Igniting Nina

Nina England is a typical teenager...well not so typical. She knew from the minute that she was born how different she was from others, but she just never knew how she was different, or, most importantly, WHAT made her different. And when she meets Niall Horan for the first time, she discovers magical secrets about herself, family, and friends. But this is no fairy tale...


15. Chapter 14

The girl stirred from her slumber in her cotton bed staring at in Niall disbelief. Tubes spurred from her nostrils, and multiple cords hung from a silver pole beside her, hanging limb, giving the illusion of thirty reptiles. The hospital's monitor bleeped a continuous rhythm of life in the small but uncomfortable room, setting a motion of uneasy between Niall and Erika. He etched closer to her, seeming afraid to step any further. Erika muttered her words with weakness. 

"Your...that guy from the bus right?"

"I'm uhm, yea, I'm Niall"

"Right...why are you hear?", she asked rudely. 

Because I know he did this to you. 

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?", he decided that was the best retaliation tactic to counter.

"The hell should I know. All I remember was sitting in my room watching T.V. last night, then I blacked out and ended up here", she snarled. "Wait, why am I even talking to you? I don't owe you an explanation for shit" 

Ignoring her attitude, Niall continued his questioning. 

"Wait, so you have no idea as to why you may be here? None at all?" 

"Damn, I just said that. Do you need fucking hearing aid or something?"

"Listen, there's no need to be..."

"Are you Nina's boyfriend or something?" 

"Wh-What?", the question had completely caught him off guard.

"Are you Nina's boyfriend yes or no?"

"Why does it matter?", he flushed

"So that bitch can leave my Max alone", she fired back. 

Niall transitioned from an embarrassed red to a blazed shade of anger. He couldn't describe it, but he suddenly felt the urge to defend the girl whom he had only met yesterday. 

"Your Max? Are you kidding me. Your nothing more than an outlet to him. He doesn't give two shits about you, and I guarantee, when your outta this place, he'll just use you for his greedy hunger and benefit, then move on to the next foolish girl" 

Erika's voice let out a stifling crackle. 

"Please, spare me your judgement. You know nothing about him. Every girl wants him, and I got him. Must piss you off to know your precious Nina wants him too. Can't say I blame her either, I'd choose him over you in a heart beat anyway..." 

"Any man with a spec of decency in his body would choose a single piece of trash over a shellfish conniving desperate whore! Moreover, I wouldn't let an opportunity come for you to "choose" me, or even touch me, because you are not worth my time! And as for Nina, she is an everlasting star of perfection that serves as a diamond unfortunately stranded in this vial place amongst naive, stupid, and ruthless girls willing to do nothing more in life than stay on their backs with their legs spread opened parched in the air searching for love, when they can never receive it. You don't even deserve to breathe her sacred name, let alone say it. And if your say anything, think anything, even attempt anything to her, for her, or about her, so help me God, you will regret it" 

Erika seemed taken aback by Niall's explosion, so she felt the need to just sit there. 


"Is that to be taken as a threat Niall?", she asked calmly

"Gladly", he said through clenched teeth and fist; mini moons emerging on the inside sweaty palm of his hands. 

"Fuck you, you aren't gonna do shit", Erika said flipping her hair and picking at her nails; she paid Mr. Horan no mind

No mind whatsoever...

"He should've disposed of you when he sooner grasped the chance", Niall murmured turning on his heels. 

"Who?", Erika asked 

Oh gosh, she couldn't have possibly heard me?

"What?", Niall asked turning around. 

"Who should have disposed of me Niall?", her voice was coded with weakness. 


"Answer me.." 

"No one...I..was not speaking of you"

"Did he do this to me...did Max do this to me?", she asked trembling

Holy shit, this is not good. 

Not good one bit...

"Erika, please, you should calm down..."

"I knew it", she hallowed with realization. "I always knew it" 

"What did... you always know? ", he gulped. 

She turned her heads towards the window, staring at the scenery before. 

