, and slowly walked down the hall, giving himself time for the fire in his eyes to die down. He saw Nina with her head staring down at the ground; she looked as if her heart had just been smashed into a million pieces, and Niall knew this.

"What's wrong?", he asked her with deep concern, flushing all playfulness from his face.

"Nothing", she replied continuing to stare at the ground.

"How was Daisy?", she asked her voice breaking, despite her attempt to quickly cover her weakness.

"She's doing well", he smiled, remembering their blazed shake.

"I bet", she said eyeing his smile from the corner of her eye; at this moment, she was completely disgusted with him.

"What's that suppose to..."

"Here she is", Dr. Powell smiled, gesturing to Daisy, swinging her way slowly on the crutches down the hall. The two didn't know how he could have possibly made his way to their waiting area without them hearing his heavy footsteps. "Like I said Nina, she'll just need about three weeks"

"Okay, thanks Dr. Powell", she said getting up to give him a hug. "We really appreciate this"

"No problem, see you later kids", he waved, making his way down the hallway once more.

Daisy joined them, and they all started their long journey from then to forth.

"Nina?", Niall asked as they all made their way towards the exit.

"Forget it Niall", Nina said keeping her eyes straight forward
and putting one foot in front of the other.

Niall ran towards the door to hold it open for Daisy.

Of course he would, Nina thought in pure jealousy. A mere tear fell from her eye as it slowly hit the ground, hardening into a mere icicle in front of Hope.

They all left hope that day.

Hope Hospital

But the tear stayed...

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