That scenery one...last..time

"That they would always come from me. That those vial people would always become the end of me; the death of me, and they became just that"

The silence that filled the room seemed irrelevant, as the ten digit number of him shimmered a ripple of darkness on the ragged surface of Erika's hand in Hope. 

Hope Hospital. 
"Nina", Dr. Powell came into the waiting area. "Please, follow me"

Silence filled the two walking towards what seemed a never labyrinth towards the medical room. 


The first sight that droned their eye pupil with dilations of sandness was Daisy. 

Daisy Zavala. 

The hospital gown with white and gray polkadots scattered around her exterior. She bent her head down with it resting firmly in her left hand as she read a magazine. Looking up, she spotted her worried best friend and gave her a fragile smile and mouthed thank you. 

"Well, Daisy, you are very lucky. I was able to remove the remainder of the broken glass from your foot, but you will need crutches and a full cast around your foot for about three weeks. There will be some remainder gashes here and there, but ultimately, you will be fine"

"Thank you Dr. Powell, I really appreciate this", she said. The dark shade of circles circumferenced around her eyes with light and gratitude. 

"Daisy, do you think you have any family we could contact.."

"No! I mean no, that won't be necessary" 

"Ah", the doctor sighed. "I see. Nina, can I speak with you privately?"

"Uh, ure"

Daisy shot her a warning glance to be careful with her wording, and Nina nodded to her in assurance to do exactly that. 

The doctor closed the door behind them. 

"Nina, do you know what that child asked me?" 

"No, what?"

"She asked me if I could be her Dad", he chocked with tears surfacing to his stressed face. 

I always say that Dr. Powell's face aged One Thousand years that day

One Thousand years in a days and hours time 

One Thousand years...

"Dr. Powell, I am extremely sorry. I thought she was done with this, with this drinking"

"It isn't your fault. I blame the parents. How can they awake in a days beginning and slumber in ending knowing that their daughter is fending for herself? It sickens me, the thought literally sickens me. I have been in this field of work for over thirty years, and I have never witnessed anything so neglectful so ignorant...", he became angered with every ounce in his being. "Have you ever met the parents?"

"No, I uhm actually haven't", Nina flushed with embarrassment. "She hasn't met mine either" she quickly said to defend herself. 

"I see"

"Do you know what exactly happened to her?", Nina asked attempting to change the subject. 

"Acording to Daisy, she had gotten into an argument with her Father and Step-Mother. She ran up to her room and began drinking, and her parents failed to notice her absence when she left the house at about mid-night, taking her bus card with her. She rode the bus, and the driver was force to let her out at the nearest stop because she was intoxicated. She crawled behind the bush, sat their consuming more alcohol and eventually passed out. All she remembers next is waking up to see you and Niall in front of her"

"Oh, gosh", she brought her hand to her shocked mouth at Daisy's expense. 

"I know you guys have been asking me to keep this a secret, and you know I don't mind seeing you or Daisy for free, but I don't know how much more I can do this. I'm not even talking about finances here, I could care less about the money, really. It's just the simple fact that I allow this nonsense to continue to go on. Her parents, should I even call them parents at this point, will continue to act this way, and Daisy will keep drinking. I see no other option than to inform the police of this matter..."

"No, Dr. Powell, please don't. Daisy will change, don't do this please!", she begged

"That girl is looking for a parent to love her Nina. I can see it now, and anyone with clear vision can see it in her eyes"

"Please, Dr. Powell. Daisy is just trying to build a relationship with her Dad. The last thing she wants is for him to get in trouble. We swear...I mean she swears it won't happen again. Please, give this one last chance"

He hesitated for what seemed an eternity, then spoke. 

"Alright, but this is your last chance, and if this happens again, than I'll have no choice but to call the authorities for charges against her parents for child neglect. This time, she just may end up in a Foster's home", he warned. 

Sighing in exhaustion, he went back into the room to check on Nina. 

His words echoed in mind as she stared at the blank wall thinking about Daisy's midnight ride last night: 

'All she remembers next is waking up to see you and Niall in front of her', he said


Wiat, where's Niall?

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